Spooky Halloween

There's a haunted house on the top of the hill,
Where I'm afraid to go inside
This is the house where the witches live,
And the ghosts and goblins hide.

They are having their party tonight,
Even when the lights are burning bright,
I wouldn't dare to go inside,
As today is the Halloween night.

I see the witches flying in the air,
On their ragged broom
With their eyes red and full of flair,
Amidst the midnight gloom

As the witches fly across the sky,
The black cat starts to yowl,
I see the spooky white ghosts,
when they started to growl!

I see three lighted pumpkins,
Sitting under a tree,
They look like the jack-o-lanterns,
Shining brightly
They keep on smiling more and more,
Just mysteriously !
Ghosts and goblins keep haunting the night,
When the moon is full and bright
And we see the unseen,
As they all say "Happy Halloween!!"


The way I see your world

Today when I went to the Sears tower with my friends, I got to see the view of the world outside. Many thoughts came running in our small little minds. I would like to elaborate here the differences between my world and your world i.e. the world which we are seeing from this glass window.

Image courtesy - Bin's corner

My world is perfect, all of us are like the happy tree friends who hug each other, love each other and cuddle with each other. At times when anyone is scared we hold hands and calm down the fears. Everyone sticks around to wipe each other's tears.

But in your world, everything is artificial. Love has lost its meaning and wandered to a dead end road. No one cares about other's feelings. At good times all the fun and frolic happens along with friends and relatives, but during tough times everybody disappears ! I don't like this world which is full of mean and bad people.

In my perfect little world, we care and share with each other. We live to love and easily forget other's mistakes and we are back to our friendship. Everything seems to be perfect here, no problem and no tension.

But in your world, you always have to strive on greed and crave for unnecessary things. You step on other's feelings to go ahead in your life. I don't like this world which is full of lust and misery. Life is so painful here. People are like the wandering evil witches & vampires who suck other's blood for their own benefit.

In my world, everybody is treated equal. We are loyal to our friends. We always give value to friendship and trust.

But in your world, there are no real friends. Everybody puts up a fake artificial smile on their face and are eager to back stab their friends. Courtesy and mutual respect are the words that have disappeared from their dictionary.

Seeing the world outside, we've lost all our hopes, goals and dreams. The world looks like an astonishingly beautiful hell, but I prefer to stay in my mother's lap than to enjoy the world outside. I don't want to enjoy doing any malicious acts and thrive on other's anguish.

Indeed there is a great difference between the two worlds and I refuse to stay in the other side of the glass world !

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The Social Network

This story is based on a real life incident
This post has received appreciation from Blogadda:
"Varsha has addressed a very real concern in today’s world where people seem to live virtual lives. While we all know that it is important to be careful while making “friends” online, as Varsha rightly says, better safe, than sorry – be cautious what you say. Because the internet has the good, the bad and sometimes the very ugly. Very good read, Varsha! Keep writing."

I am sure many people have read the incidents related to cyber crime or internet stalking. But I want to narrate a real life incident related to this.

This incident happened at the time when the social networking sites had just emerged in the internet world. People were getting used to the sites like orkut, facebook and other sites like Google sites etc. I was living in a shared accommodation with my friends. One of my friend was bit naive for this internet and world wide web and she decided to open her account in these websites. I was bit reluctant though for creating my account. I asked her the advantages of using this online social site.

"Well for starters we get to know where our old buddies are and we can get in touch with them", she said. I agreed to this. " Next is we can share our thoughts and feelings and also this gives us a chance to connect with some new people you see", she said. Well for me I don't need new people in my life through internet. I don't even know where they are located and I feel these kind of relationships sucks. I thought for me its a bad idea so I wasn't still convinced about creating my account.

"Hey see this.. I made 10 new friends online", she told me one day. She showed their info and what they were doing. Couple of them shared their email ids with my friend and she had already added them in her yahoo messenger. I warned her that it might not be so safe to chat with some unknown person. But she didn't care about my words and she started creating her detailed profiles and shared her personal information as well.

