The Enchanted Encounter

This is a fictional story. This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti

My hands were digging and clawing at the concrete. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the sun shining brightly. There was no one in that part of the city except me and the trees. I pushed myself up partly and saw the blood stained shards of broken glass around me. What happened to me? I was almost in the arms of that beautiful blonde haired girl. Where is she? Thinkkk...I saw a shattered door from nowhere in between the trees. What happened just few moments back?? .. And the pieces of memories started to recollect.
I was sitting in the coffee shop which was in the market street. I finished my studies and I have offers to join Air force, I have money to start my own business(which i am scared if it might fail) or atleast to take care of my farms. But i didn't know what i was going to do with my life. So, I started sitting in this coffee shop since few days and ogling on the passer byes.

A few moments passed. I sipped my coffee and started reading a magazine when i saw a beautiful girl with blonde hair passing by. She was talking to someone on the phone. I noticed her pretty hair that was locked partly with a pin. She was wearing a teal coloured dress. She looked like a fairy angel to me. I ran towards the window and saw her ransacking her purse, facing my way. What if she saw me observing her? A cool breeze lifted her hair and dropped it on her face, but she gave it a quick shake and tossed it back. She was so charming and beautiful, I instantly fell in Love with her. She looked up straight into my eyes through the window and I was shocked for a moment. But she gave me a sweet smile that fluttered my heart ! She turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

She appeared again in few minutes walking fast, may be purposefully to get my attention. She stopped and turned all the way back to me and smiled again. Why? What does she want from me ? I couldn't move from my seat. Beads of sweat started popping through my forehead. Her eyes started speaking to me. My heart started beating fast and I thought, what does she want to say? She suddenly raised her arms and she waved towards me. "NOOO. It couldn't be possible" I thought. Her smile faded and she dropped her hand. Her face looked sad and she started walking again. My legs lifted me as if they want to say "Go David, she is the one you have always been waiting for". Within few seconds I walked outside the door but I didn't find her. I walked to another shop but she wasn't there. Did she run away from me? Yes, of course. Who would like to talk to me?

Suddenly i saw a glimpse of her near the street. "Hello ! Please wait" I shouted. But she started walking faster after listening to my voice. I hurriedly reached on the street and started running towards her. I felt like a strong whirlwind has started to blow and in no time I reached to a place that was surrounded by the trees.

She stopped right there for a moment and my heart slipped off ! She looked extremely beautiful and flawless if only i could hold her and adore her beauty. But she instantly disappeared into a magical door which was there amidst the trees. She appeared on the other side of the door. Meanwhile the whirlwind kept raging, causing me to think and think. At this moment I knew that my LiFe's answer is in the reflection of that girl. I was still not believing that this girl was interested in me ! I leaped from the outside world into the glass door in no time. I knew I was going to get hurt but i didn't care.

The moment I entered the door I found myself with that girl. Then I had a conversation with her that changed my entire life.

"Most people just walk in here, but you are the first one to crash the door" She said.
"Where am I?" I said
"You don't know where you are? You wanted to come here David" She said.
I am sure I wanted to come, only if i could believe the possibility of this dreamland being real.

"You're in the dreamland David and I'm here to make all your dreams come true. But you will have to believe in yourself and believe in your actions" She said holding my hands. Her eyes opened wider. She was so pretty.
"B-E-L-I-E-V-E" I closed my eyes and kept on saying this word and kept trying to - BELIEVE.

"You must have believed it David, else you wouldn't have come here" She said with a smile.
"Yes for a while before I came here. But now I don't believe it" I said. I wish I shouldn't have just said that.

The whirlwind started to blow again. But this time it was in the other direction.
"You must believe in yourself David, else you cannot stay here" She said. The wind intensified.
"Believe in yourself and believe in your actions" She started chanting these lines like a Mantra. The wind was crushing me from inside and I started shouting "I believe!", "I believe". But within no time I was thrown out of the glass door on the sidewalk with broken glass, broken dreams and BLOOD...

Her words got stamped in my head. "Believe in yourself and believe in your actions".


