I'm tired

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I am tired of proving myself right,
with each argument and fight
I am tired of burning myself from the inside,
after you fused the spark to show me your dark-side

I am tired of your verdicts,
that you usually predict
I am tired of running by your side,
since you were never by my side

I am tired of making this relationship work,
with all the attempts and re-works
I am tired of my life,
and want to run away in disguise

I wish you could have understood me little better,
by seeing how I made you life sweeter
I wish you could have held my hand,
and change our lives with a magic wand.


Arranged marriages back into popularity

It was just a few years back that Love marriages had gained popularity in Indian society. It was mainly due to movies like "ek duje ke liye", "julie" and many more. People who were staunch believers of arranged marriages were gradually saying okay to the new trend. It is known fact that Indian society is highly influenced by the Bollywood movies. But now marriages seem to be on a declining rate every year. We hear lot of divorce stories these days. How did our society become open to this? Ours was a society that expected a "Sati Savitri" kind of bahus who would give their life if needed for their husband. Then how is this trend slowly changing to take divorce if you don't like him.

Rewinding it few year back where arranged marriages were thought to be uncool. Love marriages were the latest trend. People thought that people who never fell in love or individuals who were dominated by their families usually went for arranged marriages. So, now the trend seems to have moved back from this ideology. It is a surprising fact that many youngsters from the growing population are now inclining towards 'Arranged Marriage'. Arranged marriages have been in Indian society since decades and there is nothing new. Only thing is as the decades passed the definition of arranged marriage has been changing. In earlier days, arranged marriage was something where a bride doesn't meet groom before marriage and they both meet each other on the day of their marriage. Then how was the wedding fixed? It was fixed by the family members who met the bride and the groom individually. But it was surprising to know that those marriages sustained since centuries have passed. Was it because the married couple were more understanding or matured? Or due to the society they tried to bond together everyday even with some differences? These days you can meet your partner few months before the wedding and you can "officially" him/her to know likes and dislikes. This helps them to find a compatible life partner. So, I want to name it as "Arranged-cum-love" marriages since you can fall in love with the person after you get engaged to him. Plus, you have your full family support.

Whatever is the reason now, the 'Arranged marriages' are back with a different perspective. Few psychologists say that youngsters today don't have patience to work on a relationship. They are unable to sustain the relationships and that's why they are moving towards arranged marriage. One more possible reason is they fear if they fall in love and the relationship breaks. They are scared to fall in love again and make the relationship work. So, the best thing is to go for arranged marriage and who cannot fall in love once they are married! There is a lot of help available to the people these days who want to go for arranged marriage. They have the matrimonial websites, they can give a column in the news paper to find a match and also there is increased number of matrimonial offices in all the Indian cities. With this increased support it is not that hard to find a match right?


This story has been posted by me on Induswomanwriting as a part of their short stories collection.

It was a rainy day. Water was splashing continuously on the window pane making it difficult to see the outside environment. Shreya was waiting for someone. She was waiting for the postman who was going to deliver her letter-of-fate. She was an aspiring girl who wanted to pursue further studies abroad.

"And here is the first boundary in the very first ball of the inning!" shouted the commentator. India was first time into the world cup finals and looks like the whole country was shut down. Schools, government offices were unofficially closed due to this. Shreya waited passionately for the postman. While watching cricket she started wondering how she was taking this decision.

"I am planning to study abroad" she told this to Aman. "Are you asking me or telling me that you are going?" he asked her again. "Well, I want you to support me in this and accompany me. We can together build our career and life."

"No, Shreya I am tied up with my family I won't be able to leave India. I expect that you understand me and be by my side." Aman said. They exchanged cold glances. Clearly, they both were heading towards opposite directions. They loved each other but at this phase of time, Shreya wanted to grow ahead in her career at the same time she wanted Aman to grow as well. While Aman was the only son in his family and he wanted to be with his parents. Even though his Mom was against their relationship, but he wanted to convince her and marry Shreya.

