Deja Vu - Part III

It is recommended that you read Deja Vu - I & Deja Vu - II for better understanding of this part.

Finally after having fun I got tired. Sakshi and other friends decided to have a drink and I planned to head over to my room. I was trying to unlock the door and I heard someone singing "Hamein aur jeene ki chaahat na hoti.. agar tum na hote" from the corridor. This is my favourite song and suddenly I saw Krish singing this song. I got scared and felt as if I was dipped in an icy cold swimming pool.

"Hi Krish" I said. I was still in the trauma. I was scrubbing my eyes to see if i am not seeing a dream. "Hey sweetheart. You know you are a big liar." He said. " What do you mean?" I trembled. "Oh please don't act smart. I know you don't believe me and that's why you are now avoiding me." I went inside my room but before i could close the door he pushed it and came inside. Then he did something which scared me a lot. He took my hand in his hand and said " Lets get married once we are done with this training". "Krish, I don't love you! Why are you forcing me to marry you" I screamed. He angrily broke a vase on the table and said " Because I am destined to be your husband". He pulled my hair and tried to kiss me forcefully. I realized that he was drunk and angry because of me lying to him. Before he did anything nasty my room mate came with bunch of other guys to my room and she started screaming. They caught hold of Krish and started beating him. He started yelling at sakshi "Hey, you are my sister how come you are allowing them to beat me.". "Just get lost you loser!" she said. She held me in her arms. He claimed that Sakshi was his sister in previous birth.

Krish started looking at me with those eyes filled with revenge, jealousy and lust. I got too scared to answer anything back to him. There was something in his eyes. A strong feeling which attracted me even at this moment. I don't know if it is appropriate now to call it as "Love". He kept staring my eyes until he was taken away to the police. I kept crying for couple of days. I guess I got too scared with all this happening in a short period of time. I called up my parents and narrated the whole incident to them on the phone. Within a week my father searched a suitable groom for me, with whom i met and arranged my wedding before I would complete my training in Bangalore.

I hugged Sakshi and thanked her for supporting me in this crucial moment of my life. I felt the tornado was over and I started to feel happy. A day before my wedding I met my prospective groom. Yes after all I was going to marry someone arranged by my parents. I still felt the chill inside my heart for not marrying Krish. Will I be happy with this new man ? Finally the D-day arrived with full joy and I met my relatives who made up to my wedding in a short notice. They definitely whined about improper arrangements but I was glad to see them.

After some ceremonies the time came for the nuptial knot. I closed my eyes but to my surprise I saw Krish infront of us. Yes very bollywood style. "Why did you come here?" I asked him with some courage. "Rani I can't live without you. How many times I have told you that i am your husband... believe me in all my previous births you were my wife.. how can i let you go this time?" He cried. I wanted to sympathize him but my father called bodyguards but Krish was in full form today. Nobody had the guts to stop the storm inside him. I managed to escape from that place and I was hiding in the storeroom. I started crying again !! Suddenly, I heard a distant voice "Rani.. Rani.. where are you".. I was going to scream but I managed to keep quiet .. the distant sound was more clear now.. "Rani.. get up.. what are you doing?".. I ignored the voice and started searching for the person who was calling me..

"wake up rani.. wake up.. are you okay?" I slowly opened my eyes and saw Krish infront of me.. I screamed.. "Help.. Help.".. "Relax dear.. what happened.. did you see a bad dream.. you seemed to be worried .." are you okay .. my husband held me in his arms and tried consoling me while I sobbed my dream away..

yes.. it was indeed a dream..My real dream !!

Deja Vu - Part II

It is recommended that you read Deja Vu - I for better understanding of this part.

After waiting for about a week, we got the results declared and I got selected for the job. I was so happy. On the same day I got an email from Krish.

Dear Rani,

I got selected for the job. I hope you are selected as well. Can't wait to talk to you about this !

