Break up Letter

Humor can be defined in many ways in our life. We see humour in one or other form and it still gives smile on our face! Total absence of Humour renders life impossible.(my orkut fortune predictor)
Some lines on Humour -

Humour is not always amusing,
Humour is beyond a joke,
Humour is in the spontaneity of the moment

So, here I would like to narrate a story which is based on the real life humour.

Tom and Jill were in a relationship for more than a year. They both loved each other but they unfortunately had many misunderstandings between them. Main reason for all this was Jill's suspicion on Tom. She always had a theory that Tom is seeing other girls. In order to confirm this she tries many things on daily basis. So, one day Jill calls Tom on the phone.

Jill: Tom do you love me?
Tom: what kind of a question is that Jill?
Jill: See if you had loved me you cud have told me - Yes i love you instead of asking a counter question? It proves there is something wrong.
Tom: Oh my god! You are on again. Jill for heaven's sake I love you dear and there is no one else in my life.
Jill: Okay. Shall we do a webcam chat.
Tom: No I am busy right now.
Jill: Whattttttt... Aaaghhh.. you never have time for me...

Beep... she hangs up the phone..

Next day Tom was in a restaurant with his colleague. Tom gets a call from Jill.
Jill: Hi baby, where are you?
Tom: I am in a restaurant with my colleague.
Jill: You know i missed you so much.
Tom: Me too baby
Jill: Really ! I love you.
Tom: yes, me too ( whispered)
Jill: Why can't u say that you love me.
Tom: I thought i told you just now.
Jill: No. Tell me "I love you"
Tom: I can't I am with a co-worker. (whispered)
Jill: No. You are dating someone else and that's the reason you don't wanna say this.
Tom: For christ's sake Jill. I don't wanna argue on this again.
Jill: yes because i am sure you are with some girl.

Tom hangs up the phone. He talks to his colleague about what's happening with him & Jill.

Tom: She is a nice girl. Very funny and kiddish many a times. But she always suspect me and thinks I don't love her.
Jack: Wowww.. So, you are always under a test..
Tom: Yeah..Last night she was online from a different ID and trying to see if I am flirting with other girls.
Jack: Hmm...
Tom: She is sweet.. I don't feel like breaking up with her.. but I don't want her to be insecure.
Jack: Hey I got an idea.. Why don't you type a breakup email to her.
Tom: Are you serious!
Jack: Yes, but hey.. try to write the most funniest email and convey that once for all.. she is your love..
Tom: Okay.

Tom thinks a lot for couple of days and then one day he types this email to Jill.

Dear Jill,
After a lot of thinking i have typed this letter.

You fight a lot with me, but the love I have for you,
is gone and I find my dislike for you
is growing with each fight you put up with me and
I don't even want to meet you,
The only thing that I want to do next is,
look at other girls. I never wanted to,
marry you. Our last conversation
was very disturbing and
has now made me to think and take this decision.
You always suspect me with someone else.
If we get married, I know that I would find
it very difficult to deal with you and will have no
pleasure in living with you. Because of your
suspicions, arguments and
silly fights I would really find it very
complicated and un-
interesting to deal with it everyday.
I sincerely want you to understand that
I am telling you the truth from my heart. Do me a favor
If you think this is the end, do not try
to write back to me. Your words will be full of
revenge and will have no
true love for me. Believe me!
Please don't think that
"I am still your lover"


P.s After reading this could you please read again from the beginning but alternate lines(1,3,5,7) starting from "you fight.." That is what I actually feel about you.

Tom's phone started ringing. He picks up in dilemma.
Tom: uhh.. hello is that Jill
Jill: Yes Tom, I didn't know till now how much you loved me.. even though i always fight with you.
Tom: yes Jill. This humour keeps our relationship alive. I realized that.
Jill: I want to meet you right now..

They meet at a restaurant where Tom proposes to her with a ring. She says yes to him. Seeing all this one lady comes to Tom and asks him to give Jill a red rose. He takes the rose from that lady and Jill sees this from a distance. She gets frowned on this and goes to Tom and says.

Jill: Tom.. this is why I always suspected you.. things never changed.. you are still the same.
Tom: Jill listen to me please...

Jill walks away from the restaurant.. The lady who gave the rose feels bad and stands up to say sorry to Tom. But Tom smiles and says in excitement.. " hey this is not the end.. this is going to be my daily routine now"...

Tom screams: Jill.. please wait.........

And their story continues.

We should try to take some real life experience things differently and we can still find humour lying over there and then suddenly the life becomes so colourful.

This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti.


  1. very interesting post and I like sparkling consistent humor in little cute conversation and I am fascinated with the idea of writing such letter.

  2. a cute story...i liked it a lot...
    all the best for blogeshwar :)

  3. Very cut post with consistent humor element in it.I loved the concept behind writing that letter too.

  4. Thanks Pratibha and subtle_scribbler.. we can see humour even in our real life incidents..

  5. it was good.. the ending was nice..


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