Bridge (Day 1 of Haiku challenge)

Wooden bridge on a river
the autumn leaves settle
on their own reflection

Written as a part of haiku challenge


  1. RaNiiii, beautiful thought process, splendid words and image. You are so creative,First Haiku at its best and your blog look too chill..

    Welcome to the Haiku Challenge! thanks for all the smiles and yes you did it...

    3rd Entry - Varsha (aka) RaNiiii.... :-)

    Well, a tip to you, the Haiku structure should be 5-7-5 syllables, you can count manually or else Syllable Counter

    Haiku on !

    Somoene is Sepcial

  2. @Sis thank you .. i will try to focus on the haiku structure..

    @jingle thank you..

  3. hey varsha! glad to find that u r also a part of the haiku challenge. I hope to read many good haikus from u and learn to write some too :)

    regd this one - a very beautiful thought. loved it ! keep going !

  4. thanks Sarah.. where are ur haikus ?? this is my first attempt on haiku.. Sis and other haiku experts are participating so i thgt it wud be a good learning experience

  5. please share one piece with poets rally today, thanks.

    thanks for the inspirations.


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