Top twists in Mahabharat.. if it would have happened in 21st Century

Hi all.. lets think if Mahabharat would have happened in 21st century then what would have happened. More ideas are welcome too ;)

Lets see some main scenarios
  • Shakuni along with his nephews Duryodhan and Dushyasan would have opened casinos all over india and made lot of money. They would have even maintained a bank account with swiss government and they wouldn't have felt the need to capture the whole kingdom ;)
  • Sanjay with his divine power would have told king dhritarashtra live results of all the matches like world cup football, IPL cricket etc.
  • Draupadi would have filed a 'attempt to molest' case against entire family of Dhritarashtra and in compensation she would have asked for Hastinapur kingdom & casinos of Shakuni. Even she would have sought shelter in woman's organizations or human rights commission which would have harassed the whole family lifelong.
  • For breaking the Chakravyuha of Dronacharya, Abhimanyu would have used all the sources like google search, microsoft bing and wikipedia on his iPhone or Droid. He would have even asked a question in the discussion forums online and would have figured a way out to break the chakravyuh. Or best thing using new iPhone's feature he would have called Arjun/Krishna and asked for guidance by doing a face to face chat.
  • Bhim would have opened a new amusement theme park for kids, "Bhim's house of blood".
  • Nakul & Sahdev would have felt offended for not getting noticed by others, they would have written their own story "Tales of Nakul & Sahdev".
  • Pandavas & Kauravas before having the kurukshetra war would have faced off in reality shows like MTV Roadies series in Hastinapur or sach ka samna. They would have shown talent infront of many other audiences too.
  • Duryodhana would have built an amazing mystery house instead of wax house where Pandavas would have got lost and never returned to the kingdom.
  • Finally, when the war would have happened all the news channels would have aired it on their channels. In order to gain more popularity Duryodhana would have even given personal interviews criticizing Yudhistir's unnecessary demands.
  • Eklavya would have started his own new school by stealing Drona's preachings. He would have uploaded Drona's sessions on youtube and even he would have started another school to teach bow & arrow to children.
  • When Yudhistir tells Drona that Ashwathama is dead, he would have requested Duryodhana to get a lie dectector and would have asked Yudhishtir to tell after sitting on the machine. Ab karo sach ka saamna.. :P


  1. This was interesting! I am not too fond of reading pages of stories on blogs. Being creative is the way to go! By the way you know Mahabharata wouldn't have lasted so long, if they had a nuclear missile!

    Ek 'bomb' kaam tamam! ;)

  2. I feel tht is similar to having divyastra in dwapar yug..


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