"After few days I dared to start a small company of my own. Later on with my efforts and my belief I was able to establish my business and earn some recognition. After few years now when I am a successful person I owe major part of my success to those enchanted memories that TOOK MY BREATH AWAY !!! " I told this in the award function, where I got the best businessman of the year award :-)

Chandni Raat

देखो यह चांदनी रात निकल आई है,

कोई खुशबु साथ लेकर आई है,

इसमें कुछ रंग और ख्वाब भी साथ लायी है,

तारों में झिलमिलाती हुई ख्वाहिश भी आई है।

इस खुशबु में दर्द है और अफ़साने भी,

इस खुशबु ने बनाये कयिओं को दीवाने भी,

मेरे आँचल पर उम्मीदों की कतार जैसी ये उतरी है,

येही खुशबु मेरे देहलीज़ के पार उतरी है।

इस रात मैं जैसे शुन्य की सी गहराई है

ध्यान से देखो, शायद किसीने ये तारों की चादर बिछाई है

इसकी ठंडक मैं जैसे की समय थम गया है

ऐसा लगता है जैसे की पूरा अंतरिख्सा मुझसे जुड़ गया है।

क्या उसको भी ये रात ऐसे ही दीखता होगा

क्या वो इस रात को देख के मुझे याद करता होगा

क्या वो भी इस आस्मां को देख के कुछ कहता होगा

या फिर वो खामोश रह के इस रात को सुनती रहता होगा।

Special thanks to Saurabh for helping me with a beautiful ending...


What women want ? - This is probably a million dollar question for Men. Why do Men find it very difficult to answer this question? We might have probably read hundreds of articles on this topic or even saw the Movie - What women want ? or even heard many men discussing this everyday. What makes a woman to choose a particular man over others? On what basis or analysis do they choose to do certain things ? To answer some of these questions lets get into women facts or in other words understand Womenology. In this modern world of dating, attraction, sex and relationships - what women want has nothing to do with these. Lets not confuse guys more and get into the straight facts that Women want Men to know, if they want to understand them.

For starters, most of the women want men to make them feel good. Or in other words, women want to experience more emotionally content life with the man with whom she wants to spend her life with. To elaborate it further, to make a woman feel good around you, you must allow her to experience a wide range of desirable emotions. Unfortunately lot of men make the mistake of flirting with the woman in order to please her or try to be over friendly while interacting with her... none of which will turn her ON. So, if you want to get the attention just be yourself in front of her. Let the feelings come in automatically for you and then you will find your own ways to woo her!

Most women want guys to be Confident. Most men carry a false confidence in them which is not hidden in woman's eyes. They are very quick in picking up if he has a real confidence in himself. For women this quality is very important since if the guy is confident he will be creating a positive world around her and she can be sure that for any bad things that happen in their life they can together sort it out.

You should know what you want - All real men know what they want in their life and this what woman want in a man. They don't like guys who are confused and have absolutely no idea about what they are doing in their life !

Women want men to make them feel feminine and understand their sentiments. Most guys fail to understand this side of women but here are the reasons. In this modern world, because of the daily jobs or in other parts of their lives women are sometimes forced to behave in a masculine way (like men, or having emotions or thoughts like men) . So women desperately wish that they are with a man who knows how to make her feel like a real woman.

Lastly, what a woman wants is a man who is confident, unafraid to be his real self, unafraid to show his interest on her, unafraid to move things forward and who can understand her sentiments or emotions !!

It's not so complicated ... is it ??

Ctrl + Z -- Undo.. can we undo our actions ??

Ever wondered if we could use the basic command of computers in our real life !

We face lot of things in our life daily and the typical reaction among us is " Oh i wish .. i cud have done that instead of this " or " oh gosh ! i cud have not done this".. etc.. Lets see some scenarios and think..

Scenario 1

Respected Guruji,
You are the only person in my life with whom i would like to share my sorrows. I learnt all your principles in my school days. I became a doctor, very famous one. I went abroad for my studies and spent half of my life in research. But i have done a grave mistake. I have messed up really bad. I hate myself. I don't know what to do.

So, i want to ask you O sage, O teacher, when God was creating this universe why didn't he give the power to humans to Undo their actions on their Life's keyboard??

Please reply to this perplexed disciple of yours... Where on earth is the UNDO function ??

Guruji replied to this disciple.

My dear Disciple,

Every UNDO function in the computer field serves the same purpose in different contexts. These contexts are set by the authors of that program.
So, in this case if you are trying to approach the author of Life's program then that's you and its just YOU. God created the universe, but a human being is responsible for his actions.

So, if you want to change your future ? Change your past ? then rewrite your character and your role in the story. Jump out of this fantasy land and become the real partner of all your realities.

-Your Guruji

Scenario 2

A boy falls in love with a girl. He tries his level best to convince her that he loves her a lot. Slowly in the course of their relationship he realizes that he went ahead too fast ! She is not the girl he was looking for. So, he talks to the girl before she thinks about the marriage.

