My questions to Arvind Kejriwal & AAP members

When Aam Aadmi Party won in Delhi elections everyone was delightful that once for a change there is a new party who cares about public and that historical defeat restored democratic faith among millions of Indians. I had written a post about this previously. After that I have been following AAP very closely and that has been a disappointing experience for me. Firstly, during their regime all they did was providing free water to the delhi citizens and reduction in power subsidy. They created anti corruption helplines and suspended few Jal board officials. That's about it. Party took a U-turn from their promises after Jan Lokpal was not passed. They finally withdrew from leadership after 49 days. Now I have few questions that I want to ask Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and your party.

1. Why is it that whatever AAP claims is right and people who disobey them are corrupt. They have made allegations against several leaders like governer Nazib Jung, Delhi Police, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Mukesh Ambani. They feel that only AAP is a loyal party and trustworthy. Other parties are just trash. Before making such allegations why can't they come up with proofs so that we all can support them too!

2. AAP always talked about corruption and held dharnas. But we never saw them making allegations on congress leaders like Sonia gandhi, Rahul gandhi, Robert Vadra ? Mr. Chavan? Mr. Mulayam singh yadav? They are the real corruption masters. But unfortunately the basic fundamental reason why this party was formed is now gone. AAP looks more like a congress byproduct.

3. AAP claims that BJP gives tickets to people who have cases against them. But how come they give ticket to Raja Bhatt and Yudhvir who also fall in this category?? Their party is also in a way similar to the traditional parties in India and is no longer a AAM aadmi's party.

4. AAP claims that it will bring honest leadership in India if in power. They never talk about other agenda. They speak only against Modi in any rallies. Why can't they talk about border issues? Navy security issues? Women security?Terrorism? China border issues? Youth jobs? etc

5. Aam Aadmi was formed because of mistrust of congress party and in the end they end up taking support from congress to form delhi govt. What is the guarantee that if we vote for AAP in general elections and it won't support congress again?? Congress already had its rule now its time for congress to retire.

6. AAP claimed that it had proofs against Ex chief minister Shiela dixit but it didn't take any action against her. Now she is happily governing Kerala.

7. These days during election campaigning all I see is the chaos created by AAP in whatever they do. You went to Gujarat and due to ordiance you were held in police station for some permissions and AAP members attack BJP offices in Delhi. You go to mumbai and havoc is created in the railway station. Why is this nuisance created by your party members ? Why can't they peacefully hold a rally and talk.

8. These days you have been making some allegation against media and says that if he comes in power he will jail all the media members and journalist. Isn't it anarchy? We want a good governance and not an Anarchist.

9. I don't understand one simple thing why you are alleging Modi for corruption and helping out industrialists like Ambani and Adani. But the party in power since last 10yrs is the UPA govt. People are tired of the everyday scams and national shame for having most corrupt government. You never do any dharna for those people. All he cares about the future PM candidate and campaigning against him. This makes me to feel that AAP is somehow CONGRESS - II.

10. People name you as "Bhagoda" as you ran away from governing Delhi in pretext of Jan lokpal. But my question to you is two fold.. one if you think that you kept your promise that you will leave your position as CM if you are unable to put forward the lokpal bill then why couldn't you work on several other important promises that you made to Delhi citizens like women security, corruption, FIR against Sheila dixit etc. Second, if you wanted to make this party as a national party then sorry to say you don't have any track record. You left the CM position in 49 days then what is the guarantee that you will serve as India's PM for full term??

11. You vowed that once you are the CM of delhi you will send Sheila Dikshit in jain within 15days. Now she has been made Kerala's governor and she is enjoying the immunity required by any prosecution. We are not hearing anything from you. Are you trying to cover congress moves by creating scenes in public rallies and making allegations only against Modi??

These and few other questions which I am not posting here. If by any chance you come across this post, please address my questions and take it as my right to ask questions to you. I want to make sure I am voting the correct party. Jai Hind..

Aam Aadmi Party -- Restoring democratic faith in delhi

With the recent elections in Delhi, newly formed Aam Aadmi party has won 28 seats in Delhi, defeating Indian national congress with a big number. This was an astonishing start for a newly formed political party. The last party with such a sound winning numbers was TDP in Andhra Pradesh.


The first Jan lokpal movement was the cause of AAP's creation. Millions of Indians were on streets with Anna Hazare ji to support Jan Lokpal bill to get passed in the parliament. This anti-corruption movement has stirred lot of Indians and they took notice of greedy politicians. The Jan Lokpal members tried all means to convice government to form strong anti-corruption laws. Government tried to break Anna Hazare's fast by giving an assurance that they will discuss Jan lokpal in the upcoming parliament session but they failed to do so. Right at this moment Arvind Kejriwal and company decided to form a political party naming it as "Aam Aadmi Party". Anna Hazare gave the consent but he didn't join politics.

