Deja Vu - Part III

It is recommended that you read Deja Vu - I & Deja Vu - II for better understanding of this part.

Finally after having fun I got tired. Sakshi and other friends decided to have a drink and I planned to head over to my room. I was trying to unlock the door and I heard someone singing "Hamein aur jeene ki chaahat na hoti.. agar tum na hote" from the corridor. This is my favourite song and suddenly I saw Krish singing this song. I got scared and felt as if I was dipped in an icy cold swimming pool.

"Hi Krish" I said. I was still in the trauma. I was scrubbing my eyes to see if i am not seeing a dream. "Hey sweetheart. You know you are a big liar." He said. " What do you mean?" I trembled. "Oh please don't act smart. I know you don't believe me and that's why you are now avoiding me." I went inside my room but before i could close the door he pushed it and came inside. Then he did something which scared me a lot. He took my hand in his hand and said " Lets get married once we are done with this training". "Krish, I don't love you! Why are you forcing me to marry you" I screamed. He angrily broke a vase on the table and said " Because I am destined to be your husband". He pulled my hair and tried to kiss me forcefully. I realized that he was drunk and angry because of me lying to him. Before he did anything nasty my room mate came with bunch of other guys to my room and she started screaming. They caught hold of Krish and started beating him. He started yelling at sakshi "Hey, you are my sister how come you are allowing them to beat me.". "Just get lost you loser!" she said. She held me in her arms. He claimed that Sakshi was his sister in previous birth.

Krish started looking at me with those eyes filled with revenge, jealousy and lust. I got too scared to answer anything back to him. There was something in his eyes. A strong feeling which attracted me even at this moment. I don't know if it is appropriate now to call it as "Love". He kept staring my eyes until he was taken away to the police. I kept crying for couple of days. I guess I got too scared with all this happening in a short period of time. I called up my parents and narrated the whole incident to them on the phone. Within a week my father searched a suitable groom for me, with whom i met and arranged my wedding before I would complete my training in Bangalore.

I hugged Sakshi and thanked her for supporting me in this crucial moment of my life. I felt the tornado was over and I started to feel happy. A day before my wedding I met my prospective groom. Yes after all I was going to marry someone arranged by my parents. I still felt the chill inside my heart for not marrying Krish. Will I be happy with this new man ? Finally the D-day arrived with full joy and I met my relatives who made up to my wedding in a short notice. They definitely whined about improper arrangements but I was glad to see them.

After some ceremonies the time came for the nuptial knot. I closed my eyes but to my surprise I saw Krish infront of us. Yes very bollywood style. "Why did you come here?" I asked him with some courage. "Rani I can't live without you. How many times I have told you that i am your husband... believe me in all my previous births you were my wife.. how can i let you go this time?" He cried. I wanted to sympathize him but my father called bodyguards but Krish was in full form today. Nobody had the guts to stop the storm inside him. I managed to escape from that place and I was hiding in the storeroom. I started crying again !! Suddenly, I heard a distant voice "Rani.. Rani.. where are you".. I was going to scream but I managed to keep quiet .. the distant sound was more clear now.. "Rani.. get up.. what are you doing?".. I ignored the voice and started searching for the person who was calling me..

"wake up rani.. wake up.. are you okay?" I slowly opened my eyes and saw Krish infront of me.. I screamed.. "Help.. Help.".. "Relax dear.. what happened.. did you see a bad dream.. you seemed to be worried .." are you okay .. my husband held me in his arms and tried consoling me while I sobbed my dream away..

yes.. it was indeed a dream..My real dream !!

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