Eternal Love

My eternal love
adorned with much radiance
cascades down gently

Written as a part of Haiku challenge - Day 27

Evening (Haiku challenge Day 26)

Fleet of birds chirping,
as lawn shadows slowly merge
in the warm dusk

Written as a part of Haiku challenge - Day 26

Hazy sky

Evening shadows
covering parts of the moon
in a hazy sky

Written as a part of Haiku challenge -Day25

Winter memories

Christmas holidays
amidst the silent winter
chilling memories!

Written for Haiku heights, Prompt - Memory

Writer's quill (Haiku challenge Day 24)

Voice of emptiness
wearied imagination,
but my quill writes on!

Written as a part of Haiku challenge - Day 24

Scintillate (Haiku challenge day 23)

Scintillating eyes
filled with many questions
that are unanswered!

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Written as a part of Haiku challenge - Day 23

Staircase (Haiku challenge Day 22)

Pathway to heaven
after long, painful efforts
we reach eternity

Written as a part of Haiku challenge-Day 22

Debris (Haiku challenge day 19)

Ice and debris
floating on raging torrent
fish stay deep today

Written as a part of Haiku challenge-Day 19

Abandoned boat (Haiku challenge day 18)

Tossing on the shores,
the abandoned boat of dreams
waiting for a ride

Written as a part of Haiku challenge - Day 18

Ravel (Haiku challenge day 17)

Forked roads in the path,
the silhoutte of the hills
mystery ravels !

Is falling in love a one time affair? - Against

When we say we are in love then it means that we feel a strong physical attraction for another person which is coupled with a psychological component. This component might be seeing the person being showered with flowers or seeing the person with such a magical glass that negates any other opinions for him/her. This is the time we would think that yes we found that person who completes my life. It comes with other packaged feelings that this new 'Love' knows about us better than anyone in this world. Even more amazing fact is that we manage to discover about our new 'Love' from just few moments to few weeks!

Is the idea of being in love is really about 'being in love with the idea of 'being in love'' ??Confusing isn't it.

When we are actually in 'Love' and captivated with cupids arrows we try to focus on how the person will complete us and fulfill all our desires. We initially believe that if this person is in our life then we will never see our tears again, never be unhappy anytime. Unfortunately, within few short weeks or months, the heightened sense of arousal and emotional rush of "falling in love" will slowly diminish. Slowly, "Falling in love" becomes "Fallen in love" and then we conclude that we no longer have feelings for this person. Now what happens after that?

Things go wrong from all the directions and we feel helpless. Have we ever thought that falling in love is not merely a passing statement but it involves making a conscious choice to invest in another human being. A long term relationship demands sacrifice of self and commitment to the desires of our loved one. When we realize this we will abandon 'falling in love' concept and try to adapt 'loving our loved one'.

Lets move on to what happens when relationship breaks. Often the pain of breaking up with someone you have loved dearly can be painful. It takes long time to build a relationship and after being in a relation for long period, you've probably invested lot of time and emotions into making it work. Unfortunately, not all relationships are bound to work. Next question is how do we deal with this? We come across variety of emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, depression etc and we sometimes tend to be suicidal. The only way to deal with this period is to try to take the required time to think why the relationship failed.

If you are realistic to yourself and the life, then be optimistic. There is nothing like one time love. There is nothing like one time for anything in life. Failures are the success stones for a brighter future. The adolescence time is the phase where we first encounter this feeling of 'falling in love'. There are high chances that its not love, its just infatuation which we tend to think as love. If at all you are matured enough to know love at that time then fight for it. But if your love fails then instead of wasting your life, be realistic and eliminate your mistakes. Spend sometime with yourself and soon this roller-coaster of emotions will pass and you will be ready to plunge into this ocean again!

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Solitude (Haiku challenge day 15)

Those mythical hills,
snowy places gleaming bright,
winter solitude!

Love and Romance

We all know the essence of love and the 'three letters I L U' in our life. Love is usually on a budding stage in the beginning and later it reaches the matured stage. I am somewhere in between these two boundaries. I didn't know the exact meaning of love until I met my man. He taught me the romantic love that exists between us today.

This happened just couple of years back when we first time met each other on an arranged marriage - date. On a fine Sunday morning I received a big email from a guy who got my email address from my Mother. This happened only after the initial horoscope matching and family screening which was done by our families. He wrote a very big email to me and his words and his thoughts were free flowing. He never mentioned in his email about how I look or what he feels about me. He wrote only about himself, his family, his principles towards the life etc. But one could easily make out that he was quite attached with his family. He is not only a caring and sensitive person but he is a bit emotional too. He somehow requested me to meet up for an official date. I was bit reluctant to meet someone directly without knowing any thing about him like his taste, his interests, I didn't even know how he talks. So, I replied to him saying that I want to talk to him on the phone and we can take it from there. Initial conversations were mostly formal stuff like what are we doing currently, what are our lifetime goals etc. We found some kind of connection between us and we hit it off!

