Domestic Violence

Slam! He shut the door with a lot of force and it scared the hell out of Rebecca. Roger came from nowhere like a gusty wind and started shouting. "Rebecca.. Rebecca..." She was sitting near the window in her bedroom, lost in her thoughts like always. He saw that TV was on and then he went to the bedroom and saw Rebecca sitting lonely near the window and observing the road outside. Roger and Rebecca had married 2years ago and had a strong relationship built with trust. But as you guessed things were not going in the right direction. Robert went to sit next to her but she shifted to the edge of the room and gradually on the bed.

"What's the matter?" Roger asked with a commanding tone. She mumbled something. "Speak up then!" he said loudly. Rebecca looked at him with frightening eyes. "I know who she is.. I know you are having an affair with a lady" she said slowly. "Oh really! so you are a dectective now?" He smirked. " We may be a couple but I have a private life and no one has any rights to enter there"He said. "No, I am your wife and you can't do this to me"
"Ofcourse I can" He suddenly got up. " I can do anything I want" he suddenly threw a glass on the floor and made Rebecca to stand on those pieces. "ouch!" she cried in pain. He had a look in his eyes that frightened her. He pulled her hair and dragged her to the kitchen. " There is nothing in this kitchen. The frying pan is also empty and he started hitting the pan on her head" She was trying to fight back but she wasn't strong enough to resist. He banged her face to the dishwasher and threw her on the floor. She could feel blood trickling down from her forehead. In an attempt to fight back, she grabbed whatever was lying on the floor and started hitting him non stop. She brought the heavy flower vase and ...Bang!.. she hit him hard on his head. Things started looking blurry to her and she fell unconscious.

Next thing she sees is in a hospital lying on a bed. " She has seriously hurt her head and we are not sure if she would go to coma for some reason".. she heard doctors talking to the police. As she opened her eyes she was amazed to see that she is still alive! but where is Roger? Her eyes started frightening again and looking around for the monster. She asked the nurse and came to know that when she hit him with the vase it was so strong that it burst his head and he almost died on the spot. "So, I am safe and he can't hit me anymore?" she said crying. "Was that a regular thing Ms. Rebecca?" Police asked her. "He used to hit me everyday. But I don't want to talk about it now" she started crying. Police interrogated her and came to know that this case was another domestic abuse case.

After couple of years Rebecca married again and had kids. Her kids grew up and once she visited her daughter Michelle and found that she had bruises on her arm. "Where did you get these bruises from?" she asked Michelle. "Hmm well my boy friend .. he hit me" she said...

Well, it was happening again.. Domestic violence continues in one family or other.

Its time to say no to domestic violence. Stand up against it. It could be either man abusing woman or vice versa. You should stand up against to it and take action whatever possible.

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Escape !

I want to escape to a place,
where I can watch sunrise and sunset,
I want to escape in the memories of my life,
Where I saw happy, sad and beautiful moments

I want to rest my head upon his chest,
Where I can watch him breathe.
I can see his lips converting into a smile,
Then I know I have lit his heart

I want to escape into the dusk,
With the burning love desires,
In the night along the beach,
Where I can give in myself in his arms

We stare hours together at the sky,
To find clouds whisking away for a moonlit night,
Wishing upon a falling star,
And kissing heaven high

That's the place where I would like to Escape,
Away from this world Away from Everyone,
Just Me and Him,
And the stars and Moon along with us!


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First Kiss

Things between Sushma and Suraj were not going right since long time. While dressing up for their wedding party that night Sushma was trying to think since when she went far away from Suraj's heart. They were in love and they got married after fighting against all odds. But since couple of years, there was lot of influences from both the families and she felt that she was drifting away from Suraj. She felt that things can never be right between them.

Since couple of years, they just never seemed to talk anymore with each other. They exchanged few words in a day like greeting good morning to each other, Suraj would read the morning newspaper before leaving to work and talk about any eye catching headline related to politics or bollywood and she would just nod her head in return. She felt that there is politics everywhere home, office and in the world. She faced problems with her in-laws since it was her 3rd wedding anniversary and she didn't conceive a child ! They suspected that she could never become mother and some of his relatives would make bad faces to her in other parties. After seeing all this she stopped visiting her in-laws and that made things worse between Suraj and her. Somewhere deep down the heart she respected and even loved her family but that love seemed to have lost somewhere.

