The Valentine mystery

Rajshri climbed the steps and hurried through the hallway of her high school. She was in 12th std and was studying in a posh boarding school in Nainital. It was her final year of the high school and she was sad since the board exams were approaching soon and she has to leave her friends. As she approached her locker to take her books she found a pink envelop sealed with a heart stuck on the locker door.

She was confused. She pulled out the card carefully and found a valentine's greeting card. Valentine's day was round the corner but she wasn't really expecting a card like this. The card was addressed to her as "My favorite Valentine". She removed the heart shaped sticker stuck to the envelope and saw the card. It was very beautiful and seemed hand made.

Worshiping you now and even in future. I am your secret admirer. Wait for the gift box coming soon to you !
No way, she said. I don't know if someone loves or worships me she thought. She was going to keep the card back when she heard "Rajshri". It was her best friend Piyu. "Hey piyu, come we are late for the class" she said. Piyu took her books from the locker and than Rajshri handed over the card to Piyu. Piyu was startled.

"What is this? Favorite valentine?? secret admirer?? wow.. i am soo jealous of you !!" Piyu said.
"who is this secret admirer? is the mystery resolved yet??"

"No, i have no idea who this is. do you know?" Rajshri questioned. "Wow you are lucky mam. You have a worshiper now. Just pray to god that he is not that silly guy in our biology class who can't pronounce Amoeba." they both started giggling and went to attend their class.

Rajshri forgot about the card momentarily and focussed on her class. It was lunchtime and she went to cafeteria with Piyu. "Its got to be a guy from one of my classes" She said while picking up her burger and chips.

"Can you guess who is it" Piyu asked. She lifted her juice and stared thoughtfully towards her burger " Well Ashish is one suspect who is with me in chemistry lab. He always stares me whenever i am in the lab. Anil is in two of my classes and he smiles at me most of the time mysteriously. Guru is another guy who always tries to approach me with one or other reason." Her mind got into an infinite loop which tried to pick each guy from her class and analyse their behavior towards her.

This mystery puzzled Rashri so much that she couldn't concentrate on her music class, sports class and rest of the evening. Next morning Rajshri got up and went to school. The bell rang as soon as she entered the class. She was wondering where to sit when Anil came towards her with a pen.

"Hi Rajshri, I forgot to return you this pen yesterday." he said.
"You can have it if you want. I have many pens" She said and found a seat to sit down for the class. "That's the thing i like about you. You are nice hearted girl. By the way you look fabulous today" he supplied.
"Anil would you mind to answer one of my question?" she removed the card and handed over to him.
"Why would you give a card to me?" she asked. By the time he could answer math teacher arrived in the class with a surprise quiz. She opened her book and observed Anil going back to his seat. She was convinced that he was not the one.

Later that day, she was going to her biology class when Guru stopped her. " Did you get my message?" he asked.
"Oh my god, Guru it was you ??" she was shocked to find out.

" I mean the envelop, the message .. secret admirer" she said with a meek voice.
" No. I had told Piyu to tell you that I couldn't get the book you wanted to study from the library. Someone already has a hold on that book." he said with a weird expression.
"Hmm.. i guess she forgot"
"I have asked the librarian to get an extra copy since exams are approaching."
She cancelled Guru from her suspect list. By now she had narrowed down two people and she was afraid if it was Ashish who gave her the letter.

Rajshri entered her class and took her favorite seat from where she can stare her crush. Yes.. she had a huge crush on Ankur who would never talk to her or even have an eye contact. He was very shy and she loved that. Ashish approached to her and asked if he could sit with her. Surprisingly she saw a box lying on the desk where she sits.
She carefully examined the box and looked at Ashish with "What-is-this-Ashish" kind of expression.

"Hey I just came to ask you if you want to be my lab partner in chemistry" he was confused too. "Sure" she said with a smile for the reaction he gave. She opened the box and she got hit softly on her face with a heart that was residing inside the box. She found it very cute. This one was hand made as well. She totally loved it. There was a note inside.

"Hey i love you miss. Would you mind coming with me to the shimla trip once we are done with the exams? and yea can you be my chemistry lab parter :)"

There was a smiley in the message and she hated him for that. It was just like those messages that indirectly want to laugh on your curiosity. She just realized Ashish asked her the same question. She immediately ran to Ashish who was going out for a break. "Whom did you mention about me being your lab partner?" he was puzzled and he said "well i was telling it to Ankur, yesterday". She felt so happy.

'Thanks Ashish, you made my day' She said and went inside the class. She saw Ankur carefully taking out his book from the bag and refusing to look towards her.

"Hmm.. excuse me!" she tapped on his desk.
"Hey" he said quietly, staring back in his book.

" I just wanted to say that I loved the card and I loved the punch" She mocked the expression of the punch and then She pulled out a chair besides him.
He raised his head quickly and blushed furiously " How did you know it was me?" he asked.
"I didn't until just now. Don't ask me about that. I have a huge crush on you and didn't know that you were interested in me." she said making him to blush more.

"Yeah.. i hate being shy. I was carrying that card with me since two weeks but didn't had the nerve to give it to you. But I just couldn't do it." he said.
She took his hands and clutched into hers. "Don't worry. Now you are in a safe hands" she said and winked.

Needless to say, she was very happy indeed for two reasons - one she found out the whole valentine mystery and two it was 'Ankur' whom she already liked !


  1. that's cute! btw my fiance/future husband's name is ankur too and he's like this too! surprises and shy.... this made my day!


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