That Last night?

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I was walking out of the bar. I lost money and now I didn't have any money. I always played 'Teen patti' well. I had made some money but today my luck was running out. I walked out of the bar after having some beer. I was singing songs, whistling and kicking empty cans of soda on my way to the local train station. It was 11.30pm but I didn't want to go home. Whom should I go home for: father who comes home drunk to hit me and my mother. My mother who sleeps until he comes and after that all she does is crying. Ours was a screwed up family. I come from a poor family and I am 21yrs. I don't have a constant job. I change my job from being a security guard to ploughing fields in farms.

I was kicked out of my last job where I was an auto driver. I had put up a fight with a traffic cop and because of that my driver's licence was jeopardized. So, currently I had no work and that made me to learn teen patti. Enough of my background now. Lets come to what happened that night. It was a night of girl, gambling, money, power... etc. It's very hard to forget a night like that.

I was walking towards the train station when I saw a girl standing near a tree. I glanced at her, she looked well dressed and shiny. I thought she must be a bar dancer or a red light resident. I ignored her and walked further, but I saw that she started following me. I stopped and turned around. I tried to give an angry look but I saw that she broke down. She thought that I am a safe player and that's why she was following me. I somehow sympathized her and asked her what she wants. She wanted some money, to go back to her home. She was in trouble. I first decided to take her to a safe place since she told me that she could be kidnapped. I didn't want to take her home and I didn't had money to send her to her home. So, I decided to go back to the bar and hide her somewhere in the corner. She first refused to come over there since people would recognize that she is a hooker. But I told her I didn't have any option.

We went back to the bar and I asked for opening the storage room since there nobody would recognize her and she would be safe. I had no other choice but to wait for few hours in the bar. I decided to go back to the teen patti table and see how people were doing over there. Two underworld mafia's were betting on large money and that had attracted the crowd. Unfortunately, mafia don 1 was lucky today and that was making mafia don 2 loose confidence. People started cheering him up and when I walked in he saw me and told me to play on his behalf. I told him my luck was not good enough that night. It was around 1.30am.

I started playing his game and looked like my luck turned out well and he started making his money back. Seeing this the other mafia got enraged and since he was drunk as well, he started abusing me. I got scared by his move. Suddenly, when I wanted to quit I saw few people barging in and going towards the storage room. I forgot about that girl and started playing when I heard her voice. She was screaming and asking for help. But I couldn't do anything since now I was on the gun point for the mafia don for whom I was playing against. He told me "If I make up my money, then I will spare your life and also help you in getting that girl back. But if I loose then I am going to shoot you." It was 3am now.

Now, I didn't even have a choice and I prayed to god that something magical would happen and either I make money or something else. To my luck, Police entered the bar and it was a raid. Now, it was their turn to run away and what luck.. they left their share of money. I had never seen so much money in my life, I started putting the money in a nearby sack and as soon as I wanted to run away policemen surrounded me and asked me to leave the bag. Again my luck went upside down. I was dreaming for a minute what I would do with the money but another second I had to give up the bag. Somehow the girl sensed my desire and she started crying and creating a scene. They were 3 policemen and they got attracted to her story and went towards her. She signalled me to take the bag and escape from the storage room where she was sitting till then. I quietly moved with the bag and from the storage room I jumped out of the window. I was on top of the world. I was on 7th cloud. Within few hours I had some money to take care of my life. It was 4.30am.

I walked for a while and I heard someone screaming "Hello.. wait!". It was that girl. I stopped and thought I should help her. The moment she started running towards me, a Maruti van came and someone abducted her from the middle of the road. It happened in a fraction of a second and I just couldn't do anything about it. I felt miserable but I couldn't go back and inform that to the police since they were after me. I went home that night and forgot about that girl. But all the incidents that happened that night still give me nightmare. I earned money and now I can start my own small business but at the cost of loosing that girl. I just hope she is safe. I know you all will feel I could have been like a hero who would go and release her. But hey! I am just an ordinary person like you. I hope I find her some day.

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  1. Nice Bollywood style story without a Bollywood ending though. I can almost imagine Akshay Kumar in the role of your protagonist.

  2. If it's a fiction, it surely depicts the quality in plot making and execution. great penning.

  3. What a drama in one night!
    Well, why was the girl kidnapped?
    And could he start business?

  4. @Fool.. yes it is not bollywood style ending.. since in real life it doesn't happen that way

    @Maun vision, aativas.. yes it is a work of true fiction. I have never heard or read about such incident anytime..

  5. Hi are you??? Been a long while and happy to see you here at BAT!

    I had been on a long break but now going back to BAT!

    A very nice plot have written it so cleverly...just that, is the girl a payment for a ransom? SO he would have money to start a business?

  6. Interesting plot. Gambling has its pros and cons.

    All the best!

  7. Thanks Amity, Enchanta... well its just a fiction and not a real incident. I haven't thought about what happens later.. like if he can find the girl or how he would take care of the business.. etc..

  8. Well - written, simple plot , yet interesting read. All the best.

  9. Ahh man! I have for you more questions than comments :)

    But I guess it's heavy fiction and filmy style. I think you imagination ran pretty wild... to the point of being a bit unrealistic - but still you managed to have us readers till the end. So, good job on that.

    I liked the ordinary man ending - most of would have landed that way.

    The writing style is easy to follow - good job on that, too. :)

  10. Lucky, unlucky night. Nice post !!!

  11. good one........liked reading it:)

  12. Varsha, Loved your story a lot but reading from my point of view I pity that girl. The guys may be a normal guy but heartless.. Good story in total...


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