Sound of the windchime

Wind chimes are known to us from a very long time. Its size and appearance is different from that age to this one. But there is one thing common, the sweetness of the music that we hear when the wind blows and disturbs the chime.

I got this wind chime to hang it outside the porch in my house. One of my Chinese friend thinks that Wind chimes bring good luck to us if they are hung near the main door. I started liking the cool music these chimes produced every time the breeze blew. Whenever i was angry or upset about anything I would go out and stand for sometime and the sweet music of the chime would make my mood better.

The reverberating music of the chimes are so beautiful and it can give magical effect to the babies. My thoughts seem to be floating in the air whenever i hear the music. It feels like out of this simple object the world is recreated and purified. I started enjoying my garden more because of the chime and slowly my garden was flooded with trees of apricot, mango, lemon etc. I grew up some vegetables like tomatoes, spinach etc. The flowers in my garden seem to be growing big and it is believed that even plants feel good with beautiful music around them. I started buying more wind chimes and hanging it to my garden. Slowly, the area outside my house became so beautiful and colorful that neighborhood children started to visit and wander in my garden. I realized that these chimes brought back the much needed color in my life. I started enjoying nature and plants. These chimes can play the music that can be eternal to your life.
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