Suraj, on the other hand was the only son in law in Sushma's family. He never got the respect he should have got in Sushma's family. Theirs was a love marriage and being from two different castes it was their decision to get married. Although, her family forcefully agreed for the marriage they never showed affection towards Suraj and it bothered him and his family. However, he always hoped that he can fix the relation between him and Sushma's family. But since couple of years, he seemed to be fighting with Sushma and even raised his hands on her infront of his parents once. He was slowly realizing how much pain Sushma was taking after marrying him. She lost her parent's affection, she didn't get the love from her in-laws and he was the only person in her life who could make her life better or worse.

His friends organized a lovely party for the couple in a small dinner cruise near the bay.
"We are goin to be late" he said while adjusting his tie.
"These shoes don't go with the dress I am wearing", she stared at her feet.
"I think they are fine" he said without even looking at her.
How can a relationship between two individuals change just in the matter of time? Has he really changed so much? Such thoughts started popping up in Sushma's mind.

She sat in the car silently, listening to a radio station which neither of them liked. May be its time to move on she thought. They didn't had any kids to worry about. May be because they never talked about kids, because somewhere in their heart they felt it wasn't for them.

They drove past to Ocean park near Harbor drive where a twinge of memory struck to Sushma. A sudden rush of emotions ran throughout her body like never before. She turned to Suraj to verify whether he is feeling the same, to her surprise he was smiling. He suddenly dropped his smile and stopped the car near the street. She thought the marriage that was held by a thread was about to end.

He walked past the trees and said "Sush, do you remember we had our first kiss in this park?" "We came to celebrate our graduation with other friends, you had lot of beer that night." she said.
" Suddenly, I planted my first kiss on your lips and i felt like imaginary rose petals showering on us". He said
"Come here my love. On the occasion of our 3rd marriage anniversary I want to kiss you like never before. I want to show you my stash of unlimited love & affection". Suraj said.
"Suraj.. I always loved you.. But I don't know where our relationship is going now.." Sushma started crying like a baby.
"Don't cry Sush. I am your culprit. I have decided to show you the brighter side of this marriage. You have left your family, your world and came to my family. You trusted on me so much. So hold on to it. I Suraj, promise you today that you will never cry because of me anytime in your life."

They paused for a moment. They looked into each others eyes deeply and saw within each other what they hoped and longed to see for so long. Suraj held Sushma in his arms and planted his kiss again at the same spot. Snow flakes started to fall on them as they kissed.

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The Valentine mystery

Rajshri climbed the steps and hurried through the hallway of her high school. She was in 12th std and was studying in a posh boarding school in Nainital. It was her final year of the high school and she was sad since the board exams were approaching soon and she has to leave her friends. As she approached her locker to take her books she found a pink envelop sealed with a heart stuck on the locker door.

She was confused. She pulled out the card carefully and found a valentine's greeting card. Valentine's day was round the corner but she wasn't really expecting a card like this. The card was addressed to her as "My favorite Valentine". She removed the heart shaped sticker stuck to the envelope and saw the card. It was very beautiful and seemed hand made.

Worshiping you now and even in future. I am your secret admirer. Wait for the gift box coming soon to you !
No way, she said. I don't know if someone loves or worships me she thought. She was going to keep the card back when she heard "Rajshri". It was her best friend Piyu. "Hey piyu, come we are late for the class" she said. Piyu took her books from the locker and than Rajshri handed over the card to Piyu. Piyu was startled.

"What is this? Favorite valentine?? secret admirer?? wow.. i am soo jealous of you !!" Piyu said.
"who is this secret admirer? is the mystery resolved yet??"

"No, i have no idea who this is. do you know?" Rajshri questioned. "Wow you are lucky mam. You have a worshiper now. Just pray to god that he is not that silly guy in our biology class who can't pronounce Amoeba." they both started giggling and went to attend their class.

Rajshri forgot about the card momentarily and focussed on her class. It was lunchtime and she went to cafeteria with Piyu. "Its got to be a guy from one of my classes" She said while picking up her burger and chips.