Ramesh : Hi Radha, i want to share something with you.
Radha : Yes Ramesh. I know what you want to say. My answer is " Yes"

Ramesh : Well, actually i wanted to say that we went ahead very fast. Now i feel I like Rashmi more than you. She told me yesterday how much she cares for me and how much she loves me. Moreover i too like her. I am sorry if i have hurt you in the meanwhile.

Radha was very disappointed. She cried alot after this incident. Her parents wanted her to go abroad and study further. They wanted her to become a great doctor. She too loved them so much, but she forgot about them when she was in a relation with Ramesh. Because of him she even left her parents' home and started staying in a hostel. Now after her love failed she wanted to commit suicide. But before that she writes a confession letter to her parents.

Dear Dad& Mom,
I know you both were the best parent anybody can have. You loved me so much, never restricted me to do the things which any parent would have done. You wanted me to grow in my career and become independent. But i spoilt my life behind an unfaithful boy. Now that i am carrying his child he wants to abondon me. With a heavy heart I am writing you this letter. All i want to say is I really Love you both. I don't know what to do with my life. I feel i can't marry other guy having Ramesh's child in me. I can't give birth to the child without his father in our life.

I wish there was the magic UNDO button in my life which would have taken this chapter out of my life. But unfortunately there is no such thing.

Your daughter

After discussing these two stories, I want to conclude my views about Undoing actions in our real life. We do many stupid mistakes in our life. No matter how much grave mistake we do, the world sadly doesn't offer any " Undo" option to wipe out our actions. There is no way we can retract the stupid words that come out of our mouth in the spur of the moment. We can have excuses and apologies for some of them, but life doesn't give many chances for undoing our mistakes. But if we were to program a real life " undo" command, then we should execute it only for certain scenarios. For the rest of them, we should learn from our mistakes and try to correct them in the future.

After all to Err is Human.

Tweet .... Tweet...

Ever wondered reading the tweet messages of people around the world... I did that today.. and believe me its a "jungle out there"... people write the most funniest messages ever.....

From a common man to a celebrity every one has a Twitter account and they use it to vent out whatever they want... Neways lemme share some of the funny ones here in this post.

Here are some memorable ones...

Technology is ourlife !!
Twitter Post - " Lost my Droid for an hour. The day I lost my daughter at the zoo is now the second most terrifying experience of my life."
A Benovolent act
Twitter Post - I was stealing WiFi as I was out and got into the people's router and I just like ended up upgrading their firmware.. iPhone rocks !!

The X-Factor
Twitter Post - "Can we go back to using facebook for what it is originally for - looking up exes to see how fat they have got ?"

Twitter Post - studying. Notice how they put "Dying" at the end of the word conveniently !!

An Apple a day
Twitter Post (kjohar) - "Sorry been off the radar...been trying to put thought to paper...since the ipad is not motivating apple a day?? Perhaps not.."

Cat vs human
Twitter post - To Err is human, to Purr is cat

Happy Meal
Twitter post - Why do they call it a happy meal when it turns children into monsters ?? can we go to McDonalds?? Can we ??

Twitter post - I m outta wheat thins... my life is officially over !! (award winning tweet)...

That's all folks... keep watching for any new interesting tweet and i can update this post ;)

Top twists in Mahabharat.. if it would have happened in 21st Century

Hi all.. lets think if Mahabharat would have happened in 21st century then what would have happened. More ideas are welcome too ;)

Lets see some main scenarios
  • Shakuni along with his nephews Duryodhan and Dushyasan would have opened casinos all over india and made lot of money. They would have even maintained a bank account with swiss government and they wouldn't have felt the need to capture the whole kingdom ;)
  • Sanjay with his divine power would have told king dhritarashtra live results of all the matches like world cup football, IPL cricket etc.
  • Draupadi would have filed a 'attempt to molest' case against entire family of Dhritarashtra and in compensation she would have asked for Hastinapur kingdom & casinos of Shakuni. Even she would have sought shelter in woman's organizations or human rights commission which would have harassed the whole family lifelong.
  • For breaking the Chakravyuha of Dronacharya, Abhimanyu would have used all the sources like google search, microsoft bing and wikipedia on his iPhone or Droid. He would have even asked a question in the discussion forums online and would have figured a way out to break the chakravyuh. Or best thing using new iPhone's feature he would have called Arjun/Krishna and asked for guidance by doing a face to face chat.
  • Bhim would have opened a new amusement theme park for kids, "Bhim's house of blood".
  • Nakul & Sahdev would have felt offended for not getting noticed by others, they would have written their own story "Tales of Nakul & Sahdev".
  • Pandavas & Kauravas before having the kurukshetra war would have faced off in reality shows like MTV Roadies series in Hastinapur or sach ka samna. They would have shown talent infront of many other audiences too.
  • Duryodhana would have built an amazing mystery house instead of wax house where Pandavas would have got lost and never returned to the kingdom.
  • Finally, when the war would have happened all the news channels would have aired it on their channels. In order to gain more popularity Duryodhana would have even given personal interviews criticizing Yudhistir's unnecessary demands.
  • Eklavya would have started his own new school by stealing Drona's preachings. He would have uploaded Drona's sessions on youtube and even he would have started another school to teach bow & arrow to children.
  • When Yudhistir tells Drona that Ashwathama is dead, he would have requested Duryodhana to get a lie dectector and would have asked Yudhishtir to tell after sitting on the machine. Ab karo sach ka saamna.. :P

