Domestic Violence

Slam! He shut the door with a lot of force and it scared the hell out of Rebecca. Roger came from nowhere like a gusty wind and started shouting. "Rebecca.. Rebecca..." She was sitting near the window in her bedroom, lost in her thoughts like always. He saw that TV was on and then he went to the bedroom and saw Rebecca sitting lonely near the window and observing the road outside. Roger and Rebecca had married 2years ago and had a strong relationship built with trust. But as you guessed things were not going in the right direction. Robert went to sit next to her but she shifted to the edge of the room and gradually on the bed.

"What's the matter?" Roger asked with a commanding tone. She mumbled something. "Speak up then!" he said loudly. Rebecca looked at him with frightening eyes. "I know who she is.. I know you are having an affair with a lady" she said slowly. "Oh really! so you are a dectective now?" He smirked. " We may be a couple but I have a private life and no one has any rights to enter there"He said. "No, I am your wife and you can't do this to me"
"Ofcourse I can" He suddenly got up. " I can do anything I want" he suddenly threw a glass on the floor and made Rebecca to stand on those pieces. "ouch!" she cried in pain. He had a look in his eyes that frightened her. He pulled her hair and dragged her to the kitchen. " There is nothing in this kitchen. The frying pan is also empty and he started hitting the pan on her head" She was trying to fight back but she wasn't strong enough to resist. He banged her face to the dishwasher and threw her on the floor. She could feel blood trickling down from her forehead. In an attempt to fight back, she grabbed whatever was lying on the floor and started hitting him non stop. She brought the heavy flower vase and ...Bang!.. she hit him hard on his head. Things started looking blurry to her and she fell unconscious.

Next thing she sees is in a hospital lying on a bed. " She has seriously hurt her head and we are not sure if she would go to coma for some reason".. she heard doctors talking to the police. As she opened her eyes she was amazed to see that she is still alive! but where is Roger? Her eyes started frightening again and looking around for the monster. She asked the nurse and came to know that when she hit him with the vase it was so strong that it burst his head and he almost died on the spot. "So, I am safe and he can't hit me anymore?" she said crying. "Was that a regular thing Ms. Rebecca?" Police asked her. "He used to hit me everyday. But I don't want to talk about it now" she started crying. Police interrogated her and came to know that this case was another domestic abuse case.

After couple of years Rebecca married again and had kids. Her kids grew up and once she visited her daughter Michelle and found that she had bruises on her arm. "Where did you get these bruises from?" she asked Michelle. "Hmm well my boy friend .. he hit me" she said...

Well, it was happening again.. Domestic violence continues in one family or other.

Its time to say no to domestic violence. Stand up against it. It could be either man abusing woman or vice versa. You should stand up against to it and take action whatever possible.

P.S. This post is written as a part of Leo's Z-A writing challenge for the month of November.. for other posts visit this link


  1. Such a sad tragedy in today's society.

  2. domestic could not be abated in this case,as in your story tends to be repeated which is really a sad reality!

    i guess we should be vigilant about this...

    thanks for sharing an eye-opener story!


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