Ever heard of the story Pied-Piper of hemlyn, the guy who plays the magic flute which lures rats and children from what they are doing and they just blindly follow him. If we put this concept in our real world scenario then yes we are these children who are running blindly in the rat race of these advertisements and media. If you still don't agree with me then let me put across some points which will make you to realize what I am saying.

Advertising and media is pushing everyone in every aspect of their life to attain the so called modern-ness. I coined this word as wherever I see people are trying to change every decade and all they say is "We should change according to generation." But ever wondered who is setting all these levels for us?? Advertisements, newspapers, hyped celebrities or these hypocrite leaders?? Every time we read or hear something unique from their parties, we try to do the same thing in our life.

Some companies in the market have blind followers. Whatever products they release people jump off and buy that. Even if the product is expensive or its not really that great compared to other products. Because of this blind following the electronic sector companies benefit alot. They come up with some funky features in the phone or laptops and people just go and buy them. They don't give a thought that do i really need this product? Does it really benefit me in my day to day life or its just an added possession? They just stand in the line and buy the product as soon as it is released in the market. Many people just have so many electronic gadgets in their home which they don't even use it.

Same thing with feminine products. There are wide range of companies manufacturing products like perfume, cremes and other makeup accessories. They all promise to do something good, and women who are the soft targets go and buy them. Sometimes they buy just for the heck of stocking things up.

What bothers me is when people fail to question themselves, "do we really need this?". Everyone is more or less running blindly behind the pied-pipers in the market. I hope people who read this post would at least now start questioning "do we really need to buy this?" before buying anything from the market.

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  1. Yes, you are true, we are all like the victims of the Pied Piper of Hammelin...

    Blind followers, blind supporters of advertisements...:(

    But I have developed this attitude of not a fashion follower...they're just fads...nothing so significant for me to go over gaga... :D

    Well said Varsha!!! :-)


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