We all travel a lot to different places. There are some places which we don't like and don't remember and there are some exotic places where we travel and have long lasting memories related to that or some places where we want to go. We define that place as Xanadu or very beautiful place , in our mind. I came across one such place where i recently visited. That was the Islands of Bahamas. Even now when i close my eyes i see the same blue sky and blue atlantic ocean surrounding the islands.

Bahamas is the place where your dreams become the reality and you won't notice the difference in reality and your dream. These are the islands of Bahamas which are like no other place. It is one of the big archipelago consisting of about 2000 small islands. The water is the clearest water on the planet. Your gaze will actually meet your toe when you look into the water.

Even though i have been to only couple of the islands, beauty of each island extends far beyond the extraordinary natural scenarios. I felt like I have stepped into an extraordinary place within myself. This is a perfect location for celebrating occassions like marriage, honeymoon, 25th anniversary etc. The blue water, the clear sky every moment was breath taking in Bahamas.

Somewhere deep down my thoughts I have captured the fond images of the island. Whenever I close my eyes and try to reach any place that can give me relief from stress then here is where i usually end up. My memories about this island is locked up to this place, such is the beauty of Bahamas. The cloudless skies and clear blue ocean, the moving shadows of the palm trees that are near the shores. I can still feel the sand on my feet, warm breeze blowing near the ocean. I can still hear the horn of the cruise ships that are standing near the docking place and bringing thousands of tourists to this beautiful place. I can hear the sound of the ocean waves that are crashing softly to the edges of the shore.

This place is a true Xanadu by any means for me!

P.S. This post is written as a part of Leo's Z-A writing challenge for the month of November.. for other posts visit this link.


  1. beautiful place it sounds.. hopefully, I'll visit that Xanadu someday :)

  2. "Xanadu..now we are here in Xanadu...." I know a few lyrics of that song Ranii...but it's only now that I knew this is an island in the Bahamas...:-)

    Did you take the photo that accompanied your post? It's really a paradise.

    Hubby has been to the Bahamas for so many times as he works in a cruise ship where their route takes them to the Bahamas at least once a week...and I have seen videos of those places but never noticed it at all!

    Thanks Ranii for sharing this post! Now I am dying to see that place but must be too expensive I can't afford it...Lucky for you dear because you've been to that place!

    Happy Diwali and see you soon at BAT 16! :-)

  3. Yes Amity.. Bahamas is very very nice ... i have visited couple of islands they are really breath taking.. the water is soo clear.. u can actually see if there is any fish under the surface.. you shd visit Bahamas..I have many photos of Bahamas with me.. mostly scenic shots..


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