Docking a boat

Docking a boat doesn't really seem to be so easy when we compare it with parallel parking our car on a street or parking a motorcycle. After living 5 years in a city which is famous for beaches and sea shore this thought wandered in my brain. I went to the harbor bay and found many boats docked close to each other in a line. So, I thought of asking an expert how they do that since it seemed to be a hard task for me. Here is what I have learnt about docking a boat.

Docking a boat requires patience and lots of practice. We need to first gain full control on the boat which is not that easy as we speak. It is different from our car in the sense that it doesn't have the steering wheels and brake!
Hence, it is not easily controllable from wind. It gets drifted with the waves and the current. Moreover one thing to notice is that when you steer to the left it moves to the right, means it steer from the rear. When we move close to the dock we need to sense the wind direction. Depending on its direction we need to control the speed of the boat. If wind is blowing in the direction of the dock then slow down the speed of the boat and let the wind drift the boat to the dock. Let the bow of the boat is in the direction of the wind. This will make the drifting more easier. If you move slowly then no power is required, but if you want to steer than power is needed.

If the way we park is not ideal or doesn't look good to us than take reverse in a minimum speed so that the boat doesn't hit the dock. Once the boat is finally docked, than tie up the bow.

So, it seems to me that parking or docking a boat requires lot of practice.

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