The Final Destination

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23rd Sept, 2006
The train is whistling to start, alarming the people to get on to the train. I am running to catch the train standing on the platform. The suitcase is banging against my leg and it is hurting. But apparently I am not in a situation to miss this train. I am finally on the train and trying to catch my breath now. There were lot of trees near the station.. It almost looked like a scenic location created just to shoot movies. The station looked empty but suddenly I see an angelic face of a woman trying to catch the train... OHH ! wait she is trying to reach me. "Harish.. Harish.. I am sorry...Plz don't go away !"... My dream fades away.. I woke up.. NOOO ... not again...

I have been seeing this dream since past few days. I don't interpret my dreams usually. But this time I am puzzled. Why am I seeing this unknown train station every now and then in my dreams. I have never been to this train station... and who is that lady trying to reach me? I don't have any woman in my life. I woke up with all these questions in my mind.

1st Nov, 2006
I met this woman in a party organized by my newspaper agency. She looked fabulous with her Dior designer dress, Gucci purse and high heel sandals... My god she is beautiful. "She must be a model" I thought, since my company invited lot of models. We exchanged our phone numbers and then we danced that night ! Somehow i was getting attracted to this beautiful lady. There was a cool wind blowing on the terrace and her free flowing hairs were casting a spell on me.

1st Dec, 2006
I proposed to her .. I don't know her answer yet ! She said its too soon to propose her like that. Well what to say.. i was madly in love with her. I agree that i don't know about her background much but I don't want to know her past life details. But she insisted that I know about her first and then decide. I took her to Lonavala for my friend's wedding party bash !!!

3rd Dec, 2006 @4P.M
I was searching for her. The wedding ceremony was over and it was the time to take pictures on the hot wedding seat ... I wanted to take a picture with her hoping that she would say "Yes" to me.

"Yes.. yes.. I am very near to my goal" She said over the phone to someone.
"Seems like he changed his password, but i will try to get the information to you" She pleaded to the guy on the phone.

She was right there in my room, trying to access my laptop. I was working on a story that was going to unmask a famous politician. I had all the details of his black money accounts and other stuff that could wipe out his clean and clear public image. I was shocked and ran away from my room as far as i can. This girl is a spy and she might be armed, which means she can kill me. I wanted to run away from that place that very moment. But it is true that she loved me so much and cared for me. She knew that i was going to propose her again today.

With a dissappointed and dejected heart i took my suitcase and went to the nearby train station. There was a train already on the platform but it was whistling as if it is alarming people to get in... I started running fast towards the train and tripped on the stairs near the platform. But i stood up and caught the train just in time. But she was following me and she started screaming " Harish I love you.. please don't leave me.. I am in a trouble" But i didn't care much and didn't help her catch the train. Suddenly it struck to me, it is the same dream i am seeing since many days... she is the same girl who came in my dream.. now i was able to see my dream clearly.. I was on the same railway platform that was haunting in my dreams.. I took another train and came back on the same platform but she was not there.

I started walking towards the mile marker on the railway tracks..There were lot of trees near the station, making the railway station look all the more beautiful. I heard two people talking to each other from a near distance. I went near by.. I saw the politician talking to my girlfriend .. I got furious.. how can she cheat me for this guy.. But i heard their conversation...

"So, now he knows that you work for me" he said
"I love him.. ".. she said
" but now he is going to expose me and it happened all because of you" . .he said. He was holding a gun on her forehead.
"He was goin to propose to me.. and I didn't want to cheat him .. " she said.. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had started hating her and cursing my fate which brought us together.
"Girls like you don't have a personal life.. Don't forget your brother is my captive. ", he got furious by her reply.
" Kill me if you want.. but i am not going to cheat on him",she said

Suddenly an idea struck in my mind. I went slowly near him and hit him with my heavy briefcase.

Bangg.......... he fell down to the ground.. but unfortunately he was going to shoot my girlfriend and that trigger was now pointing to his chest.. HE WAS DEAD !!

I hugged her tightly and asked for foregiveness. She cried as well and said she was going to tell me the whole story but i was catching the train. Thank god i returned back to this station. The credit goes to my dream which kept showing the images of this railway station.

That's how this railway station became the FiNaL DestiNation in our life !

25th Dec, 2006
I got married with the love of my life. Well i guess you don't know her name yet.. introducing my wife... ANITA.

********** This is not an end.. its a new beginning *********

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  1. Interesting tale! Nicely narrated!

    It's a happy ending, though near the end, I thought Anita would be shot to death!

    Sometimes if we try to decipher really what our dreams would want to convey to us, we can save a life or two!

    Although this is pure fiction, is it? It can happen...:)

    All the best for BAT15! :)

  2. Raniii,
    Busy with back to back contests are you :P
    On a serious note,
    Loved the way you have interpreted the picutre
    good luck with the contest :)

  3. WOW... Great story to go with the pic.. wonderfull...

    --Someone Is Special--

  4. Thanks guys...thanks for the support by adding your comments here..

    @Amity... i do see these kind of dreams so i thought to pen it down over here.. :)

    @Muddassir... yes sir.. which one did u like the most?

  5. liked 1st half more ...2nd half was more like bollywood movie :)...anyway good story !!

  6. Thanks Omi.. i wanted to make it a happy ending that's why it looks like movie ending :)

  7. Wow,a thriller! Nice complete story in a short space.

  8. Hey wowie it was :)
    Real Gud.. A filmy touch @ the end though ;)
    Gud luck

  9. Lovely !
    So innocent and frank that you cannot help but smile.
    And sure, this is just the beginning !
    All the best !

  10. That was a short but freaky set of events. Very bondesque! Dreams and realities sometimes do coincide ;)

  11. @ Brijendra.. thanks for the encouragement. Its my first time in the BAT

    @Sidra Thanks.. i am glad you liked the story

  12. Good narration, lucid flow of words and an interesting plot. All the best.

  13. interesting! The flow was there...

  14. you are good story teller. :)

    If you try...I think you can come up with a excellent one.

    If there where five choices to vote in BAT. I would have included you.

    Good one.


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