"There goes the first wicket of India. Its a big blow, India lost it important wicket" cried the commentator. Shreya was disturbed by her thoughts. She was a passionate cricket lover. The reason was Aman. He was a state level player and she always boosted him by going to see all the matches he used to play.

"Hi Aman, its me. I won't be able to see your game today" Shreya informed him.
"No Shreya, that's not fair. You know that today was my important match and you said you will make it"
"Yes yes I know. I called you to say all the best. Actually, one of my friend is in a trouble and I need to help her."
"Okay, so i am not important to you. No matter how much i care for you, all you have to say is you don't have time for me. Fine. Do whatever you like." he didn't let her finish the talk.
"hey don't feel bad ... Hellooo .. Aman.. are you there?" There was a beep from the other side. Shreya got scared but she wanted to help her friend who had tried to commit suicide. She took her to the hospital and called her other friends who showed up promptly. She had to donate blood since her blood group matched with the patient's blood group. She felt dizzy after donating two bottles of blood but she wanted to make it to the match.

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang and she rushed to open the door. She got her admission letter from the university. She was happy as she read the acceptance letter in detail. After this turmoil in her life she knew she had to leave India for good and start a new life. But she was not prepared to go without Aman. She got a letter from him as well but she was scared to open the letter. It was from Aman.

India finished its batting inning with a massive score of 362 in 50 overs. It was very huge for the opposite team to beat India. Indian team had to undergo a month long journey of world cup cricket to make it to the final. So, they were prepared for such huge score and also with excelling balling line up. She went inside her room and thought she would read the letter and call up Aman to tell him that she will be leaving India soon.

Shreya wanted to be with Aman. This possessiveness in her was growing to a large extent. One day
she called up Aman when her parents were out of town. He came inside and Shreya was wearing a ravishing outfit. Aman got her into his arms and took her inside her bedroom...
After few days passed Shreya came to meet Aman. She looked tensed. Aman's mom opened the door and gave a sly look. Aman hurriedly took her to his room. "what's the matter?" he asked. "Aman I think I am pregnant" She said. But Aman's mom overheard this and immediately pounced on Shreya "Did you see Aman? how clever this girl is? Don't fall for her. She will let you down some day" Aman managed to send his mother outside but Shreya left his home and cried alot.

Sri Lanka was playing against India. It was giving back to India by series of sixes and fours. It was the tenth over and none of the wickets were in India's hands. "Hi Aman !" Shreya finally called him. "Hi, what's up?" he said. "Aman, please don't be so cold. I agree for my past mistakes but you didn't leave me any choice." she said. "Shreya, there is no point crying over a spilled milk. You are on your own now. all the best" he hung up the phone. Shreya cried a lot. She knew that he is not going to call her back after what happened.

"Hi Shreya, I have a news for you" Aman called her after a week since she disclosed about her pregnancy. "Aman.." she cried "where were you Aman? I have been calling you like hell". "Sorry dear, but I was working on our relationship. Listen I have a good news. I convinced my mom that the child is mine and somehow she has agreed to accept you despite what she has done to you in the past. I will be coming to your home with my sis. See you sweetheart." he hung up the phone. After an hour they both arrived at her place. Shreya welcomed them with a fake smile. "What's the matter?" he asked her. "Aman, I aborted the child" she started crying.. "Whattttttttt , why.." he asked her. "I didn't know what you were thinking. Plus you know my career and future. I can't spoil that." she said. "But Shreya, you came to me with this news and I thought we should get married" he was confused. " Aman, I still love you. We can go abroad make our career and then plan to get married. Why to hurry." she said. "Is that so? I thought you loved me, but you are so mean. You just think about yourself." he left hurriedly.

