My fight with Pimples

Ever heard of any girl fine with having pimples on face? Argghhh.. No way ! So, the story is same for me. As a teenager, when I first spotted a pimple on my face and I was quite amazed. I tried to touch it and press it so that it merges with the skin surface, but sadly no luck. It hurt a little though but wasn't so bad. After the initial meeting with the pimple, thoughts run around your mind to get rid of those. But its not so easy in teenage specially when you have the rush of new hormones. After you get older having pimples is no fun.

First step is to run by the nearby beauty supply store and buy a product to get rid of them. But the problem is which one to pick? Lucky people get help from any suitable brand but unfortunately that doesn't work with all skin types. So, now go back to the old advice that drink more water, don't eat anything spicy and wash your face often to get rid of any excess oil. But after couple of days I don't see any improvement and in fact there is an increase in number.

Stage 2 - Raging war.

Generally when we enter stage 2, we become so desperate to go for high end acne solutions which is filled with lot of chemicals that usually make our skin more dry or we loose luster. Sometimes even if these work on our skin, they leave behind a scar or spot that reminds us of these pimples. The main reason for this is that these chemicals rip off the natural oils, which could initially improve the acne. But later our skin reacts to this and it could cause dry skin or make acne more worse. Because of which sometimes we get aggressive and try to explode the pimple which might still give us those scars. This happens because for people on whom these solutions don't work become fragile about this. For me, it was utterly important to get rid of them now as I had to meet someone for my marriage alliance. I never wanted to present myself with either acne or scars. I thought I have few days left to treat this. So, I went for the natural remedy that was present in Garnier Pure active neem.

Acne is not an incurable disease but taking right care could help to control their growth and frequent appearance on our skin. Garnier pure active has neem and tea tree oil extracts which are known in Ayurveda for controlling acne. Neem is a powerful anti bacterial herb that helps to fight the stubborn acne. Apart from controlling acne neem is good for normal skin nourishment too. Tea tree oil is another great component in this facewash that helps to fight acne. It has unique disinfecting and soothing properties which won't strip off natural oils from our skin causing further damage. With the combination of both of these ingredients we have a powerful way to combat with the acne.

Cleansing the acne prone area is usually the most overlooked crucial step for controlling acne. With this gentle face wash apply strokes on your face and try to gently scrub the area where acne is present. If we don't cleanse our skin properly then most of the acne product would make it worse if left it on the skin.

I am glad to have made a choice of having a neem and tea tree based face wash for treating pimples. I included Garnier pure active neem in my daily skin care routine and it surely gives a good result. After washing my face, I apply neem oil to condition my acne area and that benefits my skin care routine too. Aptly mentioned in the garnier website: NO PIMPLES NO MARKS !

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Romance - A glimpse into the future

This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti.

It was a nice sunday morning. Abhi woke up from his bed after being disturbed by his violent alarm clocks. These clocks were programmed to wake up Abhi from his deepest sleep. They danced, jumped from one corner to another and they emitted a kind of sound that would disturb the human sleep. With much hesitation Abhi woke up and Firefly came infront of him. Firefly is Abhi's robo cat that had a bright neon blue tail that glowed in the dark.

Firefly - "Hi Abhi, good morning. Its 9am and you are an hour late for the skywalk."
Abhi - " Not today, I saw a terrible dream."
Firefly - "What happened? Do you want me to change the ambiance of this room".

Firefly started pressing the remote control of the room. For every key press the room would look different. He selected "Nature" theme and it changed the appearance of the room according to the current season. It was fall season and the room was filled the images of fall leaves, trees and the fall colors. It looked pleasant. Abhi went to get freshen up. He was still feeling drowsy. Abhi was 30yr old but he was still single. Instead of making real girlfriends he believed more in virtual world where he could dump any girl he wanted. He was constantly looking himself in the mirror, he sighed deeply and started to play around with his hair. He was loosing lot of hair lately and so he got one of the scientifically formulated hair solution that would artificially plant some hair strands. By applying this it will fill the hairless regions on the scalp with hair follicles that would grow eventually to hair strands. He sprayed radiation block on his hair to prevent hair from further damage due to the crazy radiations from outside.

"I should make some money and get some gene therapy done" he murmured in front of Firefly. "Life is so boring. Look at me I am 30 years old, still single and I just have computer to talk to. Isn't that sad Firefly?". Firefly nodded in return and expressed sympathy. But technology wise his life wasn't that bad.

He purchased a truvision glasses that would help you in escaping from the real world.
He had a 60Terabyte per second internet connection.
He had a premium membership to virtual wonderland.

He went outside in his corridor to smoke his electronic cigarette and trying to be social. He saw his neighbour with a bag of groceries. She was looking very pretty with a fluffy scarf and a nice leather jacket. "Wow, you made my day with your appearance" he said. She quickly went inside her apartment and his boyfriend overheard Abhi's
comment. He was about to hit him when he quickly keyed in his access code and disappeared in his hermit hole. His heart sank. Then he took a heavy drag of the e-cigarette and that released its pleasant cocktail of mood regulators. Then he sat on his sofa and wore his TruVision glasses. Then he grabbed the bottle of pills that were heart shaped and tasted like cherries. Consuming these would relieve him from the stress and submerge his mind in the virtual world. He was letting his mind to focus on the electronic sensations. He relaxed as the dose of those heart shaped pills shut out the real world and brought the colors and electronic impulses to the vivid life. Now everything felt more real to him.

He found himself in virtual wonderland's one of the chatroom. Depending on the choice the rooms varied from 17th century palaces from sleazy hotel rooms. Abhi's choice was the hotel room with red decor, a virtual bed with satin sheets and roses on them. The walls were red and covered with erotic photos. After flipping through the menu he chose Ashley Sommers, one of the costliest 17 yr old blonde with a sweet smile. Ashley was one of the virtual girls who would please any customer of virtual wonderland.

She came out of the virtual mall and started humming "fly me to the moon". She had a long hair that fell gently on her back. Her skin was flawless and she looked beautiful. Abhi stiffened for a little bit. "you look great" he said. She blushed and said thanks to him. "Are you virgin?" he asked her. "Ofcourse, I am programmed to be virgin" she said. He moved closer to her. She blushed, smiled and said " I like you too". He felt like she touched him and he started going further in the virtual world.

Two hours later he found himself lying on his sofa and
his pills were ineffective now. He found himself out of that virtual world. He took the pills again and found himself with Ashley. She said " Hi, can you let me handle the conversation? you almost slept last time." They soon picked up the conversation and he came to know that she wanted to be an artist. She decorated his room virtually and made it look like a night club. "Wow you are an angel. You are so perfect." he said. Then she kissed him. He thanked god for making him meet Ashley. He secretly prayed in his greenroom in wild ecstasy that he wants Ashley to be with him always.

Somehow, Abhi's pills turned ineffective and brought him back to reality. He checked his messages before going to bed and saw a message from virtual wonderland. The subject was: Please submit your review for Ashley Sommers.
He read one of the user review - sweet girl. loves being pampered. I love the way her eyes light up when you say I love you to her.

He tore off his TruVision glasses and tried to hold his feelings. He was crying but his neighbor couldn't hear him since she was busy with her boyfriend.

Then he spoke to firefly " She is a program. She can't think. She can't have human feelings. She is just a complex series of algorithms. She is a human A.I. Men all around the globe have had relationship with her. They all are being told by her that they are loved. She is not real..." He started crying his heart out. He couldn't do anything since Ashley was not real.

P.S. This is just a glimpse of what 25th century would be. I hope it shouldn't be this way though.

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