"Can you guess who is it" Piyu asked. She lifted her juice and stared thoughtfully towards her burger " Well Ashish is one suspect who is with me in chemistry lab. He always stares me whenever i am in the lab. Anil is in two of my classes and he smiles at me most of the time mysteriously. Guru is another guy who always tries to approach me with one or other reason." Her mind got into an infinite loop which tried to pick each guy from her class and analyse their behavior towards her.

This mystery puzzled Rashri so much that she couldn't concentrate on her music class, sports class and rest of the evening. Next morning Rajshri got up and went to school. The bell rang as soon as she entered the class. She was wondering where to sit when Anil came towards her with a pen.

"Hi Rajshri, I forgot to return you this pen yesterday." he said.
"You can have it if you want. I have many pens" She said and found a seat to sit down for the class. "That's the thing i like about you. You are nice hearted girl. By the way you look fabulous today" he supplied.
"Anil would you mind to answer one of my question?" she removed the card and handed over to him.
"Why would you give a card to me?" she asked. By the time he could answer math teacher arrived in the class with a surprise quiz. She opened her book and observed Anil going back to his seat. She was convinced that he was not the one.

Later that day, she was going to her biology class when Guru stopped her. " Did you get my message?" he asked.
"Oh my god, Guru it was you ??" she was shocked to find out.

" I mean the envelop, the message .. secret admirer" she said with a meek voice.
" No. I had told Piyu to tell you that I couldn't get the book you wanted to study from the library. Someone already has a hold on that book." he said with a weird expression.
"Hmm.. i guess she forgot"
"I have asked the librarian to get an extra copy since exams are approaching."
She cancelled Guru from her suspect list. By now she had narrowed down two people and she was afraid if it was Ashish who gave her the letter.

Rajshri entered her class and took her favorite seat from where she can stare her crush. Yes.. she had a huge crush on Ankur who would never talk to her or even have an eye contact. He was very shy and she loved that. Ashish approached to her and asked if he could sit with her. Surprisingly she saw a box lying on the desk where she sits.
She carefully examined the box and looked at Ashish with "What-is-this-Ashish" kind of expression.

"Hey I just came to ask you if you want to be my lab partner in chemistry" he was confused too. "Sure" she said with a smile for the reaction he gave. She opened the box and she got hit softly on her face with a heart that was residing inside the box. She found it very cute. This one was hand made as well. She totally loved it. There was a note inside.

"Hey i love you miss. Would you mind coming with me to the shimla trip once we are done with the exams? and yea can you be my chemistry lab parter :)"

There was a smiley in the message and she hated him for that. It was just like those messages that indirectly want to laugh on your curiosity. She just realized Ashish asked her the same question. She immediately ran to Ashish who was going out for a break. "Whom did you mention about me being your lab partner?" he was puzzled and he said "well i was telling it to Ankur, yesterday". She felt so happy.

'Thanks Ashish, you made my day' She said and went inside the class. She saw Ankur carefully taking out his book from the bag and refusing to look towards her.

"Hmm.. excuse me!" she tapped on his desk.
"Hey" he said quietly, staring back in his book.

" I just wanted to say that I loved the card and I loved the punch" She mocked the expression of the punch and then She pulled out a chair besides him.
He raised his head quickly and blushed furiously " How did you know it was me?" he asked.
"I didn't until just now. Don't ask me about that. I have a huge crush on you and didn't know that you were interested in me." she said making him to blush more.

"Yeah.. i hate being shy. I was carrying that card with me since two weeks but didn't had the nerve to give it to you. But I just couldn't do it." he said.
She took his hands and clutched into hers. "Don't worry. Now you are in a safe hands" she said and winked.

Needless to say, she was very happy indeed for two reasons - one she found out the whole valentine mystery and two it was 'Ankur' whom she already liked !

यह है मेरी कहानी

यह है एक funny कहानी,
जो ब्लोगेश्वर जी ने वर्षा को है सुनाई,
उन्होंने वर्षा को राजनीती की पाठ पढाई,
पर वर्षा को बात कुछ समझ ना आई,
किस्से बातें राजनीती के, उससे में दूर रहती हूँ,
अपनी ज़िन्दगी अपने ढंग से जीती हूँ!~

यह सुनकर ओमी जी ने अपने अंदाज़ में कहा,
ब्लॉगशेवरजी पर छाई कौनसी छाया
इस बार आपने गुप्त मतदान करवाया
वर्षाजी को राजनीती का पाठ पठाया
फिर भी उनके समझे में कुछ ना आया
उनको मोह नहीं पाई मलाई की माया
देश ने CWG भी क्यों नहीं उनसे करवाया

ब्लोगेश्वर जी को यह बात ना भाई,
उन्होंने अपनी बात फिरसे दोहराई,
मलाई की माया को जो न समझ पाया
आज के युग में ऐसे इंसान को किसने बनाया?
सारी रात जाग कर भी मैं ये न समझ पाया!
देवी, धन्य है ये ब्लोगेश्वर जो उसने तुझे अपने दल में पाया!