She told me about a guy who is interested in her. She was talking to him online since one month and she felt like she is falling in love with him - ONLINE !! After couple of days she told me that she was going for a date. It was with the same guy whom she met online. She didn't know about the guy much and that was their first official meeting. I saw her laptop and found out where she was going. Somehow, I sensed some danger and I went out with couple of my friends to the place where she was supposed to meet him. When I went there I found out that she was made to take drugs at a local pub and the guy with whom she was hanging out had all her belongings. She was in an unconscious state when he took her inside a hotel, we immediately informed the cops who came to the site within couple of mins and we were able to track him down ! They came to know that the guy was a local city resident who is a criminal. He used to trap pretty girls in the pub and allegedly raped them and stole their belongings.

We all were so relieved that our friend was safe. Later, I found out that she was too much into the networking sites and she had made so many online friends and shared all her information. The guy had come to know that she is alone and looking for a new relationship. She used to post all her pictures in the profile album which anyone could access. We traced couple of fraud profiles who were using her photos to do illegal things like prostitution. She felt a deep remorse for what happened due to the misuse of the social networking sites. This was an eye opening incident for all the girls in our group.

Social networking is the invention that has attracted many youths and adults in this generation. They bring all kinds of people from any race or religion in one place and let them interact. But as we know, every coin has two sides. The negative shades we can find in using this technology is online dating, free broadcast of news that can be used by others to blackmail you, scams & harassment etc. We should be very careful while posting our information on these sites. Nowadays, because of the security reason the sites provide good features like you have the control on allowing people to view your information. You can block anonymous people in getting your information. There are eyes everywhere on the internet. The content you post is read by many people so its our responsibility to make sure that we restrict people reading all the information.

Moreover, stuff like online dating and building relationships is crap. We don't even know the person who is talking to us is giving a genuine information. Unfortunately, the internet has made it easy for individuals to claim to be someone they are not. This not only leads to disappointment when we find out, it could also lead to danger. We cannot foresee what is going to happen but at least we can prevent ourselves by not falling on any of these traps. We should realize that there is no truth in online dating.

There are many youngsters out there these days who make online friends and find online dating interesting. They make new friends by accepting friend requests sent by people who have joined same community or just anonymously they find your profile. Please be very sure before adding any anonymous person, since he is going to get all your personal info like name, email address, place etc. Also, keeping identity theft in mind we should not be providing all our personal details on our profile. There are so many people involved in stealing identity and making use of that in all types of illegal activities that might cause added trouble.

So people, stay online but be safe ! Remember its always better to be safe than sorry !!!!

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Physics - Software engineer

We all probably know about newton's 3 laws of motion. Lets see how we software engineers interpret that in our terms..

Law 1 - An object at rest will remain at rest unless it is acted upon by an unbalanced force.
Software Law 1 - A software engineer at rest will continue his state of chatting or forwarding emails unless he is assigned work by an unbalanced manager.

Law 2 - Acceleration is produced when force is applied on a mass. The greater the mass of accelerated object, the greater amount of force needed to accelerate the object.
Software Law 2 - The quality of writing a software is directly proportional to the payment received by the engineer. A software is developed when deadline is applied to the project, the quick rate of production of software directly depends upon the deadline force applied.

Law 3 - For every action there is equal and opposite reaction.
Software law 3 - For every Use Case requirement there is equal and opposite software implementation !


My first 55 fiction attempt. well.. its actually bit longer than 55 words..

Four engineers were travelling in a car. The car broke down.
"We might have to strip down the engine to get it working again" said mechanical engineer.
" May be the fuel is contaminated" said chemical engineer
"there can be fault in the plug lead" guessed electrical engineer.
They all turned to computer engineer since he said "Well, can we just get out of the car and then get in and try once again?"

Bollywood Actors on TV Shows !

I was awaiting to write on this topic since many days. Hosting TV shows has become one of the newest gimmick for Bollywood stars to gain popularity. I have been seeing many top rated bollywood actors coming on TV shows since some years. But nowadays, they are even coming in all the serials and request people to watch their movies. Well, I don't blame them since nowadays because of internet and piracy people are watching movies online instead of spending money and going to the theaters. Film industry is going in loss since some years. Well coming to the topic. Lets start with KBC. This is the most popular game show in India hosted mainly by Big B Amitabh Bachchan.