After this AAP has conducted many rallies and campaigns throughout India and it has many social activists and RTI activists as members. It has built a sense of awareness among Indian youth who otherwise thought that its waste of time to go and vote on an election day. The election commission of India also gave green signal for AAP and that's how AAP entered the battle field i.e. Delhi Elections. The party's sign is 'Broom' which signifies that they want to clean the political system of the country. Lot of youngsters have supported AAP and became its member. The party gave a big blow to the ruling party of New Delhi by defeating them with a broad margin. It is short of just 4 seats with leading BJP but AAP is not forming any coalition government.

Arvind Kejriwal defeated 3 times chief minister Sheela dixit in her own constituency and gained national fame. There have been one more political party which was formed for the similar reasons - Lok Satta by Jayaprakash Narayan. Both the leaders share similar back ground of working on a high rank government positions. AAP pledges to form a system that is strong to withstand corruption in any levels. Their first and foremost agenda is passing Jan Lokpal bill to form an anti-corruption government.

AAP was formed when the nation was struggling to get rid of the corrupt government. The party has given an alternative in India to give voice to common people who is being subject to cheating and robbery by current political parties. So, it would be interesting to know if there is a re-election in Delhi and if AAP wins in majority. Whatever happens nation is awakened with the outstanding win of AAP. More people might come out and vote for AAP in case of re-elections. AAPs win has made the congress and BJP parties to stay alert and focus on their campaigns and not take it easy any more.

Rising from the dust

There are many NGO's operating in India who are trying day and night to improve conditions of people, specially women. They operate for different causes, some are there for children, some for women who are harassed by men or by their in laws, some are for physically disabled people. In my post I want to highlight about  an NGO that operates to improve the plight of women from NOMADIC tribes of Gujarat.

I am Meenakshi. I want to begin my story from the time when I was about 10 yrs old. I had a younger sister and an elder brother. We were very poor and our parents had absolutely no money to raise us. We are from the Nomadic tribe. My mother says that our ancestors owned the haveli where currently we own a one bedroom place. Our grandfather used to perform shows on streets. He had a pet snake, elephant and some other animals. He used to make decent money, but due to the wild life protection act he was forced to stay home. They were uneducated and didn't know what else they can do to earn money. He had to sell this haveli to a man who converted it into a whore house. You might be wondering that I am too little to speak like this.

My mother always wanted me to go to school and learn something. We were given admission in a NGO based school, but I never had interest in studies. I used to dance with girls of my neighborhood and perform acts like walking on a rope etc. I had these skills by birth I guess. My father never spoke to me properly. He was always angry with me and never allowed me to show my face to anyone. My mom used to cover my face with a duppatta. I never understood the cause of his anger. He used to punish me and I would go and sit on the stairs of this haveli. I used watch many things here. Strangers walked past me who used be drunk and leaned on women. I used to like Barkha didi who was our neighbor. But I never understood why she would take these strangers to her room, lock the room and then after sometime let the person go. I used to watch all this and sleep there until my mom used to take me in. Time passed by and I was around 12 years now.

My mother wanted me to go out of this village and lead a respectful life. But unfortunately I never focused in my school. She made me to join a NGO center where I met Sunitha didi. She always used to make me read books but I used to tell her I will become a dancer. One night something unusual thing happened. I was sitting on the staircase and slowly fell asleep. After a while I don't know a stranger took me to a deserted room of my haveli. I opened my eyes and saw him getting undressed. He was drunk completely and he closed my mouth forcefully. I cried a lot and was scared. He forced himself one me and after a while he did few things that I could have never imagined at that age. "I will come back again ! You are a firework." he told these words and left.

My father came and locked me up there for two days. I cried for my mother but perhaps no one knew where I was. Third day I woke up from my sleep, it was evening. My father came to my room. He was drunk. I cried and asked him to release me but he forced himself on me. He told me this is our tradition. It was painful, it was tormenting. I waited for my mother to come and rescue me. After a while he got up and told me clean myself. After a while my elder brother came. He repeated the same thing. I thought I should jump off this building and end my life. I didn't know what was happening at that time. My mother came in a short while. I cried a lot and she consoled me. Barkha didi came and gave me a flashback on our culture. I came to know that main service our community women do is prostitution. Men from our community prepare and put their women on market. I cried a lot. I didn't know whom should I talk to. I came to know that the person whom I thought is my father was not actually my father. I was born from an unknown man. My whole world came crashing !

