The way I see your world

Today when I went to the Sears tower with my friends, I got to see the view of the world outside. Many thoughts came running in our small little minds. I would like to elaborate here the differences between my world and your world i.e. the world which we are seeing from this glass window.

Image courtesy - Bin's corner

My world is perfect, all of us are like the happy tree friends who hug each other, love each other and cuddle with each other. At times when anyone is scared we hold hands and calm down the fears. Everyone sticks around to wipe each other's tears.

But in your world, everything is artificial. Love has lost its meaning and wandered to a dead end road. No one cares about other's feelings. At good times all the fun and frolic happens along with friends and relatives, but during tough times everybody disappears ! I don't like this world which is full of mean and bad people.

In my perfect little world, we care and share with each other. We live to love and easily forget other's mistakes and we are back to our friendship. Everything seems to be perfect here, no problem and no tension.

But in your world, you always have to strive on greed and crave for unnecessary things. You step on other's feelings to go ahead in your life. I don't like this world which is full of lust and misery. Life is so painful here. People are like the wandering evil witches & vampires who suck other's blood for their own benefit.

In my world, everybody is treated equal. We are loyal to our friends. We always give value to friendship and trust.

But in your world, there are no real friends. Everybody puts up a fake artificial smile on their face and are eager to back stab their friends. Courtesy and mutual respect are the words that have disappeared from their dictionary.

Seeing the world outside, we've lost all our hopes, goals and dreams. The world looks like an astonishingly beautiful hell, but I prefer to stay in my mother's lap than to enjoy the world outside. I don't want to enjoy doing any malicious acts and thrive on other's anguish.

Indeed there is a great difference between the two worlds and I refuse to stay in the other side of the glass world !

This post is written for Thursday Tales


  1. nice one..!!!

    thanks for joinging the tales train..!!!

  2. thanks Meduri.. i m so happy to receive ur comment..


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