The final over approached. Everyone were glued to their seats. There were just 3runs left and that could have lead to India's defeat. But after two balls India got its final wicket. Wow ! that was so fast thought Shreya. She recollected her past life with Aman along with this match and the end of this match was end for India's journey. But it was a new beginning for Shreya since she was going to fly to Australia for further studies.

Gandhigiri in IT field

Gandhigiri is relatively a new term coined by the movie "Lage raho Munna bhai". It simply means following Gandhian principles. If someone gives you a tight slap show your other cheek in true spirit of Gandhigiri instead of breaking their knuckles.

Bole toh aaj se apun baapu ke principles ko follow karega !
Since I am a software engineer by profession let me see how it will
apply to my area.

Save Petrol, Save nature

Circuit : Matlab kya bhai? apun ko samajh nahi aaya
Munna: Arey simple hai re.. bole toh ab office mein sab rehte ek jagah,
kaam ek jagah karte hain toh fir alag alag kaiko aane ka...
Sab bheedu logon ko ek saath kaam pe aane ka aur mast petrol bachane ka

Save Paper, Save Nature

Circuit: bhai yeh apun samjhaata hai apni style mein..

bhai log meri baat apne bheje mein daal lo..

paper print karne ke time paper dono baaju ghuma ke daalne kya

Corporate Responsibility

Circuit: Bole toh?
Munna : Arey main samjhaata hoon naa..
abhi suit boot pehenke office jaate hain toh saala sabko akad bhi aa jaata hai..
badi post pe aane ke baad bhai log apni social responsibility ko bhool rahle hain..

1. knowledge sharing - arey baapu ne bola hai gyaan ko baato usse hi
woh badega.. lekin sala sab apne dimaag mein fit karke rakhte hain..
isiliye knowledge ko dimaag mein rakhke sadaane ka nahi..

2. Respect everyone.. Abhi yeh chai wala, desk saaf karne wala, canteen wala sablog life mein important hai ki nahi.. toh sabko respect dene ka.. chaahe tu company ka CEO kyu na ban jaaye..

3. Cribbing..
Munna : bole toh roj yeh office mein bhai log chai peete peete shuru ho jaate hia na..
jaise ki aaj time pe paani nahi aaya, lift ruk ruk ke chal rehla hai..ghar pe kaam karne wali bai nahi aayi
arey bas karo bhai log.. jo hai usme khush rehne ka.. khaali khit khit nahi karne ka..

Thodi takleef hai tereko pata hai.. usko vinamrata se solve karne ka.. samjha naa...jaise Baapu bolte hain..

Technical advancements to prevent future 9/11 attacks

As we see the tenth anniversary of 9/11, we see many theories that are coming up that talks about the technical advancements in the airline security. Imagine a case as when a terrorist rush towards the cockpit, the sensors that detect the fast motion of the terrorist would send out alarm to the ground officials. That also in turn would disable the cockpit controls in the airline so that they can't hijack and ride the plane. Also the sensors would engage the flight in an uninterrupted auto pilot mode that would land the plane in a secure location thereby locking the cockpit where the hijackers are.

This is just an hypothetical example of what future defense system would like, to combat terrorism. Potential defenses range from advanced electronic surveillance system that could intercept would be terrorists before they get onto a plane. But experts say that just being prepared to stop 9/11 type of attack is not enough. 9/11 was a unique attack in its own times. Future attacks will likely to use different methods to maintain the terror and surprise. Researchers are also searching for a technology to defend aircraft against a wider range of threats including shoulder fired missiles. It's probably a matter of time before such defense mechanisms are tested again.

Listing some of the newly technical advancements that have come into picture recently.

Remote-controlled airliners
These in theory are the same ones which we usually play with. Boeing has actually developed remote-control technology for flying an airliner which in theory would have prevented the attacks on the world trade center.

The best way to stop an attack in theory would be to identify the terrorists in the airport and arrest them. Already, U.S airports have been equipped with explosive detection devices and imaging scanners that would allow security personnel to look under passenger's clothing for concealed weapons or explosives. But researchers are envisioning sophisticated video surveillance that has a software which analyzes facial expressions for signs of lying. Other devices would be the remote scan for irregular blood pressures and heart rates.

