Year of airplane disasters

This year is notably the year of airplane disasters with 4 disasters already took place by now. The airplane industry is surely finding ways to secure the air travel for their passengers.

Firstly, the year started with tragic news of MH370 getting lost from its normal flight path. Search operations are still going on but no one has solved this mystery yet. Many people believe that they have seen a flight near Maldives which went past the islands and crashed in an ocean. So many theories are surrounded with this mysterious debacle. But with no evidence there is nothing to prove. The search for the black boxes is still going on.

With last couple of weeks, there are 3 major accidents. First only again a malaysian plane, that was shot down near Ukraine and Russian border with a missile. Black boxes have been sent to Netherlands to figure out what happened. Despite of international rules to avoid flying from that area, many airlines have been flying from the war zone and finally one succumbed to it. Then comes Air algerie and TransAsian flight in Taiwan. What's happening here. I have never heard of so many major crashes happening in a single year.

Flights going out of radar is pointing to the fact that there are loop holes in the system that needs to be administered. Inspite of having cutting edge tracking technology, we couldn't find MH370 because there are many parts of the globe where there is no radar. For example, if the flight flies on top of the ocean, they don't communicate with any air traffic control center. Hope we don't see any more of these !

BJP thank you notes

Now, as we know that BJP and NDA are in power. Its time to evaluate their success and through my post I want to thank few leaders and their strategies because of which BJP won in majority.

1. Voters. Thanks to all those people who went out in the scorching heat and under tense situations in few parts of the country for voting for progressive India. Because of the number of votes that have increased and voter % is more for BJP than congress, BJP got the power this time. Because of their support Mr. Modi is able to cherish his ambition of becoming the PM of India.

2. Rahul Gandhi. He is the primary man responsible for the victory of BJP. We all know that Congress indirectly hinted out that if UPA wins then Rahul will be the next prime minister of India. This itself gave a boost to the BJP campaign. Narendra Modi cleverly coined the name 'Shehzada' to Rahul because of which indirectly it has affected Indian mindset that 'say no to dynastic politics'. We all know that politics for Rahul was more of a hobby than profession. He never took interest in bringing any kind of reform during UPA-I. During their second term, only during the last year Rahul came out and brought few reforms in RTI act, brought JanLokPal which is ofcourse modified according to the politicians will. But the earlier inactivity of Rahul came into highlight. His approach for the elections were not as powerful as Modi's. It was merely as if he is targetting only on AMETHI which is their base since many years. Not to forget, this time the election was not so easy win for Rahul in Amethi. His face in the election campaign posed that he is born to rule on India which was rejected by many voters. By the time he was ready to take leadership he was undermined by the BJP leaders with nicknames like Rahul Baba, Shehzada, Pappu etc indicating the voters that he doesn't have any interest or zeal in bringing up India but he is here merely to show that their family has the inheritance to acquire India.

3. Failure of UPA-II. UPA - I was still a success as far as they won again. But UPA-II was more of scams, corruption, women crimes etc. The inability of Dr. Manmohan singh to take any action against these series of scams. This gave a fuel to ignite the Indian voters. In the era of communication, a prolonged silence from Mr. Singh was never appreciated by the voters. He should have stepped down from his position long back when he had to forcibly take back A Raja in his cabinet.  He should have resigned right when Rahul Gandhi mocked PM on the ordinance issue and cabinet withdrew due to this and not because of PM's action. Rahul Gandhi's strategies to distance himself from the UPA govt failed to get any interest from the public. Instead of this he should have worked with Dr. Singh and done some work in UPA II to even beg for votes for this elections. They didn't come up with any revived ideas for next 5 years in India. Their campaign was only about their ancesstors and how they gave their life for the country. First time voters won't even bother to think all this. They need jobs, economic growth, women safety. These issues were not even in their agenda.

4. Akhilesh Yadav and SP. Next thank you card should go the the UP government and CM. It is because of their dysfunctional party BJP was able to secure so many seats in UP and it became a battle ground or Kurukshetra for the road that leads to 10 Janpath. Their government was unable to control the Muzzafarnagar riots and also the riot victims were not given proper shelter. Their failure made Mr. Amit shah to campaign more agressively against the Samajwadi party in UP. From its poor handling of the riots to return of gunda raj in UP anger against SP govt rose in UP. It was like an icing on the cake when Mulayam singh responded to supreme court act against gang rapes saying that 'Boys will be boys and they are innocent'.

