Deja Vu - Part I

I was getting ready for the interview carrying my portfolio and wearing formal clothes. I had cleared a written test for the IT company and today was second day of group discussions, interviews etc. After finishing engineering joining a computer firm is the latest buzz in India. On my way to the company I forgot to grab my cellphone ! But it was too late to ask the Auto driver to go back to my home to get the phone. Moreover, I was too tensed to do anything like that. I even forgot to look into my mirror while leaving home. How will be the interviews today! My stomach started growling in tension. Within 30mins I reached my destination and after paying to the auto driver I saw there are around 500 people waiting for the interview sessions.

I was secretly hoping that there should be only 50 but I came to know they are going to hire 200 candidates today and planning to send them for training to Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai. I was very nervous and I had brought a little cheat sheet of mine to prepare in the last minute. I was practicing how I would talk to the interviewer and how to pick up the communication in the group discussion rounds. Finally, the interviews started and I did well in the Group discussion. I think the topic was "Further studies in America - Good or bad ??".

After the Group discussions, we waited for the technical round. I was now pretty tensed. I was sitting inside a conference room where they were calling each candidates for 30-40mins of technical interview. One guy came to me smiled as if I know him already. I told him 'Hi' he greeted back. I glanced at him, he was not that tall, athletic built but he was so handsome that he could give complex to Hrithik Roshan. Then I scolded myself for diverting my mind. He sat besides me and started telling me about his education, family etc. Then my name was called and to my surprise the interviewer was a family friend of mine. But ofcourse there were couple of other people in the panel. I was able to answer my questions properly and later came to know that i got selected for the HR round. Meanwhile, that guy also cleared his interview. He seemed to be very happy. He sat besides me and said "Hi I am Krish. How about you?" I said "Hi, i am Rani". He said "Good luck for the HR round, make sure you clear that and then we can enjoy with the new job".. He asked for my phone number which I refused to give him. He took my email id and said he would like to know when the results are out and he wanted to keep in touch since we could be future team mates. My god guys these days are so fastttttttt.

After my HR round it was very late. It was around 9.30PM in the night and I was afraid how to get autorickshaws since in this part of the city it used to get lonely. But I saw Krish waiting near his bike. I went up to him to ask about his interview. He said "It was great! Hope I will be part of their company soon." Wow he had a great confidence on himself. I like confident guys, they help in restoring the positive energy. He grasped my fear of how to go home, and offered me a ride. I was puzzled 'How can a guy who barely knows me, is helping me here.' He saw me getting confused and said " Hey Rani, don't worry I am not a bad guy who takes advantage of a girl. You can call up your dad with my phone and make sure he knows about me." I did the same thing. He spoke nicely to my dad when he dropped me and my dad came to know that he is from the same caste as we are. However, this was not important to me. We exchanged smiles and he said "Bye". There was something in his eyes I noticed at that very moment. They were talking to me, saying something. But I ignored my inner voice and waved my hands at him. Then I went back to sleep! So much in a long day .. right?

To be continued....


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