Deja Vu - Part II

It is recommended that you read Deja Vu - I for better understanding of this part.

After waiting for about a week, we got the results declared and I got selected for the job. I was so happy. On the same day I got an email from Krish.

Dear Rani,

I got selected for the job. I hope you are selected as well. Can't wait to talk to you about this !

Reply soon,

I replied him saying that I got selected as well. He added me in his chat list and slowly chatting with him had become my daily routine. He started coming close to me, I mean not physically. He requested if he can take me on a coffee date. I was not able to digest the fact that a stranger is
coming so close to me and trying to pretend that I am part of his life. I was not planning to go on a date with him so soon. I don't want to trust someone so easily in my life. I told him to not hurry up and rush things so soon. But his reply was "Hey, Its written in our fate. I am not hurrying up anything." I was shocked to hear this response. How can a matured guy like him could believe in something like this. We continued chatting on the messenger and sharing some exciting things. Day by day his possessiveness for me kept on increasing. One day when i came back from tailor's shop I found him chatting with my father in my home. "See his guts!" I told to myself. I just greeted him formally and said "Good to see you after a long time!".

"Krish is going to Chennai" My father said. Before he said where I was going I told him that they are sending me to Coimbatore. My father clearly saw that I lied to Krish but he didn't say anything. But he demanded an explanation later. I told him that I am taken aback from his frankness so I wanted to make sure if he is not a crazy guy. Krish ofcourse was disappointed with my posting to Coimbatore. But he didn't say much.

Finally, the day came where I was going to start my journey to Bangalore (Coimbatore for him). I was waiting with my luggage in the train station when he suddenly surprised me. I pretended as if nothing happened and I am fine with his gesture. But deep down in my heart I was scared. What if he is a psycho? I was just hoping that his train comes first and that happened. He left to Chennai in the train and tried to tell me that he will visit me in Coimbatore and if I like him as well. I kept quiet for that moment! I think it is my biggest mistake I don't know why but i behaved dumb in front of him. May be I liked him.. But I had a fear in my mind for him.. his possessiveness was killing me. Before leaving he grabbed my hand and said "Rani, this is just matter of couple of months. Then you will be with me forever. I am going to ask your father and marry you". I knew he was going to say all these.. Somehow I had this premonition but I didn't feel like telling him the truth that I got posting in Bangalore. His train came and he left.

My heart started beating fast. Is this the so called love? A guy comes talks to you, if he likes you he forces you to like him.. No that's not true. Meanwhile, I met a girl named Sakshi on the station who was in the same batch as me and I was in contact with her since the results were out. We planned to stay together in the same room. Sakshi was a modern girl with very few traditional values here and there. But she believed in practical life. When I told her about Krish, she just said "Oh I know these guys. I am sure he will get someone else in his batch and he might even forget about you." I didn't like this answer.. I felt there was a connection between me and him but even when i tried to force my brain to think I wasn't getting the answer. Deep down in my heart I felt guilty for lying to him.

My training started and in a week I almost forgot about him. It was sunday morning and I didn't see any email from him. I was upset. How can he forget me? Did he come to know that I lied to him? I kept on pondering about these things until Sakshi disturbed me. "Hey, lets go out for pubbing today ?" "No, Sakshi I don't feel like coming. You guys carry on". "Oh, so Mr. Krish forgot you. Is that bothering you now?" she asked me. "NO..not at all. I am totally fine" I said. "Then come with me it will be lot of fun. I promise." she said. I dressed up very nicely that evening. Our dress code was pink or purple. Yes.. truly girly..

To be continued in part III


  1. the plot is getting interesting for sure...i m also waiting for the 3rd one ! :)


  2. yes Sarah.. third one is on its way !


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