Multiple log-ins in google talk

If you wanna login to multiple ids in google. You can do that with following steps.
1. Right-click on the desktop

2. Select New

3. Select Shortcut

4. Paste this into the text box:
"c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex
(dont miss even a comma)

5. Click Next6. Rename it with ur choice.

6. Click OK until you are done.

Simple isn't it.


Change is really necessary in ur life. Sometimes, u may have to change or adapt urself to suit to other atmospheres. So even i owe to change myself in many approaches i had put in my life. NO more importance given to undesired things. Lets see coz now i guess its time to lead life for myself instead of leading it for others !!!

San Diego on wildfire

I couldnt blog these days. My mind was fully diverted because of the wild fires in our city. Oh man its really horrible. Even everybody's state of mind was disturbed. They were soo devasting. Just within a matter of days they did lot of destruction to mankind. What a terrible Inferno !!!! We all were so much prepared for evacuation. Two days we did nothing other than watching the fire move towards san diego county and near our house. What a trauma... Since today life seems to be coming back to normal pace. People have started going to office. President is going to take an aerial visit of san diego city. Many places have been opened for the residents. I am really feeling bad for the small babies who had to stay in the evacuation centers. I understand that here they are giving all the amenities to the babies starting from baby food to diapers. But still i feel sad for them because they are not used to seeing the crowd and live in the smoky atmosphere. I even feel sad for the patients who are not able to walk from their bed and were relocated. i can understand how difficult it is for both of them to adjust to the mysterious nature.

I have so far seen three calamities of nature in my life. Floods, Earthquake and Wildfires !!!

May god give strength to all of us to fight against this odd.

LiFe is Mysterious

Life is sometimes soo mysterious. It plays games and we are the objects. What ever you do in your life is pre written by some director. You are the actors who are unknowingly playing your role. I know i am speaking very sentimental today. But i donno why sometimes i feel i shouldn't have taken this decision, then i feel no this was a correct decision and i feel proud of it. I donno why but there is someone who makes things the way he wants. You have no control on the time. You have to just see and enjoy the show !!!

I guess its getting more depressive thoughts. So i better stop it...


Sleep is very essential part of life. I have not been sleeping since some days because of studies. I donno today from morning i feel like to sleep. NO work nothing no movie, no orkutting. Just sleep.. I have been sleeping whole day and now again i am gonna go back to sleep. Chao......

Rain !!!

Tip tip barsa paani... this song comes to my mind whenever i see rain. I love rain not because of my name but i actually like rain. It makes u refreshed. I like drenching in rain alotttttttttt. I feel like i am in some other world.. away from all the sorrows and worries. That's the magic of rain for me. For few people its romantic, for few its like unwanted torture. But i feel its really nice..i feel like to have a chai ki pyaali and a samosa to view the beauty of rain. I really like heavy thunder showers and heavy rain. But again its aftermath is not what i want :(. Anyways, i feel rain god is pretty happy with san diego hence in every alternate day it rains. And i don't feel like to get up and do something.


I want to write something on interviews. I usually get so tensed when interview comes. I dont even feel like to eat or drink. Getting job is one important thing after doing your bachelor's or master's. Specially if you are in IT field then the competition soars. YOu have to be right on track to beat the interview. Scratching your head to learn all those algorithms and data structures again which didn't seem to be interesting to you when you were learning that. Anyways, have to prepare for that since you gotta stand in this market...


This is my first post. i have decided to maintain my dairy online. It is a good way to communicate with myself. I want to spend sometime with me atleast for 5mins in a day. Today is sunday. Its a bright sunday and feeling lazy to study. Cooked nice curry and roti.. now i feel like to have a nap. But yeah i have to study.. its compulsory for me at this stage....But i will make sure i will write some crap here in this diary since i am crazy about blogging these days... and i have couple of personal blogs which i dont wanna share with others...chalo then will add more if i have something interesting to add....

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