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Childhood days are very special for everyone. Now when I look back to my childhood days I feel they are like the golden days of my life. Those were the carefree days where we used to do whatever we like. We don't worry about homeworks, assignments.. parents are there to take care about those things ! Whenever I sit and ponder about my childhood days, many memories come rushing. But here in this post I want to describe about my favorite sport "Swimming" and how I started liking this sport.

In summer vacations, we all cousins used to camp at our uncle's place. We used to do some fun everyday right from playing indoor games to mountain climbing etc. One day to our surprise our Uncle took everyone near a
well. He tied me with a tin box and made me to jump into the well. I was not able to swim properly. I struggled to go touch the other side and come back. He promised everyone that he will take us for an ice cream. We all were almost 6-8yrs and hence got tempted by the ice cream. I was scared in the well and I got partially drowned. I was fainting and struggling to spend a quality time in the water. I cried and came back.

I mentioned this incident to my father after the vacation was over and I told him that I want to swim like he does. My father knew swimming and he knew how to teach swimming to kids without making them scared. I was about 10yrs at that time and I made up my mind to learn swimming. He took me to a nearby swimming pool. I was very excited at that time. I got a new pair of swimming dress and swimming goggles. When i saw the pool I decided on that day, I am going to learn swimming and enjoy this sport lifelong. My father taught me why swimming is essential to learn and how people cut down on lot of outdoor activities just because they don't know swimming. He was my swimming teacher at that time and I listened to him. First day was cool, he taught me how to kick and taught me how to hold and release my breathe inside the water. My eyes were burning little bit on first day but i totally enjoyed swimming. When i came back home i was very tired but I wanted to thank my dad for teaching me how to SWIM. In next few days I was able to swim properly but my father wanted me to swim fast. He was timing my laps and was boosting me to swim fast. But I wasn't picking up my speed. He told me not to loose hope and taught me some techniques which will help me to move faster. I was going to participate in the inter-club swimming competition for the first time.

On the day of the competition I was very nervous but my father's face and his enthusiasm was giving me some power. I completed my lap in very short time and won my first ever swimming competition. I was very happy. Later when i met my father with the medal i gave him a letter with a note.

Swimming is all about moving within the water,

moving at the speed of the motor boat,

I have decided I will swim faster like the dolphin,

And always be a good swimmer like you want me to be.

I learnt many other swim strokes like breast stroke, back stroke, diving etc. I am glad that I learn't swimming which is the best exercise and a complete body workout.

Thanks to Blogadda I revisited my childhood memories.

This post is written for Blog-Adda's "sporting memories contest"

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  1. indeed swimming is the best, wehn i had a back problem my doctore actually adviced me to go and swim and it helpoed a lot

    Bikram's Blog

  2. This is good post.. Swimming is good to learn, you have narrated it so well.. Nicely done..

    Good luck for the contest

    Do stop by Sweet Madness

    --Someone Is Special--

  3. Thank you guys.. I love swimming !! It is a complete exercise..

  4. WOW Ranii,
    I wish like your uncle and Pa, I was taught swimming too. I am 28 and Im ashamed that I still dont know swimming though I love the waters.
    I get shit scared to dunk my nose under it too..LOL
    I have decided I will surely have my son swim like a dolphin and master all the strokes you mention..:D
    Cheers friend


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