After two weeks the big day was going to arrive. I was pretty tensed meeting a guy for the marriage alliance. We met on a dinner date evening at a fantastic restaurant. It had a decent candle light setting for people who were dating. We didnt' talk much while eating and we just decided to meet tomorrow. Next day we went out for doing some fun stuff that I liked. I live near by the ocean, so I asked if it was okay to go for Jet skiing. He didn't know swimming yet but he said he trusts me with that. I was shocked to hear that. Anyways, we did jet skiing and we strolled on the beach for the rest of the time. After the sunset we had a coffee date and right at that time he asked me if I could go for a dinner again! I was feeling comfortable now and I said okay no problem. After dinner when we were talking he suddenly said " I feel I am falling in love with you !" I was taken a back. My reaction was " Are you kidding me? you don't even know me much" He didn't speak after that but his eyes were talking now. " I think if you come into my life, it will lit up my entire life" By that time we had actually known enough about each other and we weren't just dating but we met each other with a purpose in our mind. I feel we don't really have to search for love, it just comes to us and fate gives us signals which we need to identify.
But I took some time to identify this signal. After second day he went back to his city and we got busy with our work and daily routine. He waited for me to call him first.

"Hi, are you busy?" I asked him.
"No, not really. What's up" he asked me.
" You said that you are falling in love with me, is this true or you were trying to impress me" I asked him.
He smiled and asked me " What do you think? I have known about you since last one month. I always have this feeling to keep on talking to you till the end of my life. I feel peace and tranquility in our relationship. You tell me what do you think is love?"

"Well, I think Love is something that happens between two individuals and that results into marriage."
"Not quite right. Love is a feeling of deep attachment and affection between two individuals. It is about liking a person even when he is in his worst mood. It is understanding a person and giving him unconditional support. I wanted to give you enough time to know me."

"I feel you can be a right partner to me. I know we met as an arranged marriage match but here I am proposing to you. Will you be my girlfriend first, fiancée next and wife later?"

"Hmm.. I don't know what to say" I was thinking for a minute.
"Can you say something, I am still on my knees" He said. It was right at that moment I fell in love with him too. I know it is dramatical but after knowing all this about him I knew that I was making a right decision in my life.

I said yes to him and things proceeded in our families and we got married within 4months of this incident. I am very lucky to find my love like this and hope to carry the same feelings throughout my life.

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Faith (Haiku challenge Day 11)

Point of no return,
Its difficult to move on,
faith keeps me alive !

Written as a part of haiku challenge

Lonely Soul (Haiku challenge day 10)

Barren trees and the wind,
gives sense of emptiness
Like my lonely soul

Written as a part of haiku challenge

Cruising away to Bahamas......!!

We often like to visit different places and countries. Sometimes because we are bored with our sedentary life, sometimes out of curiosity and mostly we travel because of some occasion. In any case, we keep some hopes in our mind to make this trip unforgettable. Some times we visit some exotic and different place and end up having long lasting memories related to that place. Such place in my life is - The Islands of Bahamas ! Even today when I close my eyes for few minutes I could see the clear blue water of the ocean, pleasant sound of the waves and nothing but just water surrounding the small islands.
On our honeymoon, we planned to go to couple of islands in Bahamas. We decided to take a fabulous cruise trip for that. This was the first time I ever went on a cruise and it was simply mind blowing. The cruise had 11 floors and each of them is like a different world. Part of the floor is divided for the rooms where we all stayed and the rest half was either a recreation point, swimming pool with beach chairs and musicians, night club or live entertainment. I really felt that we should be on a cruise at least once in a lifetime. The atlantic ocean was not too calm. There were some incidents on the ship where due to big waves the ship was swaying away. But it was for a short time!

Next morning when I opened my eyes, I looked outside and found that we reached Bahamas. We got ready and went out for the adventure. My first reaction after getting out of the ship was " Wow.. is this for real? or I am dreaming??" Bahamas indeed is the place where you won't notice the difference between reality and a dream. These are the islands of Bahamas, a place which is so beautiful that I can't even describe it with words. Bahamas, is an archipelago that consists of around 700 small islands. The biggest one is Nassau. The water is the clearest in the planet. I stepped into the water, it was warm. My gaze could actually meet my tow when i looked inside the water. This was the first time I was seeing a clear ocean water. So I got super excited.

