Cruising away to Bahamas......!!

We often like to visit different places and countries. Sometimes because we are bored with our sedentary life, sometimes out of curiosity and mostly we travel because of some occasion. In any case, we keep some hopes in our mind to make this trip unforgettable. Some times we visit some exotic and different place and end up having long lasting memories related to that place. Such place in my life is - The Islands of Bahamas ! Even today when I close my eyes for few minutes I could see the clear blue water of the ocean, pleasant sound of the waves and nothing but just water surrounding the small islands.
On our honeymoon, we planned to go to couple of islands in Bahamas. We decided to take a fabulous cruise trip for that. This was the first time I ever went on a cruise and it was simply mind blowing. The cruise had 11 floors and each of them is like a different world. Part of the floor is divided for the rooms where we all stayed and the rest half was either a recreation point, swimming pool with beach chairs and musicians, night club or live entertainment. I really felt that we should be on a cruise at least once in a lifetime. The atlantic ocean was not too calm. There were some incidents on the ship where due to big waves the ship was swaying away. But it was for a short time!

Next morning when I opened my eyes, I looked outside and found that we reached Bahamas. We got ready and went out for the adventure. My first reaction after getting out of the ship was " Wow.. is this for real? or I am dreaming??" Bahamas indeed is the place where you won't notice the difference between reality and a dream. These are the islands of Bahamas, a place which is so beautiful that I can't even describe it with words. Bahamas, is an archipelago that consists of around 700 small islands. The biggest one is Nassau. The water is the clearest in the planet. I stepped into the water, it was warm. My gaze could actually meet my tow when i looked inside the water. This was the first time I was seeing a clear ocean water. So I got super excited.

We decided to take an arial view of Nassau and Paradise Island. We got bit crazier and went on a biplane. It was a fun and scary ride. We hooked ourselves with the belt and it was a 2 passenger biplane. The pilot was sitting in front of us and he demonstrated some of the stunts while we were on a biplane that made the ride CRAZIER than we thought. Even though we saw just couple of the islands, beauty of each island extends far beyond the natural scenarios. I felt like I have stepped on an extraordinary flight that has taken me to heaven! The crystal blue water, trees and the islands are simple breath taking. After the ride we went to the paradise island and saw the 'Atlantis' which is an amazing place to visit. The another Atlantis is in Dubai. It had largest open air marine habitat. We then went near the beach and did some shopping too.

Somewhere deep down my heart I have captured the amazing images of this island which I can't forget. Whenever I close my eyes and try to go to some place where I can find peace and tranquility, I end up in Bahamas. The sky, the ocean, the moving shadows of palm trees near the shores - My memory is locked there. I can still feel the sand on my feet and the warm breeze blowing near the ocean. I can hear the horn of the cruise ships docked near the island, bringing thousands of tourists to this wonderful place.

This place is a true Xanadu by any means to me!

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  1. wow! Trip to Bahamas...i can only sit back and say u r so lucky to see such an exotic place.
    Thnk u for giving me glimpse...felt like I was there too :) good luck for u contest!


  2. wow Thanks Sarah.. u made my day.. the whole point of this article is to make you feel virtually that you are there and thank god i succeeded !!

  3. Most of those colorful wall papers on windows OS are from Bahamas. No wonder the ariel view was so memorable! That is certainly one of the must visit places :)

  4. Thank you Mohan. it is really memorable place for me.. i want to go again since there are so many islands.. i still have lot of things to explore in Bahamas!

  5. Its like now whenever u want to go Bahamas again ..just close ur eyes :)


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