Here comes the winter, last season of the year
Bringing a lot of snow again as a blanket on earth's surface
Making everyone to feel winter's cold caress,
Snow comes down in the dark of the night
when we are awake the world is white..

Look at the snowflakes white and round
They sprinkle all over as heavens lure
They glide smoothly from the air,
To cover the houses, trees and the ground,
But not making a single sound!

P.S. This post is written as a part of Leo's Z-A writing challenge for the month of November.. for other posts visit this link.


  1. I love winter, Varsha.. but here in Bangalore, no snow.. so unfortunate!

    Nice poem :)

  2. I could feel the wintry chill here in your poem Ranii...and one of my greatest dream is to see and touch snow in real...:-)

    Well penned for the challenge my dear!

    Happy Diwali! :-) See you soon at BAT 16! :-)

  3. thanks Leo and Amity... actually this Z-A challenge is bringing out the hidden poet in me.. i m so surprised to write poems like this.. although they are not really in depth..

    Hey Amity.. it doesn't snow at ur place ? well i must say you shd see a snowfall.. its really awesome and more beautiful then rainfall..


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