Reply soon,

I replied him saying that I got selected as well. He added me in his chat list and slowly chatting with him had become my daily routine. He started coming close to me, I mean not physically. He requested if he can take me on a coffee date. I was not able to digest the fact that a stranger is
coming so close to me and trying to pretend that I am part of his life. I was not planning to go on a date with him so soon. I don't want to trust someone so easily in my life. I told him to not hurry up and rush things so soon. But his reply was "Hey, Its written in our fate. I am not hurrying up anything." I was shocked to hear this response. How can a matured guy like him could believe in something like this. We continued chatting on the messenger and sharing some exciting things. Day by day his possessiveness for me kept on increasing. One day when i came back from tailor's shop I found him chatting with my father in my home. "See his guts!" I told to myself. I just greeted him formally and said "Good to see you after a long time!".

"Krish is going to Chennai" My father said. Before he said where I was going I told him that they are sending me to Coimbatore. My father clearly saw that I lied to Krish but he didn't say anything. But he demanded an explanation later. I told him that I am taken aback from his frankness so I wanted to make sure if he is not a crazy guy. Krish ofcourse was disappointed with my posting to Coimbatore. But he didn't say much.

Finally, the day came where I was going to start my journey to Bangalore (Coimbatore for him). I was waiting with my luggage in the train station when he suddenly surprised me. I pretended as if nothing happened and I am fine with his gesture. But deep down in my heart I was scared. What if he is a psycho? I was just hoping that his train comes first and that happened. He left to Chennai in the train and tried to tell me that he will visit me in Coimbatore and if I like him as well. I kept quiet for that moment! I think it is my biggest mistake I don't know why but i behaved dumb in front of him. May be I liked him.. But I had a fear in my mind for him.. his possessiveness was killing me. Before leaving he grabbed my hand and said "Rani, this is just matter of couple of months. Then you will be with me forever. I am going to ask your father and marry you". I knew he was going to say all these.. Somehow I had this premonition but I didn't feel like telling him the truth that I got posting in Bangalore. His train came and he left.

My heart started beating fast. Is this the so called love? A guy comes talks to you, if he likes you he forces you to like him.. No that's not true. Meanwhile, I met a girl named Sakshi on the station who was in the same batch as me and I was in contact with her since the results were out. We planned to stay together in the same room. Sakshi was a modern girl with very few traditional values here and there. But she believed in practical life. When I told her about Krish, she just said "Oh I know these guys. I am sure he will get someone else in his batch and he might even forget about you." I didn't like this answer.. I felt there was a connection between me and him but even when i tried to force my brain to think I wasn't getting the answer. Deep down in my heart I felt guilty for lying to him.

My training started and in a week I almost forgot about him. It was sunday morning and I didn't see any email from him. I was upset. How can he forget me? Did he come to know that I lied to him? I kept on pondering about these things until Sakshi disturbed me. "Hey, lets go out for pubbing today ?" "No, Sakshi I don't feel like coming. You guys carry on". "Oh, so Mr. Krish forgot you. Is that bothering you now?" she asked me. "NO..not at all. I am totally fine" I said. "Then come with me it will be lot of fun. I promise." she said. I dressed up very nicely that evening. Our dress code was pink or purple. Yes.. truly girly..

To be continued in part III

Deja Vu - Part I

I was getting ready for the interview carrying my portfolio and wearing formal clothes. I had cleared a written test for the IT company and today was second day of group discussions, interviews etc. After finishing engineering joining a computer firm is the latest buzz in India. On my way to the company I forgot to grab my cellphone ! But it was too late to ask the Auto driver to go back to my home to get the phone. Moreover, I was too tensed to do anything like that. I even forgot to look into my mirror while leaving home. How will be the interviews today! My stomach started growling in tension. Within 30mins I reached my destination and after paying to the auto driver I saw there are around 500 people waiting for the interview sessions.

I was secretly hoping that there should be only 50 but I came to know they are going to hire 200 candidates today and planning to send them for training to Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai. I was very nervous and I had brought a little cheat sheet of mine to prepare in the last minute. I was practicing how I would talk to the interviewer and how to pick up the communication in the group discussion rounds. Finally, the interviews started and I did well in the Group discussion. I think the topic was "Further studies in America - Good or bad ??".