वर्षा के तारीफ में ओमी जी ने कुछ और पंक्तियाँ सुनाई,
थोड़ी कमीनाई थोड़ी महंगाई,फिर फसा ना पाई मलाई
कुछ लोग अभी भी सच्चे है,कुछ पुरे कही कुछ कच्चे है
देश चलाते है बिना किसी दाम के,बड़े बड़े लोग रह गए बस नाम के
ब्लोग्शवरजी ये तो १ उदहारण है,ओमी से पूछो और भी इन्सान है
जो बच गए है इस मेले में,सही गलत के झमेले में

ऐसी ही मीठी यादें ब्लोगेश्वर के दामन से चुनती हूँ,
इन यादों को अपने ब्लॉग में लिखती हूँ!~

-Lyrics by Varsha, Omi,Blogeshwar

Good friend Vs Best friend

I want to list out few differences between good friend and great friend. This post is ofcourse not mine but its a consolidation of my emails ;)

Good friend will console you when he rejects you.
Best friend will go and ask him "its because you are gay, isn't it?"

Good friend will help you to find your perfect prince.
Best friend will kidnap him and bring him to you.

Good friend will offer you a soda, Best friend will pour theirs on you.

Good friend will give you umbrella when it rains, Best friend will snatch yours and say "run .. run.. "

Good friend will bail you out of jail, best friend will be sitting next to you in the jail and say "lets do this again"

Good friend will leave you behind if that's what whole crowd is doing. Best friend will kick the whole crowd that has left you.

When you are sad good friend will come and say " I know how you are feeling", while best friend will sit besides you and cry.

Good friend will advice you, but a best friend will help you out.

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I entered the house slowly. I saw few flowers on the table which said " Welcome home". I picked up those flowers and smelled the sweet fragrance of Roses. I moved further and lights turned on themselves as and when I walked. I was scared for a second but then realized that the new house is supposed to have motion sensor-ed switches. I was relieved after wards. I entered slowly into the bedroom. I turned the lights ON and surprise....... I saw all my family members waiting for me with cake and flowers. But me who was weak hearted, fell down on the floor and lay unconscious. This was one of the horror experience .. although not really scary but still felt the pain in my heart !

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Sound of the windchime

Wind chimes are known to us from a very long time. Its size and appearance is different from that age to this one. But there is one thing common, the sweetness of the music that we hear when the wind blows and disturbs the chime.

I got this wind chime to hang it outside the porch in my house. One of my Chinese friend thinks that Wind chimes bring good luck to us if they are hung near the main door. I started liking the cool music these chimes produced every time the breeze blew. Whenever i was angry or upset about anything I would go out and stand for sometime and the sweet music of the chime would make my mood better.

The reverberating music of the chimes are so beautiful and it can give magical effect to the babies. My thoughts seem to be floating in the air whenever i hear the music. It feels like out of this simple object the world is recreated and purified. I started enjoying my garden more because of the chime and slowly my garden was flooded with trees of apricot, mango, lemon etc. I grew up some vegetables like tomatoes, spinach etc. The flowers in my garden seem to be growing big and it is believed that even plants feel good with beautiful music around them. I started buying more wind chimes and hanging it to my garden. Slowly, the area outside my house became so beautiful and colorful that neighborhood children started to visit and wander in my garden. I realized that these chimes brought back the much needed color in my life. I started enjoying nature and plants. These chimes can play the music that can be eternal to your life.
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J for Joy

With Joy you were born,
With Joy you were a baby,
With Joy you always smiled,
With Joy you took your first step,
With Joy you cried,
With Joy I healed all your wounds,
With Joy I nurtured you,
With Joy you made me a Mom!