Days passed by and I became very quiet. I dreaded about that day when all this happened. I couldn't take that pain. I hated the whole thing. I wanted to get out of this world. I was sitting quietly when Sunitha didi came up and asked me why I was so quiet. At first I didn't speak much but when she comforted me I told her "Didi, it pains a lot. I don't like it but my father and brother keep forcing themselves on me, please take me out of this hell !" She looked into my eyes and hugged me. I felt comforted at that time. She spoke to her supervisor and they found a bigger NGO's who take care of women in my situation. She spent all her time with me and made me to focus on my education.

Slowly, I started understanding basic maths and science. They moved me to a bigger city where I was given accommodation. I started going to a english medium school and started working very hard. Soon I was in 10th std where I passed with flying colors. Slowly I understood that the basic thing of life is Education. It is very important to be educated in this century. I understood the plight of my community people through this NGO and told them that I would also help them in their campaigns. Soon I entered college and I got admission in engineering. My education was being sponsored by the NGO group and I thought it was my responsibility to study well and pay back their favour by creating awareness in my community. My mother was very happy to see me stand on my feet. She was happy that I am an independent woman now. I cannot describe how much I love my mother, Sunitha didi and this NGO group who has given me a new life. Now my aim in life is to spread this love among everyone. Women is not an object of sex and desire. But we have the basic right of education and respect. India's education rule is not different for different castes but no one follows the rule. When the government fails, NGO's play a powerful role in our society. We should all pay back to our society by doing selfless work and bringing back smile on some faces.

This can be a story of a girl protected by the NGO run by Mittal Patel. I am very impressed by the work they have been doing for the NOMADIC tribes of Gujarat. It is an eye opener video for people who don't know about this tribe. She has helped them getting a voter id card, land allotment and what not. I really appreciate the efforts put by Mittal and her team. Her video can be viewed here:

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I will survive !

By the time I was 15, I pondered a lot about love, romance and relationships. My family was a disturbed family and I was mostly alone at home. My father always abused my mom and used to hit her. I couldn't take this anymore when I reached junior high school.

It was the first time I saw her. She had a beautiful long hair, she looked very innocent. I was attracted to her the very first moment and the feelings came out natural. I don't know if they were right, I don't know if this should have happened .... There were many questions appearing in front of me but I slowly started walking towards her. No matter how we are  to the outside world, but from inside everyone craves for romance and love. My imagination and attraction towards her were drawing my heart to a place which is not very normal for everyone. I slowly approached her and greeted her "Hi, you look sort of ... lost here!".

"Yeah!" she said. "Could you help me to find out my classroom? I am new here."

This is how we got introduced and turns out that she was in my class. Her name was Ashley. She was very sweet like a rose and charming. It took no time for me to get close to her and be her friend on the first day of my school. We started getting to know each other well. We took same classes, had lunch together and spent most of the time together.

Our final exams were due next week. She was behaving very differently with me. I tried to call her many times but she would never pick up her phone. I was more curious now to find out what's going on. Two days passed by and I couldn't take it anymore and I went to her home. She was very upset. Her parents were getting divorced. She never wanted to stay away from them. But few things were not in her hands. She was very happy to see me. She hugged me and cried a lot. I felt sorry for her. I just told her that she should be happy that instead of fighting with each other and physically abusing they are going to part away. This is many times better than what I saw in my childhood. She sort of understood but it was hard for her that very moment. I told her that I would come with my books next day and we should start studying seriously. She nodded her head. I felt like I should take the responsibility of her and protect her from any further damage. I don't know whether this was love, attraction or anything. But by the end of this week, I had the courage to tell myself that I am in love with Ashley!

I winked my eyes, pinched myself to make sure its not a dream. But I didn't want to say anything to her until our exams were over. On the last day of our exam, I managed to gather my guts and went near her. I kissed her on her lips and hugged her. Then I told her "Ashley, I think I am in love with you."

But she was shocked. 'What?? What's wrong with you? Do you think I am that kind of girl?".

"I just thought you were my very good friend, nothing else. I am not GAY !!! JEZZZZZZZ"

Yes, everyone that was the time I found out that I am GAY and I walked up with courage to someone in order to lead a better life.

"But I care about you. I love you and will support you throughout my life" I cried.

But alas as you might be guessing now, I was humiliated enough throughout my high school for being a gay. Well, my first love never happened. But I haven't lost hope. I know I will survive through this phase and will find a love of my life.

P.S. This post is a tribute to LGBT day !

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