Onboard video monitoring
European researchers are developing onboard surveillance systems in the cabin. The setup might include the software to analyze passenger's facial expressions and movements for suspicious behavior.

Light guns to dazzle attackers
U.S govt researchers are looking into the possibility of equipping air marshals with non lethal weapons similar to the laser beam of light that could temporarily blind a person and disorient an attacker. Such weapons might disable hijackers without endangering other passengers.

However, many experts warn against spending too much time and money preparing for a repeat of 9/11 attacks since its unlikely that the future attacks would involve flying planes into the buildings. Also, today the airline crews and passengers would fight back. For eg. in the 9/11 attack, one of the flight that was about to hit capitol building was grounded to shanksville Pennsylvania. In a second incident there was a passenger who was a "shoe bomber" but his attempts were subdued by the passengers.

So, when was the last time we see such plane attack, it is sept 11 attack. So, the chances are we are not going to see terrorists trying the same thing.

Background information - National Geography

My blog of world cities

Hello all my readers,

I want to inform with great pleasure that I am starting a new blog that will be updated with world cities. It includes all the miniature details about its history, geography, culture, national monuments, must visit travel places, ancient civilization etc. Please go through the blog and if you like it then follow me over there to read some interesting facts about other cities of the world. It came out of my childhood interest where i used to maintain a journal with handwritten information about various countries in this world. So, instead of country i am writing about cities. Hope to see your comments over there.

Here is the kick start post for the new blog

Thank you,

' La Tomatina ' do we need this festival?

Courtesy - google images
La Tomatina is a spanish festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, where participants throw tomatoes at each other. This festival is organized in August month.

This festival is believed to be originated in 1945, where there was an annual parade which was passing by Buñol. Apparently, youngsters tried to join the parade and accidently knocked one of the giants. This lead to a brawl, where in retaliation youngsters picked up tomatoes from nearby vegetable stand and started using them as weapons. Police intervened and broke the fight. However, in the following year these young people returned and started another tomato fight using their own tomatoes. This subsequently has led to the famous 'La Tomatina' festival.

After reading the description, we know that for whatever reason this is celebrated as a festival in Spain. This was being celebrated since very long time but it has been brought to notice to the Indian public by Zindagi na milegi dobara movie. Indian public has always been influenced by films and media since past. This is another similar incident. This festival has been decided to be hosted first time in India in Bangalore. But the main purpose is not really tomato festival, it includes DJ, rain dance and another attractions. Why???? Why people of India are getting so stupid to find fun in something like this? We have highest number of festivals being celebrated since centuries. Why do you want to include this festival that has no place in our country?

People are tending to adopt western culture so blindly that, all they want is just enjoyment. They are gradually moving to western culture but in a bad way. So, lets ask few questions to these organizers. Why do you want to celebrate a Spanish festival in India? Do you want any alliance with Spanish companies? Or do you want any bilateral relation with Spain? Just because 'La Tomatina' was popularized by a bollywood movie, doesn't mean we need to actually start celebrating it. Moreover, the movie was entirely shot in Spain. So, people grow up and if you really want to mingle with Spanish culture than go to Spain and celebrate their festival just like they do in the movie.

According to the latest estimations, we know that there are several people and kids suffering from Malnutrition and poverty. So, is it advisable to waste tonnes of tomatoes that will be used in this festival? Spain hosts this festival every year because of cultural reasons but India on the other hand doesn't need these kind of festivals. Instead of that why don't u start a group and ask people to donate some tomatoes to the poor in India and call it 'La Tomatina' but with a different objective.