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We all heard about the story of Mahatma Gandhi, where he spells the word 'Kettle' as 'ketle'. His friends were able to write the spelling correctly but he couldn't. The teacher begin to check the spellings of other students and found Gandhiji's spelling to be wrong. He tries to signal him to write the correct spelling from his friend's book. But he refuses to copy it. The teacher was angry with Gandhi ji and says that he is a disgrace to the class and can't even look around and write correct spelling". But Gandhi ji says that he can be a disgrace but he doesn't want to lie. Gandhiji felt bad that he disappointed his teacher but he passed in his own examination.

I remembered this incident when I came to the US of A and here I have seen kids doing the same thing. I once visited a school to give a science class to 6th standard kids and saw Gandhi ji's principle coming true. They don't like to even copy the ideas for their science project.. I hope I see this in all the schools and kids follow the principle of truth even when they grow up.

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L for lonely

Lonely are my nights,
Lonely are my days,
Lonely are the years, that bring me tears

Lonely are the thoughts that come in vain,
Lonely are the moments that give me pain,
Lonely I am, in lot many ways!

Lonely is the land on which I walk,
Lonely is the beach where I stroll,
Let death take this lonely life on its toll

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Ever heard of the story Pied-Piper of hemlyn, the guy who plays the magic flute which lures rats and children from what they are doing and they just blindly follow him. If we put this concept in our real world scenario then yes we are these children who are running blindly in the rat race of these advertisements and media. If you still don't agree with me then let me put across some points which will make you to realize what I am saying.

Advertising and media is pushing everyone in every aspect of their life to attain the so called modern-ness. I coined this word as wherever I see people are trying to change every decade and all they say is "We should change according to generation." But ever wondered who is setting all these levels for us?? Advertisements, newspapers, hyped celebrities or these hypocrite leaders?? Every time we read or hear something unique from their parties, we try to do the same thing in our life.

Some companies in the market have blind followers. Whatever products they release people jump off and buy that. Even if the product is expensive or its not really that great compared to other products. Because of this blind following the electronic sector companies benefit alot. They come up with some funky features in the phone or laptops and people just go and buy them. They don't give a thought that do i really need this product? Does it really benefit me in my day to day life or its just an added possession? They just stand in the line and buy the product as soon as it is released in the market. Many people just have so many electronic gadgets in their home which they don't even use it.

Same thing with feminine products. There are wide range of companies manufacturing products like perfume, cremes and other makeup accessories. They all promise to do something good, and women who are the soft targets go and buy them. Sometimes they buy just for the heck of stocking things up.

What bothers me is when people fail to question themselves, "do we really need this?". Everyone is more or less running blindly behind the pied-pipers in the market. I hope people who read this post would at least now start questioning "do we really need to buy this?" before buying anything from the market.

One of my related post on this topic is - Advertising & media, which talks in a different aspect though somewhat similar.

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Q for Question

We come across many questions in our life. Right from our childhood these questions never leave us alone! I always used to get the haunted memories of my exam questions even after passing the exam! However, the reason i selected this strange topic today to write is many a times in our life we come across some questions, answers to which have changed our life.

For instance, in our 10th standard we make sure to answer all the questions since the results will decide our fate for the future. Did you ever thought that these questions are like the building blocks of our life. Many small or big questions become necessary to answer in order to sail smoothly in our life.

Answering a question correctly becomes so important when you are sitting infront of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on Kaun banega crorepati and for one crore prize money question. The situation of our brain, our heart, our pulse becomes so sensitive. Our brain starts running in those corners of our life where we have never been to seek the answer to this question.

"do you love me?". This one question must be very common to every one in this world and answer to this question affects two individuals life. This question requires an honest answer which many of us fail to give. This is a life changing question.

Similarly if you are a doctor, you get the million dollar question after every surgery. "Doctor Sahib, how is my son/daughter? Will she/he be alive?". Imagine the situation of the person who is going to answer that question. Everything is dependent on the complexity of the situation and how easily you answer to ease the pain.

Now, you will say "uff yeh sawaal" meaning "Ohhh these questions" but we can't get rid of the questions anytime in our life. These questions sometimes create turmoil in our life.

so, the post for today is Q for Question.......... so finally to all my readers.. " how is this post?"... haha answer it.