After the Group discussions, we waited for the technical round. I was now pretty tensed. I was sitting inside a conference room where they were calling each candidates for 30-40mins of technical interview. One guy came to me smiled as if I know him already. I told him 'Hi' he greeted back. I glanced at him, he was not that tall, athletic built but he was so handsome that he could give complex to Hrithik Roshan. Then I scolded myself for diverting my mind. He sat besides me and started telling me about his education, family etc. Then my name was called and to my surprise the interviewer was a family friend of mine. But ofcourse there were couple of other people in the panel. I was able to answer my questions properly and later came to know that i got selected for the HR round. Meanwhile, that guy also cleared his interview. He seemed to be very happy. He sat besides me and said "Hi I am Krish. How about you?" I said "Hi, i am Rani". He said "Good luck for the HR round, make sure you clear that and then we can enjoy with the new job".. He asked for my phone number which I refused to give him. He took my email id and said he would like to know when the results are out and he wanted to keep in touch since we could be future team mates. My god guys these days are so fastttttttt.

After my HR round it was very late. It was around 9.30PM in the night and I was afraid how to get autorickshaws since in this part of the city it used to get lonely. But I saw Krish waiting near his bike. I went up to him to ask about his interview. He said "It was great! Hope I will be part of their company soon." Wow he had a great confidence on himself. I like confident guys, they help in restoring the positive energy. He grasped my fear of how to go home, and offered me a ride. I was puzzled 'How can a guy who barely knows me, is helping me here.' He saw me getting confused and said " Hey Rani, don't worry I am not a bad guy who takes advantage of a girl. You can call up your dad with my phone and make sure he knows about me." I did the same thing. He spoke nicely to my dad when he dropped me and my dad came to know that he is from the same caste as we are. However, this was not important to me. We exchanged smiles and he said "Bye". There was something in his eyes I noticed at that very moment. They were talking to me, saying something. But I ignored my inner voice and waved my hands at him. Then I went back to sleep! So much in a long day .. right?

To be continued....

1st Milestone

Hello my readers.. I am writing this post on the occasion of winning a writing challenge for Blogeshwar which is a home for all the upcoming bloggers who have fantastic stories in their mind. I joined Blogeshwar recently and this might be my 3rd participation in the contest. I joined the blogging world way back in 2007, but I just used the blog to throw my feelings now and then. That really didn't count because a song is not a song until there is a melody in it! So, in 2010 I decided to write aggressively but I needed some support. I needed few friends who are in the same boat and who can cheer me up for my good stories and suggest me with new ideas. I found Blogeshwar's link and joined the group. Members of this group are super cool and I like the way they encourage each other..

Writing a scary story is something I thought I won't be able to do it. But slowly ideas popped into my head and I started jotting down the sequence of my story. But this came to me as a surprise that I won Blogeshwar 6.0. I am really honored by this and thought of writing a post on Blogeshwar and all my Blogeshwar friends. So, here I am cutting it short now and cheers to my first Milestone!
I am really excited for winning this contest and it will boost my spirits to write more stories for the upcoming challenges.. Once again thanks everyone and specially my Blogeshwar friends for reading this...

For those who want to join Blogeshwar, they have the hyperlink in this post and this is the 'Scary' post which won the title.

Lost in the Jungle

[This post has won the first prize in blogeshwar 6.0]

The world moved faster around me as I was running faster, between the trees, rocks and pebbles in the forest. "Someone please help me!" I screamed. I was camping and suddenly saw a bear started chasing me. I had learned that bears are vegetarian but may be my knowledge was wrong. The bear was making scary noises and showing its teeth. Suddenly, my foot got hurt as I stepped on a rock on its curved edge and bang.. I started rolling down in the valley. Now the world seemed to be spinning around me as I started tumbling. After I finally reached the ground I found darkness everywhere. I felt a pang of fear as I heard the bear roaring on the top of the valley. I saw my car lying under the tree. I was wondering where I can spend that night. My family would be worried to find me missing from the camp site and will start searching in the forest.