Lot of people have filed protests against this with Karnataka chief minister, in order to ban this festival. Even there is a young Bangalore resident who expressed concern with the wastage of tomatoes and requested government to take action. Today, Karnataka govt declined to permit the tomato festival in Bangalore in response to all these social activist and well wishers. Chief minister mentioned that such events should not be permitted since wasting nutritious food is against Indian ethics. I am glad that there are some young people in India who still belong to India. There is no sense in bringing an absurd western culture in India. India is already dealing with lot of unnecessary westernization. There is a facebook page for La Tomatina festival and surprisingly there were more than 50,000 members who were planning to attend it either in person or online. Such a pity !

Tribute to the 9/11 victims

This article was published by me originally on ViewsPaper.

September 11,2001 is the date that is echoed in every American's mind. It is remembered not only by the Americans but everyone else in this world as the deadliest attack of the 20th century. Whenever we remember 9/11 the image of the twin towers burning appears within a flash of a second. The scale of disaster, loss of lives and the smoke that filled in the entire Manhattan area all these are the visuals that we had seen in the live TV news channels.

There may be many dates in the world history which everyone remembers but this event is the fresh one among those which evokes emotion from our heart. I want to start narrating this incident from the day when I actually heard about it. Ten years ago September 11, 2001 was an important date for me. I was about to get my first year engineering exam results. I was delighted to see an A on my marksheet and was very happy to go and give this news to my father.

On my way home I had so many ideas to celebrate my first success in the career. But when I reached home which was 7 PM in India which means around 9.30am in New York. My father was glued to the television as he just arrived from his office. When I stepped into my home first thing he said "A plane flew into world trade center and New York's financial capital building is under attack !"

My first expression was "Whattttttt" ? This is astonishing. It was the first time I ever heard about World Trade Center of New York City. Being born and brought up in India, I was not very familiar with any of the buildings of USA apart from statue of liberty, White house and Pentagon. So, my next question was are these other buildings safe?? My father gave a horrified look and said "You don't know what WTC towers are don't u?" I nodded to say No. It was then and there I came to know about WTC and how it influenced the finance area of USA. There were more than 900 companies established in the twin towers. So, many multi national companies and people from all different diversities worked there. I saw some videos that showed how the north tower was still burning in flames and people were out of their windows crying for help and some of them even toppled from the 100+ floors of WTC just to get some fresh air !

My heart cried after seeing the plight of these people and my mind started giving weird rescue ideas like why dont' they arrive with 50 helicopters and pick these people from respective floors, like they show in hollywood movies. I came to know from the news that one of the plane has hit pentagon and white house was safe since there was a plane that crashed in the farms. I saw thousands of people on the streets screaming "oh my god, there is an attack". They realized that it was an attack after second plane hit the south WTC tower.

This was in 2001. After few years passed I arrived in united states to do masters. I forgot about this incident somehow but whenever some one mentioned about it I used to go online and read some information about this attack. This is compilation of what I have understood has happened.

Early morning of 11th Sept, 2001 a group of 19 hijackers took control of 4 commercial airlines from Boston, Newark and Washington D.C. The flights that were involved are:
  • American airlines Flight 11 - Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into North WTC tower
  • United Airlines Flight 175 - Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into South WTC tower
  • American Airlines Flight 77 - Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into Pentagon
  • United Airlines Flight 93 - Newark to San Francisco, crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania
At about 8.46 am, five hijackers crashed AA flight 11 into the north world trade center tower. There were not much videos about this attack so everybody were under the impression that a bomb exploded in the north tower. People from the north tower started evacuating immediately. The smoke was rising in the area surrounding to the north WTC tower and everybody looked horrified on the streets. There were lot of people in the nearby Battery park, New York and the traffic was stand still even on the Brooklyn bridge. Everybody were shocked to see a big giant building burning in flames.

The news channels from all over the world had started turning their camera towards the world trade center and the disaster. It was right after 15mins another 5 hijackers crashed United Airlines 175 into the south tower at 9.03am. The whole world was shook by this incident. Many channels covered this incident live on their channel. A big giant airplane from nowhere strikes the south WTC tower and it is like an explosion to the people around there. Now, everyone was convinced that this was a planned attack and USA is under danger.