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Docking a boat

Docking a boat doesn't really seem to be so easy when we compare it with parallel parking our car on a street or parking a motorcycle. After living 5 years in a city which is famous for beaches and sea shore this thought wandered in my brain. I went to the harbor bay and found many boats docked close to each other in a line. So, I thought of asking an expert how they do that since it seemed to be a hard task for me. Here is what I have learnt about docking a boat.

Docking a boat requires patience and lots of practice. We need to first gain full control on the boat which is not that easy as we speak. It is different from our car in the sense that it doesn't have the steering wheels and brake!
Hence, it is not easily controllable from wind. It gets drifted with the waves and the current. Moreover one thing to notice is that when you steer to the left it moves to the right, means it steer from the rear. When we move close to the dock we need to sense the wind direction. Depending on its direction we need to control the speed of the boat. If wind is blowing in the direction of the dock then slow down the speed of the boat and let the wind drift the boat to the dock. Let the bow of the boat is in the direction of the wind. This will make the drifting more easier. If you move slowly then no power is required, but if you want to steer than power is needed.

If the way we park is not ideal or doesn't look good to us than take reverse in a minimum speed so that the boat doesn't hit the dock. Once the boat is finally docked, than tie up the bow.

So, it seems to me that parking or docking a boat requires lot of practice.

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Rain Drops

Image Courtesy

Rain, rain don't go away,
show your splashing magic today,
pitter-patter rain drops fall from the sky,
but i have my umbrella to keep me dry

Dancing under the monsoon rain,
children and adults forget their pain,
children laugh and play in their free spirit,
making little paper boats to float down the street

The sound of the thunder and music of the rain,
Fills the hearts with the emotions,
Increases the desire to meet the beloved
The birds and the critters start to sing the song,
Peacock dances the best on its own tunes

After pouring from the burdened clouds from the mournful grey,
the rain stops to fall while the clouds start to scatter,
at this very moment the sun starts playing hide n seek in the sky,
And the sun rays form the magnificent rainbow across the sky

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S for Sky

Image courtesy - Me :)

The best evening sky i have ever captured on my camera is the one above. It was near a beach. Look at the shades of the colour evening sky has. These resemble that of our life. The grey shades are the bad memories we had so far in our life. They are like the lessons we learnt. The vibrant orange colour depicts that we are still charged up to do something constructive in our life. The setting Sun is the symbol that the day has passed by and we need to take rest and prepare for the next. The cool breeze near the ocean helps us to relax and soothe.

So for today's post i present this picture of sky.

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T for Time

For some difficult questions and situations in our life, Time is the only answer. Time is the only medicine for healing many problems we face due to emotional disturbances. As there is a day after the night ends, there is always good time after we see the worst. We see spring after seeing the harsh winter season.

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Celebration, is often defined as a joyful occasion to mark an event. It can be either celebrations of religious events or personal events. It often marks the victory over something. So, in this post I would like to describe about an event which is so special in our life and that is MARRIAGE - A Celebration!

For most people marriage is a one time occurrence and everyone strives to make it as a very special event in their life. Marriage is often a compilation of celebrating many events before or after the wedding day. This varies from one culture to other. Instead of making marriage a customary thing, we treat it as a grand celebration. Its a grand get together for all the relatives and friends. They all gather to bestow happiness and well being to the newly wed. Such is the joy of marriage as a celebration!

Did you ever wonder why it marks for a grand celebration? It takes a lot for marriage to happen. It starts with the efforts our parents put to find the right groom/bride for us. If in case we ease their pain and find our partner, it still takes time to get the approval from both the parents. For some people it is very simple to cross this line but for few of them it takes a long struggle to get both the parties to agree for the decision. Once this is done we can say more than half of the task is done.

Then the beauty of the culture gives the Bride and Groom the special feeling for this event. For example in the Indian culture we have mehendi & sangeet ceremony, Haldi ceremony for bride and groom. In this way there are many small or big events before marriage that gives a feeling for the bride & groom that this is the special event in their life. The companionship and mutual understanding of two people that has been flowered into romance , is now going to end in the joyful union. On the marriage day, couple proclaim their love and commitment to this world and decide to begin a new life together. Marriage requires love, trust and commitment from both sides. Lets define each of these elements that play a vital role in our life.

