What women want ? - This is probably a million dollar question for Men. Why do Men find it very difficult to answer this question? We might have probably read hundreds of articles on this topic or even saw the Movie - What women want ? or even heard many men discussing this everyday. What makes a woman to choose a particular man over others? On what basis or analysis do they choose to do certain things ? To answer some of these questions lets get into women facts or in other words understand Womenology. In this modern world of dating, attraction, sex and relationships - what women want has nothing to do with these. Lets not confuse guys more and get into the straight facts that Women want Men to know, if they want to understand them.

For starters, most of the women want men to make them feel good. Or in other words, women want to experience more emotionally content life with the man with whom she wants to spend her life with. To elaborate it further, to make a woman feel good around you, you must allow her to experience a wide range of desirable emotions. Unfortunately lot of men make the mistake of flirting with the woman in order to please her or try to be over friendly while interacting with her... none of which will turn her ON. So, if you want to get the attention just be yourself in front of her. Let the feelings come in automatically for you and then you will find your own ways to woo her!

Most women want guys to be Confident. Most men carry a false confidence in them which is not hidden in woman's eyes. They are very quick in picking up if he has a real confidence in himself. For women this quality is very important since if the guy is confident he will be creating a positive world around her and she can be sure that for any bad things that happen in their life they can together sort it out.

You should know what you want - All real men know what they want in their life and this what woman want in a man. They don't like guys who are confused and have absolutely no idea about what they are doing in their life !

Women want men to make them feel feminine and understand their sentiments. Most guys fail to understand this side of women but here are the reasons. In this modern world, because of the daily jobs or in other parts of their lives women are sometimes forced to behave in a masculine way (like men, or having emotions or thoughts like men) . So women desperately wish that they are with a man who knows how to make her feel like a real woman.

Lastly, what a woman wants is a man who is confident, unafraid to be his real self, unafraid to show his interest on her, unafraid to move things forward and who can understand her sentiments or emotions !!

It's not so complicated ... is it ??


  1. First thing first, I have seen the What women want, and with the 10,000 voices the man could hear, I don't think he managed to know it! :p

    Jokes apart, I was expecting this rebuttal after you read my post sooner or later, while I made fun of literally everything under the sun, this post clearly comes out with positives and the things an unmarried man should learn! But you know we still love women with the mystery and the surprise element is what keeps us attracted to them our whole life! Really nice post Varsha! :)

  2. thank you.. hmm so this mysterious nature is important for women :D


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