Five hijackers flew American airlines 77 into the Pentagon at 9.37am. These series of attacks with very less time difference choked the minds of American people. The south WTC tower collapsed at 9.59am after burning for 56 minutes while the north tower collapsed at 10.28am after burning for 102 minutes. When the north tower collapsed, debris fell on the other world trade center buildings causing damages and igniting fires. The pentagon sustained major damages due to the crash.

All the other airlines flying in the united states were asked to ground immediately thereby locking the cockpit. The international passenger flights were redirected to Canada and Mexico, and for three days all the flights to the USA were cancelled. Later on it was discovered that the fourth flight United Airlines 93 never made to the target which was Capitol building and not White house. Two weeks after the attack the government confirmed the death toll of around 6000 people ! More than 90 countries lost their citizens in the attacks on the world trade center.

Now after 10 years of this attack, one major achievement for America would be the death of Osama Bin Laden who admitted to be the one who planned the attack. Also, on 11 Sept, 2011 the ground zero has been made a memorial that is open to the public. In the link mentioned below you can access the names of all the individuals who lost their lives either in the airplane or in the world trade towers. This post of mine is a tribute to all the individuals who died on this occasion.

The link to the memorial - http://www.911memorial.org/

Below is the newspaper page of Wall street journal dated 12th Sept, 2001.

References – Wikipedia and all the news agencies that covered 9/11 attacks live. Wall street journal.

Silencing the Mind

Yoga is the latest, yet ancient keyword for relaxing and exercise. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Yoga originated from ancient India and is associated often with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Just as new operating system can make your old computer function effectively, yoga can also balance our body and meditation would alter the state of mind.

In our day to day life we encounter stress at every corner. We all want to get rid of stress and anxiety and we opt for all different methods to minimize stress. According to the yogic philosophy, our physical body is the projection of unconscious mind. This is the place where we store all the memories, dreams and experiences. We also store our stream of emotions like anger, happiness, fears and disappointments. The ideas and thoughts that receive most attention create the deepest channels of communication. These pathways also include creativity and healthy habits. As these stimuli are processed, the unconscious mind sends signal to our physical body. Depending on its interpretation, the body can relax and function smoothly or it works in the other way.

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps in creating a sense of union among our body, mind and soul. Exercising reduces stress but yoga is specially relaxing. It is often practiced in a dimly lit room with soft music, candles and incense. The environment provides a welcome respite from our overly loud, stimulating world. Studies have shown that yoga has greater benefits including flexibility, stress relief and more. The gentle, flowing movements of yoga increases flexibility. The breathing exercises increases lung capacity and improve oxygen exchange. Over the time yoga may also lower the blood pressure due to decreased stress. Many yoga postures improve our core strength. There have been some medical studies on positive effects of yoga and a growing number of doctors are recommending yoga into their patient's recovery program.

But sadly many people still feel that yoga is all about meditating and breathing exercises. For young people and gym lovers who think that they are flexible they can try for power yoga and ashtanga yoga to enhance their normal exercise experience. These styles keep yoga philosophy and focus on the poses in more aerobic fashion.

Yoga uses breath awareness for silencing the mind. Yoga teaches you how to concentrate on your breathing while holding onto the poses. This attention to breathing is calming, it dissolves stress and anxiety. Yoga meditation is an effective way to change our thinking, and it has to take place on a regular basis. Although having a specific time of the day is helpful for creating a positive habit but its not essential.

So, no matter how old or young you are, go and explore your limits with yoga !

Snapping out of Writerzzz block !!

Everyone who is into blogging or writing is aware of this term. But for the heck of it, what is this "Writers block" anyway?? It just means when you can't write. It's mean and frustrating. This syndrome sneaks up when you would least expect it. Then it latches onto your life and your brain, it grows stronger the more you think about it. When you are feeling the same then - Join the club.. you've got writers block !

