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My relationship with Music begin with Bose earplugs that I had purchased in my college days. What can i say, the technology has come so far now to - Bose Quiet comfort headset. Listening to music on Bose gives a very different vibe all together. I always had an eye on Bose Quiet comfort headsets and finally I get that as a gift from my workplace. Yes, after a product launch all of our team was awarded with Bose Quiet comfort noise cancelling headsets. Needless to say this is one asset I always carry along with my laptop. Let me list the top features that makes me to like this headset and add more details about the latest work they have done.

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As a software engineer, our job becomes very mundane at some point and the sheer beats of music can lighten up the moment. The noise cancelling feature of BOSE comes handy when there is a big group discussion that happens around you when you are seriously focusing on writing an important email to company's customer or debugging a serious issue. With Acoustic noise cancelling technology, it continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise and cancels it with the opposite signal. In 1995, noise cancelling headphones made a bang in the technical world when Bose's acoustic noise cancellation headphone was named product of the year. Noise cancelling is adapted by many companies around the world but it has become a mission statement for BOSE. Apart from it's use in offices, home and surroundings, it is successfully utilized in the loud environment of military aircraft cabins. Noise cancelling headphones replace irritating environmental noise by producing calming white noise. Sound cancels sound and that's the logic behind this technology.

Life is full of noises - and I want to eliminate them all !!

With Quiet Comfort 35, you can adjust the level of noise cancellation now between three levels to suit to the current environment. I like to wear it in my workplace even if i am not listening to anything. Noise cancellation is truly amazing! Sometimes you feel like getting disconnected to this world when you are at work place or focusing on something very important. The sound of the music is crystal clear even if you are walking on a busy street. There is zero distortion and I can vouch for this quality in BOSE.

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Bose allows to connect to two devices at the same time. So, you can keep listening to the music on your laptop and don't have to miss important calls from your cellphone. Such a brilliant feature for techies like us. Now, with the google assistant inbuilt it will do much more justice to your day today activities. Now all this task can be managed with a voice command. The headband of the device is state of the art. It is built to survive most rugged conditions and we can take them almost anywhere and everywhere. The over the ear cushions are extremely soft and we can instantly forget that we are wearing something.

The other feature that I would die for is the battery life. It is amazing that once i charge the headphone I don't have to worry about it for about 2-3 days even after using it for 10-12hours per day. After turning on the headphone, it speaks the battery percentage which I think is supercool and helps me in planning the headphone usage for that day. Apart from this, voice prompts are very helpful during pairing of the headset and other stuff. The headphones have built in microphone and sync via bluetooth.

If you like music and want to carry it everywhere you go and expect to get the same sound quality like you hear in the cinema theatres?? The answer is get a BOSE QUIETCOMFORT 35.

I am ready for an upgrade. Are you ? Noise cancelling headphones are expensive, but they are worth what you pay for.

Check this out for the details.

Latest trend in bollywood songs!

Recently I happened to attend a musical concert of Kumar Sanu and Alka yagnik. What a spectacular duo and they have given so many hit songs in their career. Most of the audience still remember the lyrics. The exemplary lyrics of 80's and 90's era are difficult to be forgotten. That was the golden era for music industry in India. The songs were recorded on the casettes and people would buy them and play on their tape recorders.. it used to be so comforting to listen to the music and sing along or dance along the beats. We could infact make out which instruments were used in those songs. Now, with the digitization of music we don't hear many instruments in a song. They are all digital music with sound effects. 

In 90's we had songs for all occassions:

song for first crush -- pehla nasha
song to propse someone -- maine pyaar tujhi se kiya hai
song to woo someone --- chura ke dil mera
song to sing in a marriage -- dulhe ka chehra/first time dekha tumhe
break up song --- ab tere bin jee lenge hum
sad song -- rone na dijiyega/tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka
patriotic songs -- Desh mere desh mere.. 

so on and so forth...

and now time to scrutinize latest song lyrics...

1. Din hai sunny ...
2. gulaabo zara itar gira do..
3. chitiya kalaiyan ve
4. main toh superman salman ka fan...
5. Rang de tu mohe gerua

and the list goes on....

Surprisingly, these songs have been a top listed songs for a while. So, I can't help but wonder have we evolved past lyrics phase in movie industry.. don't we care about lyrics now and we simply want to hear sound/beats and rap kind of songs that we can't even remember the lyrics. Nowadays, no one seems to buy songs from the movies..songs are instead sold to the directors to include in a movie. Most of the singers don't have the charm or have any prior knowledge of music. Their voices are corrected with the help of sound systems. Anyone can become a singer in this era.. only thing you need is a nice retro mix of the music on which people can dance and a hope that the music appears catchy to the audience.

AAP's landslide victory

Call him a Muffler man, corruption hunter or aam aadmi, but Arvind Kejriwal and team are not to be under estimated. None of the exit polls were anticipating such a victory for AAP. BJP fell flat of 3 seats and congress got decimated. Similar to Modi wave, its AAP's Tsunami as some people are saying.

