What is the strange thing I am seeing tonight?
A giant big saucer crashing from the sky
There is something odd about this strange object
It is streaking across the dark night sky

Suddenly the light started beaming on the ground
As if it is searching something around
How rare it is to see this in the sky
I wonder if they are some kind of spy!

Suddenly the flying saucer stops hovering in the sky,
It landed abruptly on the ground with a thud,
There are some creepy little creatures
having very vague face features

At first I thought it is the figment of my imagination
But slowly I accepted the fact
that I have seen the UFO & the Aliens tonight

P.S. This post is written as a part of Leo's Z-A writing challenge for the month of November.. for other posts visit this link


  1. Nice poem..good observations..
    My U is a short story..

  2. Wow...its a different U and the poem is really nice:)

  3. thanksss... :P

    I always find UFO & alien topic interesting..

  4. beautiful poetry Varsha.. glad to see the poet in you come out :D

  5. thanks Leo.. even i loved this poem !


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