Love is defined in many ways. Love is something which makes us see beneath the surface. It makes us to see things which other people don't. That's how we finally meet one person in our life who becomes our soul-mate. Marriage sometimes brings two people from diverse cultures , like two threads crossing in opposite direction yet weaving a tapestry. Such is the magic of marriage.

To make a relationship work it takes more than love. At this point we introduce other two elements trust and commitment. The mutual trust between the husband and wife will push them forward in the life. It makes the bonding more stronger. It takes commitment to be loyal to each other in any circumstances. It takes faith to go forward together without knowing what future holds for you both. These are all included as a part of the marriage vows. Thus the true art of marriage is in the divine journey with the inner self. Because of all this the husband and wife get the courage to face the world strongly by walking hand in hand together. Marriage is thus a commitment to life , the best that two people can find and bring out in each other.

Marriage marks a new life and new beginning. I would certainly say that marriage is a one time celebration that happens in our life and we should definitely enjoy each and every moments related to it. Since, every second we spend during this time remains in our memory forever!

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What is the strange thing I am seeing tonight?
A giant big saucer crashing from the sky
There is something odd about this strange object
It is streaking across the dark night sky

Suddenly the light started beaming on the ground
As if it is searching something around
How rare it is to see this in the sky
I wonder if they are some kind of spy!

Suddenly the flying saucer stops hovering in the sky,
It landed abruptly on the ground with a thud,
There are some creepy little creatures
having very vague face features

At first I thought it is the figment of my imagination
But slowly I accepted the fact
that I have seen the UFO & the Aliens tonight

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The verdict on the disputed land,
brings smile on all the faces at last
Bringing the message of peace and tranquility
Instead of angry and sullen faces!

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Here comes the winter, last season of the year
Bringing a lot of snow again as a blanket on earth's surface
Making everyone to feel winter's cold caress,
Snow comes down in the dark of the night
when we are awake the world is white..

Look at the snowflakes white and round
They sprinkle all over as heavens lure
They glide smoothly from the air,
To cover the houses, trees and the ground,
But not making a single sound!

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Break up Letter

Humor can be defined in many ways in our life. We see humour in one or other form and it still gives smile on our face! Total absence of Humour renders life impossible.(my orkut fortune predictor)
Some lines on Humour -

Humour is not always amusing,
Humour is beyond a joke,
Humour is in the spontaneity of the moment

So, here I would like to narrate a story which is based on the real life humour.

Tom and Jill were in a relationship for more than a year. They both loved each other but they unfortunately had many misunderstandings between them. Main reason for all this was Jill's suspicion on Tom. She always had a theory that Tom is seeing other girls. In order to confirm this she tries many things on daily basis. So, one day Jill calls Tom on the phone.

Jill: Tom do you love me?
Tom: what kind of a question is that Jill?
Jill: See if you had loved me you cud have told me - Yes i love you instead of asking a counter question? It proves there is something wrong.
Tom: Oh my god! You are on again. Jill for heaven's sake I love you dear and there is no one else in my life.
Jill: Okay. Shall we do a webcam chat.
Tom: No I am busy right now.
Jill: Whattttttt... Aaaghhh.. you never have time for me...

Beep... she hangs up the phone..

Next day Tom was in a restaurant with his colleague. Tom gets a call from Jill.
Jill: Hi baby, where are you?
Tom: I am in a restaurant with my colleague.
Jill: You know i missed you so much.
Tom: Me too baby
Jill: Really ! I love you.
Tom: yes, me too ( whispered)
Jill: Why can't u say that you love me.
Tom: I thought i told you just now.
Jill: No. Tell me "I love you"
Tom: I can't I am with a co-worker. (whispered)
Jill: No. You are dating someone else and that's the reason you don't wanna say this.
Tom: For christ's sake Jill. I don't wanna argue on this again.
Jill: yes because i am sure you are with some girl.

Tom hangs up the phone. He talks to his colleague about what's happening with him & Jill.

Tom: She is a nice girl. Very funny and kiddish many a times. But she always suspect me and thinks I don't love her.
Jack: Wowww.. So, you are always under a test..
Tom: Yeah..Last night she was online from a different ID and trying to see if I am flirting with other girls.
Jack: Hmm...
Tom: She is sweet.. I don't feel like breaking up with her.. but I don't want her to be insecure.
Jack: Hey I got an idea.. Why don't you type a breakup email to her.
Tom: Are you serious!
Jack: Yes, but hey.. try to write the most funniest email and convey that once for all.. she is your love..
Tom: Okay.