With KBC, Amitabh Bachchan has once again proved that he is the Big B even on the small screen. The modesty with which the actor hosts the show is unbelievable. That's one of the reason why I watch KBC only if Amitabh is anchoring. He is so down to earth when he talks t
o the contestants of the show. He makes them forget that they are sitting infront of the megastar of Bollywood. The TRP ratings of this show is amazingly high. He is one dignified and coolest anchor anybody can get on a small screen. In the new version of KBC 2010 they have introduced a new lifeline called 'Ask the Experts' where there are two people. One of them is a film star who has basically come there to publicize his new upcoming movie in that week. See the impact of recession on bollywood... Actors are almost coming in all the small screen programs and the impact is on KBC as well. KBC is considered as one of the educational shows in India.

Shah Rukh Khan is one more superstar who hosted KBC 3. He is again one of the greatest bollywood actor whose popularity is almost equal to Big B but he has disappointed many audiences who were his fans. With SRK hosting this show the TRP ratings had fallen down to an extent that they had stopped airing this show. Many people found him annoying as host but he is a brilliant actor. He tried his level best to keep audiences glued to their seats for this show but he ultimately failed to do that. He is pl
anning to come again on a small screen with a different show. Lets see if he is successful in that.

Now it was Salman's turn to prove himself as an anchor on small screen. He is hosting a game show called '10 ka Dum' which is similar to 'Power of 10' hosted in USA. Though Salman is often seen as a rude and eccentric actor in India he has showed his humbleness through this show. People are made to see his compassionate side of personality. He is nowadays airing the third sequel of this show. According to the reports this show has helped Sony TV to regain its 3rd position in Indian television ratings.

Fear factor-Khatron ke khiladi is again another show hosted by the famous actor Akshay Kumar & Priyanka chopra(3rd season). It is an Indian stunt/dare reality game show based on Fear Factor. The first episode was aired on July 21, 2008. Priyanka is reported to have been doing some stunts on this show. The TRP ratings has increased from fear factor III.

Apart from these there are some classic shows like Koffee with Karan, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, etc which were very much liked and appreciated by the viewers. So, guys keep watching TV and take part in these shows.

The breakup

Many times you feel restless and hear all wierd noises in your head. You feel the darkness around you even when the moon and the meteors lit up the sky. You feel the pain in your heart and tears don't stop embracing your cheeks. I felt the same when I broke up with James today. I went to the Brooklyn bridge where he told me that he loves me for the first time and proposed to me with a ring. Tears are welling up in my eyes. It was late night but I lived in New york - city that never sleeps ! I took my car and drove near the bridge. There was meteor shower today and they were illuminating the city like fireworks. I stood up there holding the rails of the bridge and watched the meteors fall on the city.

Pic is taken from here.

I felt like I am trapped in this world of pain. My heart was pounding as i removed my engagement ring. Why did i fell into the relationship which left me in despair? Does everyone who is in love has this kind of brutal ending? Truth is always bitter. My mom and my friends were right. My intuition that kept nagging me was right. But I didn't want to stop and listen to them. Look at me today, I am standing right on the bridge with my engagement ring with a feeling that I am the dumbest fool in this world for believing him.

But seldom does anyone realize this that the sweet lips could vent out the venom inside; how can you figure out that you are living in a fictitious world where you dream't about having a long lasting relationship where nothing could go wrong? How could you not trust the enchanting words that could lure you to the extent of having a dream about the ' invincible love '?

There were many signs, but I chosed not to look; many times i heard the voices from my head who asked me to walk away, break your heart yourself rather than he breaking your heart but I refrained myself from taking that step. There were times when i cried so much that my friends started advising me to break up since I didn't deserve that kind of relationship. There were innumerable nights where I would lay on my bed and convince myself that everything's gonna be alright, but somewhere deep down in my heart feeling a sense of insecurity.

Now, when I stand near the bridge I feel only if I hadn't given so much, trusted so much and cared so much, the pain would have been bearable. With all these thoughts I dropped the engagement ring in the water and walked away towards my home !

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The Swimmer..

Childhood days are very special for everyone. Now when I look back to my childhood days I feel they are like the golden days of my life. Those were the carefree days where we used to do whatever we like. We don't worry about homeworks, assignments.. parents are there to take care about those things ! Whenever I sit and ponder about my childhood days, many memories come rushing. But here in this post I want to describe about my favorite sport "Swimming" and how I started liking this sport.