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a board game that is played with 2 or more players. The board has 100 numbered squares that ascend in the rows. On some squares there is a ladder that will ascend to a higher numbered square. On some there is a snake that will descend the player to a lower numbered square. There is a dice that should be rolled in order to count and step ahead in the game. This game is very popular among young children.

But did you know that this game originated in India ??

I didn't. I just thought it is originated from the British. It is one of my favorite game. I thought it resembles to the situations in your life. There is sometimes "Ladder" that takes you up in your ambitions, career , dreams etc. Sometimes you experience a downfall and it is represented by "snakes" in this game. Lets get the actual facts about this game.

As we know now, that this game originated in India and it was known as "Moksha Patam". It was used to teach essential values to the children. Many people believe that this game was created by the famous poet, Saint Gyandev. But according to some references this game existed even in 2nd Century B.C.

The ladders represent virtues and snakes vices. In the original game square 12 was faith, 51 Reliability, 57 Generosite, 76 knowledge and 78 Asceticism. In these squares there used to be the ladder.

While square 41 was disobedience, 44 for arrogance, 49 for vulgarity, 52 for theft, 58 for lie, 62 for drinking alcohol, 69 for debt, 73 for murder, 84 for anger, 92 for greed, 95 for pride, and 99 for Lust. These were the squares where there used to be the "snake". Square 100 represented Moksha or nirvana. In this way, this game was used in ancient India to teach good deeds to the children and also to teach what is the outcome for bad things.

The snakes represented vices and indecisiveness; while ladders represented virtues and good morality. This game went all the way to England in 1892 where it was renamed as "Snakes & Ladders". Now this game is widely distributed in the world and it has many variations. But the basic idea remains the same.

It is also known as "ups & downs" in canada, "the jungle run" in U.S since there is no one to claim the patent of this game.

Anyway, i felt nice to read this today on the internet ! So i thought of posting it here.

Identity Theft - Shred your paper or regret about it later ??

Identity theft has increased a lot these days. It is very common in USA and it is also spreading in other countries like India. This is a type of crime that doesn't kill you physically but it can take away from you everything that you have earned so far - money, credit history and social reputation. Identity theft can be done by high tech cyberspace hacking and also by low tech dumpster driving.

So, in order make everyone aware of what common mistakes they do and how can a identity thief steal all your valuable information, here is the story.

This is the fictitious interview of an identity thief when he got caught red handed.
It was 3A.M in the night, time for my usual dumpster diving. I am Just 23yrs old and i like the life i am leading right now. I like to make use of people's ignorance and I am hoping to build a mansion of my dreams. I am very smart and intelligent.. Aww you think that i am very over confident right. Very true.. But that night was the last day of my life when i could say such a statement.

I went near the dumpster of an apartment complex and tried to grab my steal i.e. trash which people throw every week. I went there before the actual garbage removal agency came to do their part. I jumped into the dumpster to scan the required items and keep it in my car. But alas i got caught red handed by the cops after i dived off from the dumpster.

Police Interrogation -

Officer 1 : What is your age ? When did you start doing this ?
Me: I am 23 and I am stealing people's identity since 3-4years.

Officer 2: What is your name ? What do you do ?
Me: John Atkins*

Officer 2: Real name plz... we also know you by Tony Rivera*.
Me: Michael Johnson and i am doing my major in computer science.

