100th blog post

Wohooo.. here is my century.. and yeahh I am not out ! This is the moment I have been waiting for.. 100th post. I am so excited to write this post today. I never thought i would reach to this stage when i started blogging aggressively last year. But today with so many admirers, 6th blogeshwar winning, fan page on facebook this all looks like yeahh it is possible and I have done it!

Thank you so much everyone for the support and encouragement you have been giving to me. My achievements so far in the blogging world:
1. Fiction story writing
2. News and Media
3. Poems
4 Haikus
5 6th blogeshwar winner
6 Getting my own domain
7 Getting featured in blogadda contests & spicy saturday posts

I hope I would come up with more such achievements. Please leave me a comment about what you feel so far about my blog posts and celebrate with me.

I would like to present blogger buddy award to my friends who have been supportive in the course of my initial blog writing days !

Also, to all my followers who have been giving comments to my stories and articles.



  1. Many Congratulations for completing such an awesome milestone!!! May you keep blogging and give us that much needed moment of bliss in this fast paced life!
    BTW you have to give me some tips too! I have been blogging since 2 years and haven't reached 50 posts yet!!

    Best wishes!
    Keep writing! :)

  2. Congratulations and All the best for future achievement :)
    keep writing

  3. congratulations to u varsha. indeed a milestone :)
    and thnks for the award, happens to be my first one so i ll be cherishing it always. keep writing :)


  4. Congratulations to you! And a nice blog you have.
    My connection is now wordpress but I'll use google to comment. :0)

  5. Hey, I love this one and yes, happy 100th post! A century...yey! Keep writing dear!!!

    I wish to see more posts of yours and yes try 3WW, the challenge is exciting! I am into it...though at times I am not contributing coz i am so busy lately!

    We have our highs and lows also as blogger right?

    Thank you so much for the award...and yes, sorry for being absent for a long time!

    You rock dear! Mwahs!!!

  6. Congratulations from TeamBlogjunta

  7. A Big Congratulations from my side.. Happy 100th Post.. Yay! Century.. Three Cheers to you..

    Congrats for getting featured in BlogAdda, Blogeshwar winner, and a big list.. Great !

    Blog on Buddy..

    Pleasure to have you in the Challenge..

    PS: Sorry for being late, i was little busy with my work, also with the Challenge..

    Thank you so much for the precious awards.. I will soon update in my list..

    Someone is Special

  8. THANK YOU ALL... your comments and appreciations are fuel to me :)


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