In summer vacations, we all cousins used to camp at our uncle's place. We used to do some fun everyday right from playing indoor games to mountain climbing etc. One day to our surprise our Uncle took everyone near a
well. He tied me with a tin box and made me to jump into the well. I was not able to swim properly. I struggled to go touch the other side and come back. He promised everyone that he will take us for an ice cream. We all were almost 6-8yrs and hence got tempted by the ice cream. I was scared in the well and I got partially drowned. I was fainting and struggling to spend a quality time in the water. I cried and came back.

I mentioned this incident to my father after the vacation was over and I told him that I want to swim like he does. My father knew swimming and he knew how to teach swimming to kids without making them scared. I was about 10yrs at that time and I made up my mind to learn swimming. He took me to a nearby swimming pool. I was very excited at that time. I got a new pair of swimming dress and swimming goggles. When i saw the pool I decided on that day, I am going to learn swimming and enjoy this sport lifelong. My father taught me why swimming is essential to learn and how people cut down on lot of outdoor activities just because they don't know swimming. He was my swimming teacher at that time and I listened to him. First day was cool, he taught me how to kick and taught me how to hold and release my breathe inside the water. My eyes were burning little bit on first day but i totally enjoyed swimming. When i came back home i was very tired but I wanted to thank my dad for teaching me how to SWIM. In next few days I was able to swim properly but my father wanted me to swim fast. He was timing my laps and was boosting me to swim fast. But I wasn't picking up my speed. He told me not to loose hope and taught me some techniques which will help me to move faster. I was going to participate in the inter-club swimming competition for the first time.

On the day of the competition I was very nervous but my father's face and his enthusiasm was giving me some power. I completed my lap in very short time and won my first ever swimming competition. I was very happy. Later when i met my father with the medal i gave him a letter with a note.

Swimming is all about moving within the water,

moving at the speed of the motor boat,

I have decided I will swim faster like the dolphin,

And always be a good swimmer like you want me to be.

I learnt many other swim strokes like breast stroke, back stroke, diving etc. I am glad that I learn't swimming which is the best exercise and a complete body workout.

Thanks to Blogadda I revisited my childhood memories.

This post is written for Blog-Adda's "sporting memories contest"

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Breast cancer awareness month

October month is declared as the national breast cancer awareness month. The main mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of the disease. I wrote this post as a part of Blogadda's online breast cancer awareness campaign.

What is a breast cancer ?
Breast cancer is a malignant tumour that grows in one or both of the breasts. It usually develops in the ducts or known as the milk producing area in the breast. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women.

Types of breast cancer
Breast cancer is divided into two main catagories - noninvasive cancer and invasive cancer. It is known that estrogen and progesterone play a role in developing breast cancer. In breast cancer, estrogen causes doubling of cancer cells in every 36hours.

Breast cancer screening and early detection is very helpful. Early detection results into earlier diagnostics. I believe one day there will be less breast cancers and more birthdays. Many of my friends and myself are supporting the cause by running or donating. Hope it brings a smile on many faces this year who will be saying bye to their breast cancer.

Lets all support the campaign in this month and bring change in our lives. For more information about breast cancer you can go through NBCA website.

Indusladies. com is conducting an online breast cancer awareness campaign during the month of october. As a part of the campaign there are awareness quiz, fundraising, prevention videos, discounts on mammography etc. I am spreading their message through my blog.

Lets say bye bye to breast cancer.

Sea Sickness

Since childhood i suffered from acrophobia and of late i came to know that I have developed sea sickness as well. I would rather say I was scared of going into the ocean or a sea, 'sea sickness' was just a hi-fi term i used to cover the actual fear. But one day I thought its now or never. So, in order to overcome my phobias I signed up for a snorkeling tour with my friends in the summer vacation.

We headed towards our boat. The captain asked me if I had a problem with sea sickness. "I don't know", I told him. The waves were crashing across the bow of the ship. Okay, I was terrified right at that moment. I saw the sky, it was clear and sunny that afternoon. After sometime the Captain started the engine and soon in a short while we went into the ocean. All my friends were busy in taking pictures but I was carefully monitoring the ocean waves and the water. It was all blue everywhere ! The sky, the ocean .. wow it was really amazing to see the nature like this. It was the time to get into the water for doing some underwater adventure.