5. Mr. Mani Aiyar - He was the one who made the remark of chaiwala to Modi and which led to the rediscovery of Modi's past. Modi took this critisicm in a constructive way and held chai pe charcha online. He moved the entire nation and made them to go in the drive for chai wala over shehzada campaign.

6. Corporate sector and Media: This was the first time in India that huge money was poured for BJP campaigns. Approx 10, 000 crores were spent on their campaign and huge media support was also for BJP. There was no other proper alternative than Modi this time. Indian media also discussed so much about Gujarat development model and their clever marketing paid off to BJP. Without their support Modi couldn't have achieved much in this election. If AAP had that kind of money I am sure they could have given a proper combat to BJP. Congress inspite of having the money and support couldn't revive themself and were threatened by BJP in someway.

There may be other factors helping BJP to win. I will list them out at a later point. So, thanks a lot everyone on behalf of Narendra Modi and BJP.

India elections 2014 - BJP winning strategies

As all my other fellow Indians, I was watching the Indian elections very closely this year. I listened to various debates, rallies, roadshows, facebook forums, twitter, party pages etc. Though the exit polls clearly indicate BJP victory with pre-poll alliances, anything can happen with the election results. Most of the surveys indicate that BJP will win with majority in NDA govt.

Narendra Modi, Gujarat's chief minister was representing BJP this time and he is the contender for the PM's post. Lets skip discussing the abilities of Modi for this position and I want to focus in this article about how he positioned himself better than the opposition infront of public eyes. The main problem with the 10yr UPA government was corruption, price rice, unemployment, scams etc. People were tired of hearing one or other scams every now and then. I want to give some credit to Anna Hazare movement that opened eyes to the public about what the UPA government is doing. Ofcourse this came towards the end of second term. But the high voter turn out in this election is partly due to this. They made people aware of the consequences they are facing as they are not coming to vote for the right leader. Modi clearly mentioned in his campaign rallies about these issues and positioned himself as the 'Change Maker' that India wants. He turned the failures of UPA government as his success strategy and people surely wanted to vote anyone but congress.

Aam Admi party also meanwhile tried to emerge as a change maker and tried to convince people that both BJP and congress are hand in hand doing corruption. But they need more time to make people buy their concept. I will discuss about this in other post. Modi is quite an orator while compared to Mr. Manmohan singh who is known as the silent PM of India. Modi cleverly coined the term 'Shehzada' to Rahul Gandhi to indirectly convey people that he is contesting because of his family heritage. He takes politics as a hobby as compared to Modi who was a ordinary tea seller. Most of the leaders in congress are due to the dynastic policy and Modi vowed to people that he wouldn't encourage dynastic politics. Congress leaders named him as 'Chai wala' but Modi cleverly used this comment with 'chai pe charcha' campaigns. In that way he showed people that he is a new face for the country with vigor and who can change the current problems India is facing due to congress and incapable governance of UPA.

Modi tried different strategies in different regions. When he was in punjab he wore the turban and tried to mix up with the people there. When he was in UP, the party came up with a slogan 'Har Har Modi, Ghar ghar modi' .. like a chant and people in that area are used to these chants. Modi came up with the 3D rallies so that he can address audiences at different places at once. In a way, he created the Modi wave across the country and put lot of efforts in his rallies. People already recognize him as a successful CM who has developed Gujarat a lot over the past few years. He also got many awards for his Gujarat model. But he is still critisized for 2002 Gujarat riots and the snoop gate scandal. Now, its the choice of people to either look for the future and forget the past mistakes or punish him for those.

Next strategy to reach out people is through internet. Modi has a blog that he maintains regularly and he is very active on twitter. He is one of the leaders of India who is liked by many youngsters. He has touched their hearts, understood their problems and hence promised them for more increased jobs. While the congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra kept remembering their ancesstors who died after serving the nation for long time. Modiji kept referring the future growth of the country. There are many new first time voters in this elections and they are not concerned with how Rajiv Gandhi or Indira Gandhi died. They are worried about the job prospects, better education system, better security for women. These things were not much discussed in the congress rallies. An effort to reach out to youth is definitely going to help Mr. Modi in these elections.

It is a known fact that in 2004 Sonia Gandhi was going to be our prime minister but due to conflicts ManMohan singh was chosen to be a PM. So, people knew why PM was silent so many years inspite of so many scams, corruption and price rise. But in 2009, not many people were interested to exercise their votes. But now the awareness has increased even to the villages. People are fed up with the dynastic politics and mute PM and they want a PM who has all the power to control and govern the country. One who does'nt need orders from the party president for each and everything. Clearly congress members in one or other way disobeyed Mr. Singh's position. It looked like no one cared for his presence. That's why they couldn't control so many scams in past few years. But is there any guarantee that BJP govt will put a break, we are not sure.. and we will have to see how Modi actually rules India.

