Aam Aadmi Party -- Restoring democratic faith in delhi

With the recent elections in Delhi, newly formed Aam Aadmi party has won 28 seats in Delhi, defeating Indian national congress with a big number. This was an astonishing start for a newly formed political party. The last party with such a sound winning numbers was TDP in Andhra Pradesh.


The first Jan lokpal movement was the cause of AAP's creation. Millions of Indians were on streets with Anna Hazare ji to support Jan Lokpal bill to get passed in the parliament. This anti-corruption movement has stirred lot of Indians and they took notice of greedy politicians. The Jan Lokpal members tried all means to convice government to form strong anti-corruption laws. Government tried to break Anna Hazare's fast by giving an assurance that they will discuss Jan lokpal in the upcoming parliament session but they failed to do so. Right at this moment Arvind Kejriwal and company decided to form a political party naming it as "Aam Aadmi Party". Anna Hazare gave the consent but he didn't join politics.

After this AAP has conducted many rallies and campaigns throughout India and it has many social activists and RTI activists as members. It has built a sense of awareness among Indian youth who otherwise thought that its waste of time to go and vote on an election day. The election commission of India also gave green signal for AAP and that's how AAP entered the battle field i.e. Delhi Elections. The party's sign is 'Broom' which signifies that they want to clean the political system of the country. Lot of youngsters have supported AAP and became its member. The party gave a big blow to the ruling party of New Delhi by defeating them with a broad margin. It is short of just 4 seats with leading BJP but AAP is not forming any coalition government.

Arvind Kejriwal defeated 3 times chief minister Sheela dixit in her own constituency and gained national fame. There have been one more political party which was formed for the similar reasons - Lok Satta by Jayaprakash Narayan. Both the leaders share similar back ground of working on a high rank government positions. AAP pledges to form a system that is strong to withstand corruption in any levels. Their first and foremost agenda is passing Jan Lokpal bill to form an anti-corruption government.

AAP was formed when the nation was struggling to get rid of the corrupt government. The party has given an alternative in India to give voice to common people who is being subject to cheating and robbery by current political parties. So, it would be interesting to know if there is a re-election in Delhi and if AAP wins in majority. Whatever happens nation is awakened with the outstanding win of AAP. More people might come out and vote for AAP in case of re-elections. AAPs win has made the congress and BJP parties to stay alert and focus on their campaigns and not take it easy any more.

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