CWG - should India be allowed to bid next time to host the game?

As we all probably know that the common wealth games 2010 has fallen into an abyss of controversies. There are lot of reasons that made this common wealth games an object of pity for India in front of other countries in this world. There is no suspense that India and Canada had two principle bids for the CWG-2010. India won the bid by a margin of 46votes compared to 22votes of canada. India promised that it would provide US$100,000 to each participating countries and also it will provide the air tickets, lodging and transport. India had previously hosted the games in 1951 and 1982. The official budget for hosting the games was estimated to be US$358,000(wikipedia) but surprisingly the actual cost was estimated to be US$15.47Billion which is around RS70,000 Crores !!!

This common wealth game is indeed the most expensive one in the entire history of CWG

Neways, this was a brief history of how India got the bid. But what has India done using that money. The money utilized is entirely a representation of how corruption occurs in India. It is very surprising that they have estimated costs of very basic things such as Umbrellas as Rs 6,500. The finances used in these kind of commodities is a huge disaster. After spending so much money for building the athlete villages, it is still not upto the standards. Other countries claim that the toilets were leaking, and bathrooms were dirty in the athletes villages. Countries like New Zealand and Australia even planned to back out from the events because of health and safety issues.

To add a spice to all this, with 12more days to host the common wealth games the bridge that was linking the stadium's parking lot to the venue that was meant exclusively for athletes and officials collapsed on 22nd sept. The disaster left 27 workers injured and raised lot of questions regarding the safety of the structures constructed for CWG. With all this agony Indian Army came to rescue Delhi govt like a messiah... Army officials constructed the bridge by 29th sept, in a record of 4days.

Countries like Australia, NZ claim that authorities shouldn't have given the opportunity to India for hosting the games. President of CWG federation says " extensive work still needs to be done for the athletes village that is opening on 3rd oct." But he says that India has done much to resolve its remaining problems. But it is so unfortunate for India since he later said " I hope India has learnt a great lesson, and we have learnt a great lesson by working with a country like India". It is such a shame for India in the eyes of other countries.

I wonder when will the country wake up and eradicate corruption at least when it comes to representing India in a global market. Many people still support India by saying that big things happen when you are doing something big. But I don't agree with that. I believe that India should not try to bid again for the common wealth games since it is pretty much clear that the authorities are not interested any more to give such bids to India.

I believe its now or never. We should wake up now and try to eradicate things like corruption from our country...

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