Funny interview of a blogger

Once a passionate blogger went to attend an interview for an editor's position.

Interviewer - Your resume says you are a professional blogger.
Man - yes I am.
Interviewer - What do you blog about?
Man - Almost everything that i see and feel
Interviewer - What do you do in a typical day?
man - Don't waste your time asking this question. You will find the answer if you 'follow' my blog :D

Interviewer - What do you do otherwise?
Man - I read other's blogs
He gets a beep on his iPhone.
Man - Excuse me this is important.
Interviewer - What is it? Can this wait?
Man - No. I need to reply to people who have commented in my latest article.

Interviewer gets annoyed and fires another question.
Interviewer - What did you blog about?
Man - I wrote about poverty in Africa.
Interviewer - Do you think you can cure it by writing a post on ur wall? What do you think Africans should do about it?
Man - they should start blogging about it too !
Interviewer is now in a state of shock and anger.
Interviewer - I think you are a crazy blogger who knows nothing other than blogging.
Man - No sir, you heard me. If they start blogging about it and get some traffic. They can get some monetary help too. Also, with Google's ad-sense they can make some money out of it. In fact all the residents of Africa can use this trick and make money.

Okay now the interview was heading in a correct direction. But the interviewer gets interrupted by a call from his wife.
Interviewer - What is it?
Wife - Hey dear, you know something funny happened today.
Interviewer - I am in the middle of something. Can you call again?
He hangs up.
Man - Oh no, you ruined a perfect material for my blog!
Interviewer - Don't worry you will find it in an updated version, if you follow my blog!
He smiles..

Interviewer - What is the key for a successful blogger?
Man - Write a post, and make good updates so that people would want to read it more often. Wow i can write about this later in my blog.
Interviewer - Well i thought the answer would be to build a relationship with your readers.
Man - I will update my article with this solution later. I am sure you will love to read that.
Interviewer - Oh yea sure. I will love that.

Interviewer - Last but not the least. What do you do if you don't have any article on your mind to write about?
Man - Nice question. I don't sit back and Google. I go out on the streets, malls, and recently I started giving job interviews !


  1. Too Funnyyyy..liked it...i think even i will be in such situation in coming dayzz...

  2. hahaha nice one, both the interviewer and the the interviewed are ardent and passionate bloggers.

    nice read.

  3. hehe thanks ! even i am in the same boat..


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