Tweet .... Tweet...

Ever wondered reading the tweet messages of people around the world... I did that today.. and believe me its a "jungle out there"... people write the most funniest messages ever.....

From a common man to a celebrity every one has a Twitter account and they use it to vent out whatever they want... Neways lemme share some of the funny ones here in this post.

Here are some memorable ones...

Technology is ourlife !!
Twitter Post - " Lost my Droid for an hour. The day I lost my daughter at the zoo is now the second most terrifying experience of my life."
A Benovolent act
Twitter Post - I was stealing WiFi as I was out and got into the people's router and I just like ended up upgrading their firmware.. iPhone rocks !!

The X-Factor
Twitter Post - "Can we go back to using facebook for what it is originally for - looking up exes to see how fat they have got ?"

Twitter Post - studying. Notice how they put "Dying" at the end of the word conveniently !!

An Apple a day
Twitter Post (kjohar) - "Sorry been off the radar...been trying to put thought to paper...since the ipad is not motivating apple a day?? Perhaps not.."

Cat vs human
Twitter post - To Err is human, to Purr is cat

Happy Meal
Twitter post - Why do they call it a happy meal when it turns children into monsters ?? can we go to McDonalds?? Can we ??

Twitter post - I m outta wheat thins... my life is officially over !! (award winning tweet)...

That's all folks... keep watching for any new interesting tweet and i can update this post ;)

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