Lastly the congress party didn't seem to be interested in these elections to go out on rallies and convince people. In a way silently they accepted their defeat. There was nothing in their manifesto that could simulate interest to public. Always remembering their ancestors won't help them to gain votes. May be in this elections they will learn a lesson to not to fool Indian public again.

I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow's result and waiting to see the exit polls becoming true.

My questions to Arvind Kejriwal & AAP members

When Aam Aadmi Party won in Delhi elections everyone was delightful that once for a change there is a new party who cares about public and that historical defeat restored democratic faith among millions of Indians. I had written a post about this previously. After that I have been following AAP very closely and that has been a disappointing experience for me. Firstly, during their regime all they did was providing free water to the delhi citizens and reduction in power subsidy. They created anti corruption helplines and suspended few Jal board officials. That's about it. Party took a U-turn from their promises after Jan Lokpal was not passed. They finally withdrew from leadership after 49 days. Now I have few questions that I want to ask Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and your party.

1. Why is it that whatever AAP claims is right and people who disobey them are corrupt. They have made allegations against several leaders like governer Nazib Jung, Delhi Police, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Mukesh Ambani. They feel that only AAP is a loyal party and trustworthy. Other parties are just trash. Before making such allegations why can't they come up with proofs so that we all can support them too!

2. AAP always talked about corruption and held dharnas. But we never saw them making allegations on congress leaders like Sonia gandhi, Rahul gandhi, Robert Vadra ? Mr. Chavan? Mr. Mulayam singh yadav? They are the real corruption masters. But unfortunately the basic fundamental reason why this party was formed is now gone. AAP looks more like a congress byproduct.

3. AAP claims that BJP gives tickets to people who have cases against them. But how come they give ticket to Raja Bhatt and Yudhvir who also fall in this category?? Their party is also in a way similar to the traditional parties in India and is no longer a AAM aadmi's party.

4. AAP claims that it will bring honest leadership in India if in power. They never talk about other agenda. They speak only against Modi in any rallies. Why can't they talk about border issues? Navy security issues? Women security?Terrorism? China border issues? Youth jobs? etc

5. Aam Aadmi was formed because of mistrust of congress party and in the end they end up taking support from congress to form delhi govt. What is the guarantee that if we vote for AAP in general elections and it won't support congress again?? Congress already had its rule now its time for congress to retire.

6. AAP claimed that it had proofs against Ex chief minister Shiela dixit but it didn't take any action against her. Now she is happily governing Kerala.

7. These days during election campaigning all I see is the chaos created by AAP in whatever they do. You went to Gujarat and due to ordiance you were held in police station for some permissions and AAP members attack BJP offices in Delhi. You go to mumbai and havoc is created in the railway station. Why is this nuisance created by your party members ? Why can't they peacefully hold a rally and talk.

8. These days you have been making some allegation against media and says that if he comes in power he will jail all the media members and journalist. Isn't it anarchy? We want a good governance and not an Anarchist.

9. I don't understand one simple thing why you are alleging Modi for corruption and helping out industrialists like Ambani and Adani. But the party in power since last 10yrs is the UPA govt. People are tired of the everyday scams and national shame for having most corrupt government. You never do any dharna for those people. All he cares about the future PM candidate and campaigning against him. This makes me to feel that AAP is somehow CONGRESS - II.

10. People name you as "Bhagoda" as you ran away from governing Delhi in pretext of Jan lokpal. But my question to you is two fold.. one if you think that you kept your promise that you will leave your position as CM if you are unable to put forward the lokpal bill then why couldn't you work on several other important promises that you made to Delhi citizens like women security, corruption, FIR against Sheila dixit etc. Second, if you wanted to make this party as a national party then sorry to say you don't have any track record. You left the CM position in 49 days then what is the guarantee that you will serve as India's PM for full term??

11. You vowed that once you are the CM of delhi you will send Sheila Dikshit in jain within 15days. Now she has been made Kerala's governor and she is enjoying the immunity required by any prosecution. We are not hearing anything from you. Are you trying to cover congress moves by creating scenes in public rallies and making allegations only against Modi??

These and few other questions which I am not posting here. If by any chance you come across this post, please address my questions and take it as my right to ask questions to you. I want to make sure I am voting the correct party. Jai Hind..

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