Yes, after months of tossing and turning I finally woke up to toss it down ! We bloggers tend to look forward to writers block just as we look forward for a dentist appointment. Its hard and painful ! Also, yeah we hate it so much. After creating this blog from 2007 I first entered writers block almost immediately and woke up in 2010 with constant posts and contest participations. Then in this year I entered writers block again and just realized its time to snap it out of my mind ~!

Well that still leave the question: "What is writer's block and what the hell am I supposed to do now??"

So, here are the things that I have Googled about which suggests what steps can be taken to get rid of this syndrome.

Divert yourself - This is one of the most common suggestion I found. Divert yourself into other activities like reading books, photography, watching something creative etc. While this is one of the great suggestion, I couldn't overcome "my block" :( Sadly it didn't work for me. I tried subscribing to Hulu, Netflix and became member of the library. But yeah i finally got nothing in return. My advice for this would be start reading other's blog which you might be probably doing already. But pick up a blog and start reading all the posts at once. Start with 10posts and then gradually increase once u have more spare time !~ Howwwzaat?? Googly.

Write anything - yes.. I am not a guru ghantaal types. But for once why not?? You can start writing a grocery list for instance. What I imply here is , write anyway I don't care but sit down and fix your butt for long time in front of your blog and start keying in those words ! Just focusing on the act of writing itself helps the brain re-route itself around the end goal.
Gaaawt it????? Hell noooooo.

Stop writing - Well , this is for those people who didn't understand the above point. You would say I am just being mean. I know, sometimes ! But sometimes just writing anything won't help. You might as well just get bored with those grocery list or managing accounts of monthly bill ! It can be a nightmare, so I suggest doing this instead. Remove those old video gaming consoles and play our very own Mario or Halo series. Go outdoor and do camping across the river, build a canoe and start canoeing. My point is focus on something else and completely release the idea of blogging or writing from your mind for time being.

So, now if you don't fall under any of these categories than I don't have any thing for you friend. I hope I have overcome my writers block from this post!

Facebook statuses for breast cancer awareness

Every year breast cancer event is being taken very seriously in many countries. Some people go for 5Km run, while some people donate money for breast cancer patients. Some people blog about it to bring awareness among women. But around 80% of people go on Facebook and put up funny breast cancer awareness statuses, to fool around men! Seriously such people should grow up and do something serious if they want to.

A while back, we saw Facebook campaign where women wrote about where they "put their purse", in an effort to make it sound saying where they would like to ***** , which was very inexplicable and very dumb attempt to "raise awareness" for breast cancer.

Some status examples are: I like it on my couch !
I like it on my bed !

Isn't it silly?? I mean how would any one get aware of breast cancer with these statuses !

Last year, women listed their bra color in their Facebook statuses to raise awareness that made it to the national news !

People actually brag about this news and this year the theme is to write the status of what your shoe size is followed by the word inches and how long it takes to do your hair followed by minutes !

For eg. 8inches and 15 minutes ????

Whatttttttt? Jesus Christ, are you trying to imply something else over here !

The fun part is the end of the email that says "The bra game reached the news. Lets try to get this one on the news, too! Help us show everyone how powerful women really are ! " Think about it, do we really need to fool ourselves into believing that posting a silly Facebook status makes us "powerful"??

Sometimes people just get wrapped up in the idea of doing something for the breast cancer that could be just anything ! Instead of that please do something useful and that sends a message across in a positive way. Silly games like this are just benign and no body is getting anything out of it. Instead of that go and buy pink products where the companies would pay each penny to the breast cancer research. Don't you think patients of breast cancer would want more funding going in for this research??

My only request to the people, specially women out there is to do something sensible this year to educate and promote breast cancer awareness. This year my intention is to participate in a 5Km walk and write a blog post to promote awareness. What's your pick??

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