Ctrl + Z -- Undo.. can we undo our actions ??

Ever wondered if we could use the basic command of computers in our real life !

We face lot of things in our life daily and the typical reaction among us is " Oh i wish .. i cud have done that instead of this " or " oh gosh ! i cud have not done this".. etc.. Lets see some scenarios and think..

Scenario 1

Respected Guruji,
You are the only person in my life with whom i would like to share my sorrows. I learnt all your principles in my school days. I became a doctor, very famous one. I went abroad for my studies and spent half of my life in research. But i have done a grave mistake. I have messed up really bad. I hate myself. I don't know what to do.

So, i want to ask you O sage, O teacher, when God was creating this universe why didn't he give the power to humans to Undo their actions on their Life's keyboard??

Please reply to this perplexed disciple of yours... Where on earth is the UNDO function ??

Guruji replied to this disciple.

My dear Disciple,

Every UNDO function in the computer field serves the same purpose in different contexts. These contexts are set by the authors of that program.
So, in this case if you are trying to approach the author of Life's program then that's you and its just YOU. God created the universe, but a human being is responsible for his actions.

So, if you want to change your future ? Change your past ? then rewrite your character and your role in the story. Jump out of this fantasy land and become the real partner of all your realities.

-Your Guruji

Scenario 2

A boy falls in love with a girl. He tries his level best to convince her that he loves her a lot. Slowly in the course of their relationship he realizes that he went ahead too fast ! She is not the girl he was looking for. So, he talks to the girl before she thinks about the marriage.

Ramesh : Hi Radha, i want to share something with you.
Radha : Yes Ramesh. I know what you want to say. My answer is " Yes"

Ramesh : Well, actually i wanted to say that we went ahead very fast. Now i feel I like Rashmi more than you. She told me yesterday how much she cares for me and how much she loves me. Moreover i too like her. I am sorry if i have hurt you in the meanwhile.

Radha was very disappointed. She cried alot after this incident. Her parents wanted her to go abroad and study further. They wanted her to become a great doctor. She too loved them so much, but she forgot about them when she was in a relation with Ramesh. Because of him she even left her parents' home and started staying in a hostel. Now after her love failed she wanted to commit suicide. But before that she writes a confession letter to her parents.

Dear Dad& Mom,
I know you both were the best parent anybody can have. You loved me so much, never restricted me to do the things which any parent would have done. You wanted me to grow in my career and become independent. But i spoilt my life behind an unfaithful boy. Now that i am carrying his child he wants to abondon me. With a heavy heart I am writing you this letter. All i want to say is I really Love you both. I don't know what to do with my life. I feel i can't marry other guy having Ramesh's child in me. I can't give birth to the child without his father in our life.

I wish there was the magic UNDO button in my life which would have taken this chapter out of my life. But unfortunately there is no such thing.

Your daughter

After discussing these two stories, I want to conclude my views about Undoing actions in our real life. We do many stupid mistakes in our life. No matter how much grave mistake we do, the world sadly doesn't offer any " Undo" option to wipe out our actions. There is no way we can retract the stupid words that come out of our mouth in the spur of the moment. We can have excuses and apologies for some of them, but life doesn't give many chances for undoing our mistakes. But if we were to program a real life " undo" command, then we should execute it only for certain scenarios. For the rest of them, we should learn from our mistakes and try to correct them in the future.

After all to Err is Human.


  1. I'm glad these days you are grownup n thinking of interesting topic like this one... In my opinion, one of the best ways to undo is to delete the action all together from the mind and for doing so Meditation is the best solution. It helps in clearing the insanity created by past in you.

    The light always comes after the dark so should always look forward. You are more than you expect...


  2. yes.. i have seen lot of people thinking in that direction tht if we cud have undone our action etc.. instead of taking it in the way it is..tht's why i thgt of writing this up..


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