Tom thinks a lot for couple of days and then one day he types this email to Jill.

Dear Jill,
After a lot of thinking i have typed this letter.

You fight a lot with me, but the love I have for you,
is gone and I find my dislike for you
is growing with each fight you put up with me and
I don't even want to meet you,
The only thing that I want to do next is,
look at other girls. I never wanted to,
marry you. Our last conversation
was very disturbing and
has now made me to think and take this decision.
You always suspect me with someone else.
If we get married, I know that I would find
it very difficult to deal with you and will have no
pleasure in living with you. Because of your
suspicions, arguments and
silly fights I would really find it very
complicated and un-
interesting to deal with it everyday.
I sincerely want you to understand that
I am telling you the truth from my heart. Do me a favor
If you think this is the end, do not try
to write back to me. Your words will be full of
revenge and will have no
true love for me. Believe me!
Please don't think that
"I am still your lover"


P.s After reading this could you please read again from the beginning but alternate lines(1,3,5,7) starting from "you fight.." That is what I actually feel about you.

Tom's phone started ringing. He picks up in dilemma.
Tom: uhh.. hello is that Jill
Jill: Yes Tom, I didn't know till now how much you loved me.. even though i always fight with you.
Tom: yes Jill. This humour keeps our relationship alive. I realized that.
Jill: I want to meet you right now..

They meet at a restaurant where Tom proposes to her with a ring. She says yes to him. Seeing all this one lady comes to Tom and asks him to give Jill a red rose. He takes the rose from that lady and Jill sees this from a distance. She gets frowned on this and goes to Tom and says.

Jill: Tom.. this is why I always suspected you.. things never changed.. you are still the same.
Tom: Jill listen to me please...

Jill walks away from the restaurant.. The lady who gave the rose feels bad and stands up to say sorry to Tom. But Tom smiles and says in excitement.. " hey this is not the end.. this is going to be my daily routine now"...

Tom screams: Jill.. please wait.........

And their story continues.

We should try to take some real life experience things differently and we can still find humour lying over there and then suddenly the life becomes so colourful.

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We all travel a lot to different places. There are some places which we don't like and don't remember and there are some exotic places where we travel and have long lasting memories related to that or some places where we want to go. We define that place as Xanadu or very beautiful place , in our mind. I came across one such place where i recently visited. That was the Islands of Bahamas. Even now when i close my eyes i see the same blue sky and blue atlantic ocean surrounding the islands.

Bahamas is the place where your dreams become the reality and you won't notice the difference in reality and your dream. These are the islands of Bahamas which are like no other place. It is one of the big archipelago consisting of about 2000 small islands. The water is the clearest water on the planet. Your gaze will actually meet your toe when you look into the water.

Even though i have been to only couple of the islands, beauty of each island extends far beyond the extraordinary natural scenarios. I felt like I have stepped into an extraordinary place within myself. This is a perfect location for celebrating occassions like marriage, honeymoon, 25th anniversary etc. The blue water, the clear sky every moment was breath taking in Bahamas.

Somewhere deep down my thoughts I have captured the fond images of the island. Whenever I close my eyes and try to reach any place that can give me relief from stress then here is where i usually end up. My memories about this island is locked up to this place, such is the beauty of Bahamas. The cloudless skies and clear blue ocean, the moving shadows of the palm trees that are near the shores. I can still feel the sand on my feet, warm breeze blowing near the ocean. I can still hear the horn of the cruise ships that are standing near the docking place and bringing thousands of tourists to this beautiful place. I can hear the sound of the ocean waves that are crashing softly to the edges of the shore.

This place is a true Xanadu by any means for me!

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There is something about Yellow color,
It is the color of the mighty sun,
It is the color of tasty lemonade,
It is the bright color in the rainbow,
Yellow is the color of flaming fire,
It is the color of the taxi,
That I use for commute when i need,
Even though it is not the color of my choice,
There is something about this color!

It is the bright and vibrant color I see,
It is the color of the bright sunshine,
That brings the confidence in me,
And encourages my strength,
Yellow brings clarity and awareness,
Just like the energy of bright sunny day!

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