I entered the house slowly. I saw few flowers on the table which said " Welcome home". I picked up those flowers and smelled the sweet fragrance of Roses. I moved further and lights turned on themselves as and when I walked. I was scared for a second but then realized that the new house is supposed to have motion sensor-ed switches. I was relieved after wards. I entered slowly into the bedroom. I turned the lights ON and surprise....... I saw all my family members waiting for me with cake and flowers. But me who was weak hearted, fell down on the floor and lay unconscious. This was one of the horror experience .. although not really scary but still felt the pain in my heart !

P.S. This post is written as a part of Leo's Z-A writing challenge for the month of November.. for other posts visit this link


  1. I tht surprise birthday parties were meant to be thrilling, not horrifying.. :D what happened Varsha? ;)

  2. That would have terrified me, too.


  3. well Leo people like me feel scared with such surprises :p


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