Spooky Halloween

There's a haunted house on the top of the hill,
Where I'm afraid to go inside
This is the house where the witches live,
And the ghosts and goblins hide.

They are having their party tonight,
Even when the lights are burning bright,
I wouldn't dare to go inside,
As today is the Halloween night.

I see the witches flying in the air,
On their ragged broom
With their eyes red and full of flair,
Amidst the midnight gloom

As the witches fly across the sky,
The black cat starts to yowl,
I see the spooky white ghosts,
when they started to growl!

I see three lighted pumpkins,
Sitting under a tree,
They look like the jack-o-lanterns,
Shining brightly
They keep on smiling more and more,
Just mysteriously !
Ghosts and goblins keep haunting the night,
When the moon is full and bright
And we see the unseen,
As they all say "Happy Halloween!!"


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