I am writing this post to analyze the  results and what went positive for AAM aadmi.

1. Door to door campaigning.

While BJP did high level stuff like asking cabinet ministers, calling Obama on republic day parade, calling film actors to campaign on behalf of Kiran Bedi in Delhi, AAP kept the campaigning to grass root level of going door to door, conducting Mohalla sabhas etc and trying to woe the Delhi voters. They apologized in public several times for last year's debacle and assured people that if they get a clear mandate they will prove to them that they are an asset.

2. Nature of campaigning
BJP and congress campaigned in their old fashioned way of accusing other party and negative politics against AAP. AAP stuck to the positive campaign and have struck the cord with the voters of Delhi. This kind of mandate asserts that politics is changing in India and people want a fresh party who can understand their common day to day problems. The high political drama of calling president to republic parade etc has not helped BJP much in their campaign. They gave ads in local newspaper targetting Arvind Kejriwal and spent too much time criticizing him.

3. Inducting Kiran Bedi, Shazia Ilmi and Vinod Binny
The biggest blunder BJP committed is by inducting CM candidate 20days before elections. They should have added her 2 months before elections. Kiran Bedi no doubt has a good track record and she is the only one who can face Kejriwal in terms of clean image and good record. She couldn't take part in many debates and answer to questions asked specifically for BJP strategies. It almost looked like she is alone and BJP is not with her. How can a CM candidate take up Delhi when her ministers are not going to obey her. People mostly felt that she is opportunist and trying to ride on the Modi Wave factor. However, for other two candidates they had already left AAP due to personal reasons. So, they wouldn't have added much to this debacle.

4. Gaining voters confidence
I think the important task that AAP did was to gain back the voters confidence. For this they did their homework since last year after they failed miserably in the Lok sabha elections. Hats off to them for pulling this effort. BJP was showing Modi as the face of this campaign but people know that he is a PM and he is not going to govern Delhi. They should have campaigned vigorously with Kiran Bedi as she could have connected more with the voters of Delhi. All the BJP Ads focussed only on Modi and Amit Shah.

Now, AAP has to  succeed in their 5yrs term since they have a overwhelming mandate to serve the people of Delhi. 

My fight with Pimples

Ever heard of any girl fine with having pimples on face? Argghhh.. No way ! So, the story is same for me. As a teenager, when I first spotted a pimple on my face and I was quite amazed. I tried to touch it and press it so that it merges with the skin surface, but sadly no luck. It hurt a little though but wasn't so bad. After the initial meeting with the pimple, thoughts run around your mind to get rid of those. But its not so easy in teenage specially when you have the rush of new hormones. After you get older having pimples is no fun.

First step is to run by the nearby beauty supply store and buy a product to get rid of them. But the problem is which one to pick? Lucky people get help from any suitable brand but unfortunately that doesn't work with all skin types. So, now go back to the old advice that drink more water, don't eat anything spicy and wash your face often to get rid of any excess oil. But after couple of days I don't see any improvement and in fact there is an increase in number.

Stage 2 - Raging war.

Generally when we enter stage 2, we become so desperate to go for high end acne solutions which is filled with lot of chemicals that usually make our skin more dry or we loose luster. Sometimes even if these work on our skin, they leave behind a scar or spot that reminds us of these pimples. The main reason for this is that these chemicals rip off the natural oils, which could initially improve the acne. But later our skin reacts to this and it could cause dry skin or make acne more worse. Because of which sometimes we get aggressive and try to explode the pimple which might still give us those scars. This happens because for people on whom these solutions don't work become fragile about this. For me, it was utterly important to get rid of them now as I had to meet someone for my marriage alliance. I never wanted to present myself with either acne or scars. I thought I have few days left to treat this. So, I went for the natural remedy that was present in Garnier Pure active neem.

Acne is not an incurable disease but taking right care could help to control their growth and frequent appearance on our skin. Garnier pure active has neem and tea tree oil extracts which are known in Ayurveda for controlling acne. Neem is a powerful anti bacterial herb that helps to fight the stubborn acne. Apart from controlling acne neem is good for normal skin nourishment too. Tea tree oil is another great component in this facewash that helps to fight acne. It has unique disinfecting and soothing properties which won't strip off natural oils from our skin causing further damage. With the combination of both of these ingredients we have a powerful way to combat with the acne.

Cleansing the acne prone area is usually the most overlooked crucial step for controlling acne. With this gentle face wash apply strokes on your face and try to gently scrub the area where acne is present. If we don't cleanse our skin properly then most of the acne product would make it worse if left it on the skin.

I am glad to have made a choice of having a neem and tea tree based face wash for treating pimples. I included Garnier pure active neem in my daily skin care routine and it surely gives a good result. After washing my face, I apply neem oil to condition my acne area and that benefits my skin care routine too. Aptly mentioned in the garnier website: NO PIMPLES NO MARKS !

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