Rain Drops

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Rain, rain don't go away,
show your splashing magic today,
pitter-patter rain drops fall from the sky,
but i have my umbrella to keep me dry

Dancing under the monsoon rain,
children and adults forget their pain,
children laugh and play in their free spirit,
making little paper boats to float down the street

The sound of the thunder and music of the rain,
Fills the hearts with the emotions,
Increases the desire to meet the beloved
The birds and the critters start to sing the song,
Peacock dances the best on its own tunes

After pouring from the burdened clouds from the mournful grey,
the rain stops to fall while the clouds start to scatter,
at this very moment the sun starts playing hide n seek in the sky,
And the sun rays form the magnificent rainbow across the sky

P.S. This post is written as a part of Leo's Z-A writing challenge for the month of November.. for other posts visit this link


  1. Beautiful...and it translates the meaning of your name too :)

  2. heheh! :D witty words.. a bit of humor there.. and lovely wordplay.

  3. love this one,
    rainbow comes out after the rain.
    well illustrated piece.


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