We decided to take an arial view of Nassau and Paradise Island. We got bit crazier and went on a biplane. It was a fun and scary ride. We hooked ourselves with the belt and it was a 2 passenger biplane. The pilot was sitting in front of us and he demonstrated some of the stunts while we were on a biplane that made the ride CRAZIER than we thought. Even though we saw just couple of the islands, beauty of each island extends far beyond the natural scenarios. I felt like I have stepped on an extraordinary flight that has taken me to heaven! The crystal blue water, trees and the islands are simple breath taking. After the ride we went to the paradise island and saw the 'Atlantis' which is an amazing place to visit. The another Atlantis is in Dubai. It had largest open air marine habitat. We then went near the beach and did some shopping too.

Somewhere deep down my heart I have captured the amazing images of this island which I can't forget. Whenever I close my eyes and try to go to some place where I can find peace and tranquility, I end up in Bahamas. The sky, the ocean, the moving shadows of palm trees near the shores - My memory is locked there. I can still feel the sand on my feet and the warm breeze blowing near the ocean. I can hear the horn of the cruise ships docked near the island, bringing thousands of tourists to this wonderful place.

This place is a true Xanadu by any means to me!

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Funny interview of a blogger

Once a passionate blogger went to attend an interview for an editor's position.

Interviewer - Your resume says you are a professional blogger.
Man - yes I am.
Interviewer - What do you blog about?
Man - Almost everything that i see and feel
Interviewer - What do you do in a typical day?
man - Don't waste your time asking this question. You will find the answer if you 'follow' my blog :D

Interviewer - What do you do otherwise?
Man - I read other's blogs
He gets a beep on his iPhone.
Man - Excuse me this is important.
Interviewer - What is it? Can this wait?
Man - No. I need to reply to people who have commented in my latest article.

Interviewer gets annoyed and fires another question.
Interviewer - What did you blog about?
Man - I wrote about poverty in Africa.
Interviewer - Do you think you can cure it by writing a post on ur wall? What do you think Africans should do about it?
Man - they should start blogging about it too !
Interviewer is now in a state of shock and anger.
Interviewer - I think you are a crazy blogger who knows nothing other than blogging.
Man - No sir, you heard me. If they start blogging about it and get some traffic. They can get some monetary help too. Also, with Google's ad-sense they can make some money out of it. In fact all the residents of Africa can use this trick and make money.

Okay now the interview was heading in a correct direction. But the interviewer gets interrupted by a call from his wife.
Interviewer - What is it?
Wife - Hey dear, you know something funny happened today.
Interviewer - I am in the middle of something. Can you call again?
He hangs up.
Man - Oh no, you ruined a perfect material for my blog!
Interviewer - Don't worry you will find it in an updated version, if you follow my blog!
He smiles..

Interviewer - What is the key for a successful blogger?
Man - Write a post, and make good updates so that people would want to read it more often. Wow i can write about this later in my blog.
Interviewer - Well i thought the answer would be to build a relationship with your readers.
Man - I will update my article with this solution later. I am sure you will love to read that.
Interviewer - Oh yea sure. I will love that.

Interviewer - Last but not the least. What do you do if you don't have any article on your mind to write about?
Man - Nice question. I don't sit back and Google. I go out on the streets, malls, and recently I started giving job interviews !

Beach (Haiku challenge Day 8)

The soft summer waves,
caressing my senses-
As I take a walk

Waves meeting the shore,
gently rise and collapse,
as i walk past by !

Written as a part of haiku challenge

Anger (Haiku challenge Day 7)

Pain and Suffering
piercing out from the heart
Anger takes over !

Written as a part of haiku challenge

My eyes (Haiku challenge Day 6)

My eyes take it in –
all vibrant and fading dreams,
Life is what it is !

Written as a part of haiku challenge

Painting (Haiku challenge Day 4)

With vibrant colors
a masterpiece is sketched,
imagination flows!

Written as a part of haiku challenge

100th blog post

Wohooo.. here is my century.. and yeahh I am not out ! This is the moment I have been waiting for.. 100th post. I am so excited to write this post today. I never thought i would reach to this stage when i started blogging aggressively last year. But today with so many admirers, 6th blogeshwar winning, fan page on facebook this all looks like yeahh it is possible and I have done it!

Thank you so much everyone for the support and encouragement you have been giving to me. My achievements so far in the blogging world:
1. Fiction story writing
2. News and Media
3. Poems
4 Haikus
5 6th blogeshwar winner
6 Getting my own domain
7 Getting featured in blogadda contests & spicy saturday posts

I hope I would come up with more such achievements. Please leave me a comment about what you feel so far about my blog posts and celebrate with me.

I would like to present blogger buddy award to my friends who have been supportive in the course of my initial blog writing days !

Also, to all my followers who have been giving comments to my stories and articles.


Sleep (Haiku challenge Day 2)

My bundle of joy,
sleeping peacefully,
as the night prevails !

Written as a part of haiku challenge

Bridge (Day 1 of Haiku challenge)

Wooden bridge on a river
the autumn leaves settle
on their own reflection

Written as a part of haiku challenge

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