Love and Romance

We all know the essence of love and the 'three letters I L U' in our life. Love is usually on a budding stage in the beginning and later it reaches the matured stage. I am somewhere in between these two boundaries. I didn't know the exact meaning of love until I met my man. He taught me the romantic love that exists between us today.

This happened just couple of years back when we first time met each other on an arranged marriage - date. On a fine Sunday morning I received a big email from a guy who got my email address from my Mother. This happened only after the initial horoscope matching and family screening which was done by our families. He wrote a very big email to me and his words and his thoughts were free flowing. He never mentioned in his email about how I look or what he feels about me. He wrote only about himself, his family, his principles towards the life etc. But one could easily make out that he was quite attached with his family. He is not only a caring and sensitive person but he is a bit emotional too. He somehow requested me to meet up for an official date. I was bit reluctant to meet someone directly without knowing any thing about him like his taste, his interests, I didn't even know how he talks. So, I replied to him saying that I want to talk to him on the phone and we can take it from there. Initial conversations were mostly formal stuff like what are we doing currently, what are our lifetime goals etc. We found some kind of connection between us and we hit it off!

After two weeks the big day was going to arrive. I was pretty tensed meeting a guy for the marriage alliance. We met on a dinner date evening at a fantastic restaurant. It had a decent candle light setting for people who were dating. We didnt' talk much while eating and we just decided to meet tomorrow. Next day we went out for doing some fun stuff that I liked. I live near by the ocean, so I asked if it was okay to go for Jet skiing. He didn't know swimming yet but he said he trusts me with that. I was shocked to hear that. Anyways, we did jet skiing and we strolled on the beach for the rest of the time. After the sunset we had a coffee date and right at that time he asked me if I could go for a dinner again! I was feeling comfortable now and I said okay no problem. After dinner when we were talking he suddenly said " I feel I am falling in love with you !" I was taken a back. My reaction was " Are you kidding me? you don't even know me much" He didn't speak after that but his eyes were talking now. " I think if you come into my life, it will lit up my entire life" By that time we had actually known enough about each other and we weren't just dating but we met each other with a purpose in our mind. I feel we don't really have to search for love, it just comes to us and fate gives us signals which we need to identify.
But I took some time to identify this signal. After second day he went back to his city and we got busy with our work and daily routine. He waited for me to call him first.

"Hi, are you busy?" I asked him.
"No, not really. What's up" he asked me.
" You said that you are falling in love with me, is this true or you were trying to impress me" I asked him.
He smiled and asked me " What do you think? I have known about you since last one month. I always have this feeling to keep on talking to you till the end of my life. I feel peace and tranquility in our relationship. You tell me what do you think is love?"

"Well, I think Love is something that happens between two individuals and that results into marriage."
"Not quite right. Love is a feeling of deep attachment and affection between two individuals. It is about liking a person even when he is in his worst mood. It is understanding a person and giving him unconditional support. I wanted to give you enough time to know me."

"I feel you can be a right partner to me. I know we met as an arranged marriage match but here I am proposing to you. Will you be my girlfriend first, fiancée next and wife later?"

"Hmm.. I don't know what to say" I was thinking for a minute.
"Can you say something, I am still on my knees" He said. It was right at that moment I fell in love with him too. I know it is dramatical but after knowing all this about him I knew that I was making a right decision in my life.

I said yes to him and things proceeded in our families and we got married within 4months of this incident. I am very lucky to find my love like this and hope to carry the same feelings throughout my life.

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