Officer 1: So Mike.. tell us how did you start doing all this..
Me: Well i was in a casino and I lost all my money. I wanted to play more but i didn't had enough money so i went out of the casino dejected and thought wish i get some money from outside.. even if it is a dollar. I searched everywhere outside and there i found a man's wallet. He had his debit card, ssn and credit cards. He even had the pin number for debit card in his wallet. I felt like i won a jackpot ! I cashed around $3000 dollars and started playing blackjack. I started using his name and made purchases using his credit card.

Officer 1: He never reported to the bank about his cards being stolen ?
Me: Yes he did after a week. But by that time i used his credentials and opened a secondary account connected to his card which he was unaware. For some days i was John. I changed the name at my apartment, pay checks and even on my credit cards. I diverted John's billing statements to my address. I could do anything now using his name. But after couple of years i had to let it go since he became aware and he cancelled every card carefully. I didn't have his social security number that was the reason why i couldn't continue this for long time.

Officer 2: So, what did you do next ?
Me : I search for my prey even by using the latest technology. I downloaded a software tool on that could scoop up the data from computers that are connected to my wireless and using that I can get the contents from their computers. For this reason I disabled password on my wireless router and made it unsecured. I was able to get some information from few people's computer when they were connected to my wireless. I got hold of their bank accounts and i then changed their password. I got their addresses. I became the flyer guy and distributed flyers in the community. I got the access to the mail boxes and i found mails from credit card companies who had pre-approved them. I called those companies and started accessing those credit cards. I somehow got information about the social security number as well. See its interesting how people can get so much information by hacking their laptops with our wireless connection !

People throw most darnedest things on earth such as their job application mails, pre approved cards, credit card billing details, electricity or internet bills etc and i get the most out of this. I can get information about the other cards by calling such companies and posing with that identity and i say "Hey i don't remember which visa card i used last time to pay my bill?" and its unbelievable what they tell me.

I love when the new credit cards appear in their mailboxes. I write their credit card number and wait until that is activated. In some cases, i activate it myself !

Officer 2: Wow.. that's amazing piece of information. How about if banks do take care of these thefts. What are the other ways for you to steal people's identity ?
Me: Well, i usually go the grocery stores and walk in the line to pay my bill. People confuse me with a guy talking over the phone, but when they take out the credit card i take a snap of it using my phone camera and boom.. i start using their card from the very next day. People usually don't check their account within 30days so yeahh i enjoy with their card atleast for the next thirty days....Sometimes i call people pretending to be an insurance company dealer or other financial institution who is giving them a cash prize.

Officer 1: What do u do when people catch you near their dumpsters ?
Me: If they catch me in the daytime, i tell them i came to visit my friend and my girlfriend threw her engagement ring here. So I am searching for that. Or i say that i lost my car keys. Otherwise i drive through their neighborhood at 3am on the trash day and fill my trunks with the trash that is valuable to me.

Officer 2: Okay. Mike the game is over and you need to relax your mind a little bit. You know you are very smart and clever but unfortunately your efforts won't be recognized. You are going to be in the jail for sometime of your life.


Identity theft is an increasing crime. It has been added as one of the federal law clauses. Best ways to avoid identity theft are:
  • Check your bank accounts and credit card statements every week.
  • Check your credit report regularly to limit the damage caused by the identity thieves.
  • Shred all your documents that contain important information.
  • Make sure to disinfect and clean your computer with latest antivirus software and run it regularly.
  • When you find that your identity has been stolen report immediately to the police, notify your credit card companies to take care of any fraud or disputes.
Awareness is the best weapon to fight against identity theft. Be aware of how your information is stolen and how you can help yourself to protect against it. By doing this we can make the job of identity thieves very difficult. We can fight against this crime by educating our friends, family and community.

Note : Above interrogation is based on the interviews of former identity thieves who were caught in New York, Florida and Virginia.

ps: This post is for the Blogeshwar 3.0 contest as well.

John Abraham voted as Sexiest Asian man

John Abraham has been voted as the "Sexiest Asian Man" by a poll. After his movie Dostana, John has gained alot of fame among Indians. The fame is mostly because of his well toned body and the sexy looks. Actor's fan following has also increased alot. He and his girlfriend Bipasha have launched health related CD to train people for their fitness activities. But John thinks even his six packs will not compensate for the smile on his face. Bollywood's hearth throb Hrithik Roshan was placed 2nd in the list.

Ranbir kapoor, who gained popularity because of his movie "Bachna Ae Hasino" is also in the top 10 list of the handsome men.

I like John Abraham, the way he looks, his decency etc. Oh god.. cut the crap... I absolutely love him !!

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