My friends started putting the snorkel gears and diving into the water one by one. It was my turn now. The captain saw me and said " Aren't you going inside? It is totally a different world !" He said with excitement. I told him it was my first time snorkeling. He assured that I am going to love it like anything. I prepared myself mentally to dive into the water. I was feeling a kind of rush inside me before diving. It's a mixture of fear and excitement. It's a feeling of not knowing what is under my feet, inside the water. I was experiencing the same thing before my first dive in the ocean that removed my phobia from my life. The captain gave me a all clear sign and I plunged into the water.

Bubbles swirled around me. I started scanning the area around me. Its all blue and beautiful. I have seen this in many movies and many videos. A group of small fishes passed besides me like a stream of bullets. I could see their scales clearly and even touch them. They were quickly disappearing in the underwaters of the vast ocean. Wowww.. I got excited by looking at them. My friends were ahead of me. They were enjoying and taking pictures. I saw the aquatic plants like red algae. I saw the sea horses at some distance. The ocean was very calm today.
Image Courtesy - Deviant Art
I was loving each and every moment I spent under the water. I opened my hair and let it flow freely. I felt like I don't have any tensions in my mind now. I felt weightless inside the water and I started swimming everywhere and touching the rocks. The slight bits of the underwater plants were touching my skin giving a tickling sensation. I heard a slow continuous humming sound above me. I saw the shadow of the ship that was passing on the water surface. More fishes appeared in front of me as they swam out of some long sea grass.

The captain had told us not to touch the big fishes or do something crazy near the aquatic animals. It was the time to head up to the boat. The captain had a rope which my friends used to go up to the surface of the water. I was so happy to finally overcome my under water phobia ! Yayy I felt like I have conquered the water kingdom.

I can never forget this wonderful day. I thanked the Captain for encouraging me and I was happy that I joined my friends for this wonderful short underwater trip that wiped out my fears/phobias. Sometimes we need to fight back with ourself in order to achieve the unachievable.

This post is written for Thursday Tales

CWG - should India be allowed to bid next time to host the game?

As we all probably know that the common wealth games 2010 has fallen into an abyss of controversies. There are lot of reasons that made this common wealth games an object of pity for India in front of other countries in this world. There is no suspense that India and Canada had two principle bids for the CWG-2010. India won the bid by a margin of 46votes compared to 22votes of canada. India promised that it would provide US$100,000 to each participating countries and also it will provide the air tickets, lodging and transport. India had previously hosted the games in 1951 and 1982. The official budget for hosting the games was estimated to be US$358,000(wikipedia) but surprisingly the actual cost was estimated to be US$15.47Billion which is around RS70,000 Crores !!!

This common wealth game is indeed the most expensive one in the entire history of CWG

Neways, this was a brief history of how India got the bid. But what has India done using that money. The money utilized is entirely a representation of how corruption occurs in India. It is very surprising that they have estimated costs of very basic things such as Umbrellas as Rs 6,500. The finances used in these kind of commodities is a huge disaster. After spending so much money for building the athlete villages, it is still not upto the standards. Other countries claim that the toilets were leaking, and bathrooms were dirty in the athletes villages. Countries like New Zealand and Australia even planned to back out from the events because of health and safety issues.

To add a spice to all this, with 12more days to host the common wealth games the bridge that was linking the stadium's parking lot to the venue that was meant exclusively for athletes and officials collapsed on 22nd sept. The disaster left 27 workers injured and raised lot of questions regarding the safety of the structures constructed for CWG. With all this agony Indian Army came to rescue Delhi govt like a messiah... Army officials constructed the bridge by 29th sept, in a record of 4days.

Countries like Australia, NZ claim that authorities shouldn't have given the opportunity to India for hosting the games. President of CWG federation says " extensive work still needs to be done for the athletes village that is opening on 3rd oct." But he says that India has done much to resolve its remaining problems. But it is so unfortunate for India since he later said " I hope India has learnt a great lesson, and we have learnt a great lesson by working with a country like India". It is such a shame for India in the eyes of other countries.

I wonder when will the country wake up and eradicate corruption at least when it comes to representing India in a global market. Many people still support India by saying that big things happen when you are doing something big. But I don't agree with that. I believe that India should not try to bid again for the common wealth games since it is pretty much clear that the authorities are not interested any more to give such bids to India.

I believe its now or never. We should wake up now and try to eradicate things like corruption from our country...

