Two Minutes

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Two minutes before the impact ....

I looked at the wall clock as it read the last minutes of my life. Lisa pushed her body and her head harder into my chest. Her whole body was shaking with fear, she would never admit it but I could sense it. Her brown curly hair was looking so beautiful and when I touched them for the last time I felt this is what I wanted in my life. Finally at this stage, my Lisa is with me. I gently wiped down her tears and told her " Lisa we have to be brave."

Woman on helpline - "Sir, firefighters are on the way. They should reach you anytime. Are you on 95th floor?"

Lisa screamed - "Yes we are. We are gonna die. Aren't we? There are no men here on this floor. No lights and there is so much smoke, I can barely see." She started crying

One minute before the impact...

Lisa nodded her head and burried herself back into my chest.

"I don't wanna die. I am just 21, my life has barely begun" She started crying again. I wish I could have done something to rescue her. My whole life repeated in front of my eyes. My school days, my high school crush, my parents, my first job, etc. We heard some cracking noise on the floors above us.

Woman on helpline - "Sir, Mam please don't panic."
I screamed - "Please tell us, what happened? Is there any attack on this building? I don't think fire would cause so much of problem".

Suddenly the building started shaking very badly. The wall clock fell on my head. We were 100% sure that we are gonna die.

Twenty Seconds before the impact........

Lisa clamped more tighter to my back and started coughing because of the smoke. We couldn't see in each other's eyes. Our floor started to crush, we felt like we are sitting on a roller coaster ride which is going to suddenly go down towards the ground.

Woman on helpline - "Mam, Sir are you with me.. hello?? "
We didn't feel like responding back to her. Instead we held each other tightly and I made my love proposal to Lisa finally.

"Lisa, I donno why i am saying this now but I - Love - You. I know its too late but that's what I felt about you."

Lisa kissed me amidst all this situation.

10 seconds before the impact ...

My heart started pounding and we both gave in to the destiny. There was a big thud on a floor above us that made it sure that the whole building is gonna crush us down.

6 seconds before......

Lisa looked up. She wiped her tears and kissed on my forehead. She held my hands. We gently waited for our death.

3 seconds before....

She said "I love you".

1 second before...
We embraced each other for the last time.

0 second before.......
The whole building crushed us down to death. There was a white noise after that and the pain finally came to an end !
News flash - There was a terrorist attack on World Trade Center buildings in New York.
Lets go back few minutes before this impact and I can tell you that I never imagined my life would end up like this.

It was a routine day at work. I came to WTC tower-I at 8.30am and I was in an elevator. My friend John was on the phone with his client and he didn't say bye to me. He left on 53rd floor.

"Excuse me Sir! please hold the elevator" She screamed
"Lisa. Hello. Come on in!!" I told her. She looked very pretty, with her nicely combed curly hair. She was looking like a princess. Lisa joined as my personal assistant a month back. I liked the way she would patiently take notes, make appointments with my clients and take care of all the official documents.

At about 8.40am we reached 95th floor, our office. I asked her to come to my room for today's appointments.

"Lisa, can we go for a coffee or a date? " I finally asked her out.
"Well sir, I donno what to say" she replied.
"You can say yes!" I replied
"I can come for coffee" she said and smiled.

"Okay give me few minutes and I will walk you to the starbucks downstairs."

But as soon as I finished my statement I heard a loud explosion which was immediately followed by tremendous building sways and vibrations. It immediately occurred to me that it could be an earth quake, but there was sudden dispense of large amount of smoke and fire that we couldn't do anything but run. We started to run towards the stairs but because of the smoke and fire we were pushed back into our office. Within seconds the whole floor was filled with large amount of smoke and debris. I heard the noise of firefighting engines and people screaming.

And the rest is a history! So, At last I proposed to the girl I wanted in the last two minutes of my life!

P.S This is post is also a tribute to all those innocent people who lost their lives on 9-11. They all had a normal life and never imagined that a day at work could cost their lives.

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  1. This is just too good .... you brought out the emotions so well ...especially the countdown of each second was beautiful. All the best !

  2. Nice write Rani! ATB for BAT!!!

  3. aw :') this is very touching ... all the best.

    Do stop by my blog sometime :) ..... M * U * S * I * N * G * S

  4. ATB Ranii, i loved the scene by scene description . its beautiful

  5. Well-written, Rani! All the best

  6. Aww RaNii What a tribute!!! What a post.. I loved the way your brought a love story in this famous but heart wrenching incident.. Hats off to you.. Please write, more and more.. All the BEst to you!!!

    Someone is Special

  7. Thanks everyone.. i was really moved by 9-11 incident and somewhere in my heart I still feel terrible about the victims.

  8. Touching story. We can just imagine about what people went through in those last two minutes... wish, nobody else has to go through it again!!

  9. Poignant, and I can't imagine of a better way to pay tribute to the victims of one of the worst terrorist attacks in our history. Great work this!

  10. Shit shit!!..I had thought something on those lines to write but could not materialize as i was finding it too tough to frame them. Kudos! And whatte narration!!

  11. That was picturesque n unique..! Loved your writing style...:))
    So much of devastation in just two minutes time :((

  12. truly beautiful. a tragedy of this magnitude is sure to squeeze our hearts. tributes like these can make us stay away from the unavoidable pain that we, as witnesses, live through. Lovely. *takes a bow*.

    This inspired me actually. So, I will surely write a tribute to them myself. Thank you very much for sharing this! :)

  13. i just rehearsed the took more than TWO MINUTES :P

  14. Beautiful narrated ...
    Lovely tribute! Wishing you All the best!!

  15. I was inspired to write this because at that time I was watching the 9/11 video along with 26/11 video.. so i was confused which one to pick.. this time i picked 9/11 next time I guess I will definiately write about the 26/11 victims! These type of attacks are really brutal and only god can imagine the amount of pressure and pain they would have taken in those last two minutes of their lives !

  16. Hi rani

    Very beautiful . Have captured the emotions beautifully . I felt that the explanation after let's go back a few minutes before could have been left out . The lines before that are beautiful .

  17. yes.. i agree with you.. but in that case I should have framed 55word fiction story but in anycase why I discussed this is that the life before this impact was going normally with everyone working in those buildings. But this impact has changed everyone's life!

  18. Mental agonies never die..they have a life of their own. But indeed, such impacts change the course of well penned, Raniiii :)

  19. This was rather sad and cute at the same time.


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