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My relationship with Music begin with Bose earplugs that I had purchased in my college days. What can i say, the technology has come so far now to - Bose Quiet comfort headset. Listening to music on Bose gives a very different vibe all together. I always had an eye on Bose Quiet comfort headsets and finally I get that as a gift from my workplace. Yes, after a product launch all of our team was awarded with Bose Quiet comfort noise cancelling headsets. Needless to say this is one asset I always carry along with my laptop. Let me list the top features that makes me to like this headset and add more details about the latest work they have done.

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As a software engineer, our job becomes very mundane at some point and the sheer beats of music can lighten up the moment. The noise cancelling feature of BOSE comes handy when there is a big group discussion that happens around you when you are seriously focusing on writing an important email to company's customer or debugging a serious issue. With Acoustic noise cancelling technology, it continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise and cancels it with the opposite signal. In 1995, noise cancelling headphones made a bang in the technical world when Bose's acoustic noise cancellation headphone was named product of the year. Noise cancelling is adapted by many companies around the world but it has become a mission statement for BOSE. Apart from it's use in offices, home and surroundings, it is successfully utilized in the loud environment of military aircraft cabins. Noise cancelling headphones replace irritating environmental noise by producing calming white noise. Sound cancels sound and that's the logic behind this technology.

Life is full of noises - and I want to eliminate them all !!

With Quiet Comfort 35, you can adjust the level of noise cancellation now between three levels to suit to the current environment. I like to wear it in my workplace even if i am not listening to anything. Noise cancellation is truly amazing! Sometimes you feel like getting disconnected to this world when you are at work place or focusing on something very important. The sound of the music is crystal clear even if you are walking on a busy street. There is zero distortion and I can vouch for this quality in BOSE.

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Bose allows to connect to two devices at the same time. So, you can keep listening to the music on your laptop and don't have to miss important calls from your cellphone. Such a brilliant feature for techies like us. Now, with the google assistant inbuilt it will do much more justice to your day today activities. Now all this task can be managed with a voice command. The headband of the device is state of the art. It is built to survive most rugged conditions and we can take them almost anywhere and everywhere. The over the ear cushions are extremely soft and we can instantly forget that we are wearing something.

The other feature that I would die for is the battery life. It is amazing that once i charge the headphone I don't have to worry about it for about 2-3 days even after using it for 10-12hours per day. After turning on the headphone, it speaks the battery percentage which I think is supercool and helps me in planning the headphone usage for that day. Apart from this, voice prompts are very helpful during pairing of the headset and other stuff. The headphones have built in microphone and sync via bluetooth.

If you like music and want to carry it everywhere you go and expect to get the same sound quality like you hear in the cinema theatres?? The answer is get a BOSE QUIETCOMFORT 35.

I am ready for an upgrade. Are you ? Noise cancelling headphones are expensive, but they are worth what you pay for.

Check this out for the details.

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