I wanted to get up and find a place but my body was in pain and it was difficult for me to get up and find a place for shelter. The moment I decided to rest for sometime I heard the crinkling of the leaves. Slowly, the crinkling sounds came closer, closer and louder. Suddenly, I found something crawling on my neck. " Oh my god.. " I shouted and opened my shirt and found some kind of insect trying to suck blood from me. Panic struck to me right at that moment. I was all alone and lost in this forest. I had to run from that place since it wasn't a safe place anymore for me. My heart was pounding fast and I was short of breath. My mind was running in all the directions and sweat beads were popping on my forehead. I somehow managed to get up and start walking faster. To my surprise I found a house in the valley and the lights in the house were glowing. I felt relieved but my heart sent a sudden shock to my brain - Is this a haunted house?

I have heard about haunted houses before. They are more than just being scary. They are creepy, disturbing and terrifying as well. I went near the house and opened the gate. It made that same old cranky sound as they show in the horror TV serials. I stepped inside the lawn, there was nothing. The trees were deserted without leaves or flowers. It was a decent size house. The lights were on but no one was there in the house. I knocked the door twice and with the cool breeze blowing outside the door opened with a swing. "Alright, be brave you have seen lot of TV serials" I thought.

"Is someone in there?" I started shouting. But there was no answer from anyone. The sounds of the bats hovering around the house was disturbing. I wanted to shut the door but it was a bad idea. I saw a massive stair case that was circular. I don't know where it ends but there were hallways and rooms. I checked the room near the steps but there was no one. The bed was nice made and the color of the cushions and the bedsheets were exactly like those of mythological serials where a King sleeps in his big bedroom. I got tempted but scared as well. So, I decided to climb the stairs. I checked the first hall way but there was no one. The stairs made a weird noise, may be they were too old! Fear gripped me from all the directions. My only interest at that time to find someone in this house.

I saw that light on one of the rooms were just turned off. The stairs were leading to the attic room. I climbed up and saw the room. The windows of that room were small and the curtains were all frayed out. I turned back and suddenly saw an image created on the wall because of a torch-light. I screamed to my top of the voice but saw a lady appearing from the darkness. She giggled and said " Who are you?" I was frightened and she could sense that. I narrated my dreadful incident of bear following me in the Jungle and how I ended up coming to this horror house. She said " You are in the state of panic and shock together. You need to calm down". Her soothing voice comforted me.

I asked her " Are you stuck here like me?" "No, this is my ancestor's house. I came to get this painting." She showed me the portrait. We suddenly heard some noises from outside. I got scared. She suggested to go to the cellar immediately. Since no one will know if there is a cellar. Hurriedly, we reached the cellar door. She slid the door and there was a staircase again. She stepped into the cellar first and she started stepping down through the stairs. There was a yellow fluorescent shade lamp glowing in the cellar. Meanwhile, the distinct voices became more clearer to me. It was my family who were in search of me. Before I could go to them the lady started saying "come here I am stuck. Lets go out together." But I thought of bringing my family here first so that they don't get lost in this mysterious house.

"Are you alright Rajiv?" My mother asked me. "yes mom, thank god you all came here. I thought I will die with fear and paranoia." "By the way how could you all find me here?"

My mom told me that they were worried since it was night 12.30 and I didn't return to my campsite. So, they contacted the forest security guys. They told her that a wild bear was chasing people around in that particular part of the jungle where I was taking some night pictures. From there, they understood the story and immediately came to this house. I asked the officer about the story. He said "Long time ago, there was a family living in this house and it used to be a vacation house for them. One day, their daughter Percy was going to come from London. But on her way back she was attacked by a bear and she was injured. By the time she came home she found her family dead. There was a terrible earthquake and that killed them when they were partying in the cellar. She was living in this house for quite sometime but she died because of illness. Surprisingly, the house looks good even though the earthquake took lives of the people. But the lights in the house is always illuminated. So, this happens every year and someone who is attacked by the bear appears to be coming to this house and never coming out of it."

It suddenly stuck me now the whole story about the girl and why she was calling me to the cellar. We rushed out of the house as fast as we can and we sat in the jeep with the security officials. After this incident I am always afraid to go to any forest. But those spine chilling memories are always fresh in my mind. The bear chasing, dark jungle, haunted house and of course 'Percy' too. I see Percy in my dreams sometimes.

This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti.

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