The Enchanted Encounter

This is a fictional story. This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti

My hands were digging and clawing at the concrete. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the sun shining brightly. There was no one in that part of the city except me and the trees. I pushed myself up partly and saw the blood stained shards of broken glass around me. What happened to me? I was almost in the arms of that beautiful blonde haired girl. Where is she? Thinkkk...I saw a shattered door from nowhere in between the trees. What happened just few moments back?? .. And the pieces of memories started to recollect.
I was sitting in the coffee shop which was in the market street. I finished my studies and I have offers to join Air force, I have money to start my own business(which i am scared if it might fail) or atleast to take care of my farms. But i didn't know what i was going to do with my life. So, I started sitting in this coffee shop since few days and ogling on the passer byes.

A few moments passed. I sipped my coffee and started reading a magazine when i saw a beautiful girl with blonde hair passing by. She was talking to someone on the phone. I noticed her pretty hair that was locked partly with a pin. She was wearing a teal coloured dress. She looked like a fairy angel to me. I ran towards the window and saw her ransacking her purse, facing my way. What if she saw me observing her? A cool breeze lifted her hair and dropped it on her face, but she gave it a quick shake and tossed it back. She was so charming and beautiful, I instantly fell in Love with her. She looked up straight into my eyes through the window and I was shocked for a moment. But she gave me a sweet smile that fluttered my heart ! She turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

She appeared again in few minutes walking fast, may be purposefully to get my attention. She stopped and turned all the way back to me and smiled again. Why? What does she want from me ? I couldn't move from my seat. Beads of sweat started popping through my forehead. Her eyes started speaking to me. My heart started beating fast and I thought, what does she want to say? She suddenly raised her arms and she waved towards me. "NOOO. It couldn't be possible" I thought. Her smile faded and she dropped her hand. Her face looked sad and she started walking again. My legs lifted me as if they want to say "Go David, she is the one you have always been waiting for". Within few seconds I walked outside the door but I didn't find her. I walked to another shop but she wasn't there. Did she run away from me? Yes, of course. Who would like to talk to me?

Suddenly i saw a glimpse of her near the street. "Hello ! Please wait" I shouted. But she started walking faster after listening to my voice. I hurriedly reached on the street and started running towards her. I felt like a strong whirlwind has started to blow and in no time I reached to a place that was surrounded by the trees.

She stopped right there for a moment and my heart slipped off ! She looked extremely beautiful and flawless if only i could hold her and adore her beauty. But she instantly disappeared into a magical door which was there amidst the trees. She appeared on the other side of the door. Meanwhile the whirlwind kept raging, causing me to think and think. At this moment I knew that my LiFe's answer is in the reflection of that girl. I was still not believing that this girl was interested in me ! I leaped from the outside world into the glass door in no time. I knew I was going to get hurt but i didn't care.

The moment I entered the door I found myself with that girl. Then I had a conversation with her that changed my entire life.

"Most people just walk in here, but you are the first one to crash the door" She said.
"Where am I?" I said
"You don't know where you are? You wanted to come here David" She said.
I am sure I wanted to come, only if i could believe the possibility of this dreamland being real.

"You're in the dreamland David and I'm here to make all your dreams come true. But you will have to believe in yourself and believe in your actions" She said holding my hands. Her eyes opened wider. She was so pretty.
"B-E-L-I-E-V-E" I closed my eyes and kept on saying this word and kept trying to - BELIEVE.

"You must have believed it David, else you wouldn't have come here" She said with a smile.
"Yes for a while before I came here. But now I don't believe it" I said. I wish I shouldn't have just said that.

The whirlwind started to blow again. But this time it was in the other direction.
"You must believe in yourself David, else you cannot stay here" She said. The wind intensified.
"Believe in yourself and believe in your actions" She started chanting these lines like a Mantra. The wind was crushing me from inside and I started shouting "I believe!", "I believe". But within no time I was thrown out of the glass door on the sidewalk with broken glass, broken dreams and BLOOD...

Her words got stamped in my head. "Believe in yourself and believe in your actions".


"After few days I dared to start a small company of my own. Later on with my efforts and my belief I was able to establish my business and earn some recognition. After few years now when I am a successful person I owe major part of my success to those enchanted memories that TOOK MY BREATH AWAY !!! " I told this in the award function, where I got the best businessman of the year award :-)


  1. Varsha,

    Nice :)
    a different view from what one generally expects from the topic but still maintains the flair.

    Good luck with the contest :)

  2. Just read it! Will leave a detailed comment later today! :)

  3. the narration was nice, the concept good.. something different i got to read.. very smooth writing.. u are a skilled lady.. best wishes.. i personally liked it a lot.. for the message u gave n the way u connected the real with the virtual.. nice one..

  4. thanks sourav.. i m glad u liked this one as well :)


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