Snapping out of Writerzzz block !!

Everyone who is into blogging or writing is aware of this term. But for the heck of it, what is this "Writers block" anyway?? It just means when you can't write. It's mean and frustrating. This syndrome sneaks up when you would least expect it. Then it latches onto your life and your brain, it grows stronger the more you think about it. When you are feeling the same then - Join the club.. you've got writers block !

Yes, after months of tossing and turning I finally woke up to toss it down ! We bloggers tend to look forward to writers block just as we look forward for a dentist appointment. Its hard and painful ! Also, yeah we hate it so much. After creating this blog from 2007 I first entered writers block almost immediately and woke up in 2010 with constant posts and contest participations. Then in this year I entered writers block again and just realized its time to snap it out of my mind ~!

Well that still leave the question: "What is writer's block and what the hell am I supposed to do now??"

So, here are the things that I have Googled about which suggests what steps can be taken to get rid of this syndrome.

Divert yourself - This is one of the most common suggestion I found. Divert yourself into other activities like reading books, photography, watching something creative etc. While this is one of the great suggestion, I couldn't overcome "my block" :( Sadly it didn't work for me. I tried subscribing to Hulu, Netflix and became member of the library. But yeah i finally got nothing in return. My advice for this would be start reading other's blog which you might be probably doing already. But pick up a blog and start reading all the posts at once. Start with 10posts and then gradually increase once u have more spare time !~ Howwwzaat?? Googly.

Write anything - yes.. I am not a guru ghantaal types. But for once why not?? You can start writing a grocery list for instance. What I imply here is , write anyway I don't care but sit down and fix your butt for long time in front of your blog and start keying in those words ! Just focusing on the act of writing itself helps the brain re-route itself around the end goal.
Gaaawt it????? Hell noooooo.

Stop writing - Well , this is for those people who didn't understand the above point. You would say I am just being mean. I know, sometimes ! But sometimes just writing anything won't help. You might as well just get bored with those grocery list or managing accounts of monthly bill ! It can be a nightmare, so I suggest doing this instead. Remove those old video gaming consoles and play our very own Mario or Halo series. Go outdoor and do camping across the river, build a canoe and start canoeing. My point is focus on something else and completely release the idea of blogging or writing from your mind for time being.

So, now if you don't fall under any of these categories than I don't have any thing for you friend. I hope I have overcome my writers block from this post!


  1. I'll use your advice and I used to call it a 'dry phase' till now...

  2. Well, that is informative.. would come in handy in future!


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