Facebook statuses for breast cancer awareness

Every year breast cancer event is being taken very seriously in many countries. Some people go for 5Km run, while some people donate money for breast cancer patients. Some people blog about it to bring awareness among women. But around 80% of people go on Facebook and put up funny breast cancer awareness statuses, to fool around men! Seriously such people should grow up and do something serious if they want to.

A while back, we saw Facebook campaign where women wrote about where they "put their purse", in an effort to make it sound saying where they would like to ***** , which was very inexplicable and very dumb attempt to "raise awareness" for breast cancer.

Some status examples are: I like it on my couch !
I like it on my bed !

Isn't it silly?? I mean how would any one get aware of breast cancer with these statuses !

Last year, women listed their bra color in their Facebook statuses to raise awareness that made it to the national news !

People actually brag about this news and this year the theme is to write the status of what your shoe size is followed by the word inches and how long it takes to do your hair followed by minutes !

For eg. 8inches and 15 minutes ????

Whatttttttt? Jesus Christ, are you trying to imply something else over here !

The fun part is the end of the email that says "The bra game reached the news. Lets try to get this one on the news, too! Help us show everyone how powerful women really are ! " Think about it, do we really need to fool ourselves into believing that posting a silly Facebook status makes us "powerful"??

Sometimes people just get wrapped up in the idea of doing something for the breast cancer that could be just anything ! Instead of that please do something useful and that sends a message across in a positive way. Silly games like this are just benign and no body is getting anything out of it. Instead of that go and buy pink products where the companies would pay each penny to the breast cancer research. Don't you think patients of breast cancer would want more funding going in for this research??

My only request to the people, specially women out there is to do something sensible this year to educate and promote breast cancer awareness. This year my intention is to participate in a 5Km walk and write a blog post to promote awareness. What's your pick??


  1. I always suggest females to check their breast for any lumps in it. Also, I tell them to get themselves examined once a year. And, for all those people who does silly things, please understand, it's a very serious topic.

    I appreciate your efforts:)

  2. Ew.. i didnt know that people were actually this silly and disgusting!


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