P.S. You might also want to read another perspective on this

The Final Destination

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 15; the fifteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.
23rd Sept, 2006
The train is whistling to start, alarming the people to get on to the train. I am running to catch the train standing on the platform. The suitcase is banging against my leg and it is hurting. But apparently I am not in a situation to miss this train. I am finally on the train and trying to catch my breath now. There were lot of trees near the station.. It almost looked like a scenic location created just to shoot movies. The station looked empty but suddenly I see an angelic face of a woman trying to catch the train... OHH ! wait she is trying to reach me. "Harish.. Harish.. I am sorry...Plz don't go away !"... My dream fades away.. I woke up.. NOOO ... not again...

I have been seeing this dream since past few days. I don't interpret my dreams usually. But this time I am puzzled. Why am I seeing this unknown train station every now and then in my dreams. I have never been to this train station... and who is that lady trying to reach me? I don't have any woman in my life. I woke up with all these questions in my mind.

1st Nov, 2006
I met this woman in a party organized by my newspaper agency. She looked fabulous with her Dior designer dress, Gucci purse and high heel sandals... My god she is beautiful. "She must be a model" I thought, since my company invited lot of models. We exchanged our phone numbers and then we danced that night ! Somehow i was getting attracted to this beautiful lady. There was a cool wind blowing on the terrace and her free flowing hairs were casting a spell on me.

1st Dec, 2006
I proposed to her .. I don't know her answer yet ! She said its too soon to propose her like that. Well what to say.. i was madly in love with her. I agree that i don't know about her background much but I don't want to know her past life details. But she insisted that I know about her first and then decide. I took her to Lonavala for my friend's wedding party bash !!!

3rd Dec, 2006 @4P.M
I was searching for her. The wedding ceremony was over and it was the time to take pictures on the hot wedding seat ... I wanted to take a picture with her hoping that she would say "Yes" to me.

"Yes.. yes.. I am very near to my goal" She said over the phone to someone.
"Seems like he changed his password, but i will try to get the information to you" She pleaded to the guy on the phone.

She was right there in my room, trying to access my laptop. I was working on a story that was going to unmask a famous politician. I had all the details of his black money accounts and other stuff that could wipe out his clean and clear public image. I was shocked and ran away from my room as far as i can. This girl is a spy and she might be armed, which means she can kill me. I wanted to run away from that place that very moment. But it is true that she loved me so much and cared for me. She knew that i was going to propose her again today.

With a dissappointed and dejected heart i took my suitcase and went to the nearby train station. There was a train already on the platform but it was whistling as if it is alarming people to get in... I started running fast towards the train and tripped on the stairs near the platform. But i stood up and caught the train just in time. But she was following me and she started screaming " Harish I love you.. please don't leave me.. I am in a trouble" But i didn't care much and didn't help her catch the train. Suddenly it struck to me, it is the same dream i am seeing since many days... she is the same girl who came in my dream.. now i was able to see my dream clearly.. I was on the same railway platform that was haunting in my dreams.. I took another train and came back on the same platform but she was not there.

I started walking towards the mile marker on the railway tracks..There were lot of trees near the station, making the railway station look all the more beautiful. I heard two people talking to each other from a near distance. I went near by.. I saw the politician talking to my girlfriend .. I got furious.. how can she cheat me for this guy.. But i heard their conversation...

"So, now he knows that you work for me" he said
"I love him.. ".. she said
" but now he is going to expose me and it happened all because of you" . .he said. He was holding a gun on her forehead.
"He was goin to propose to me.. and I didn't want to cheat him .. " she said.. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had started hating her and cursing my fate which brought us together.
"Girls like you don't have a personal life.. Don't forget your brother is my captive. ", he got furious by her reply.
" Kill me if you want.. but i am not going to cheat on him",she said

Suddenly an idea struck in my mind. I went slowly near him and hit him with my heavy briefcase.

Bangg.......... he fell down to the ground.. but unfortunately he was going to shoot my girlfriend and that trigger was now pointing to his chest.. HE WAS DEAD !!

I hugged her tightly and asked for foregiveness. She cried as well and said she was going to tell me the whole story but i was catching the train. Thank god i returned back to this station. The credit goes to my dream which kept showing the images of this railway station.

That's how this railway station became the FiNaL DestiNation in our life !

25th Dec, 2006
I got married with the love of my life. Well i guess you don't know her name yet.. introducing my wife... ANITA.

********** This is not an end.. its a new beginning *********

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