1st Milestone

Hello my readers.. I am writing this post on the occasion of winning a writing challenge for Blogeshwar which is a home for all the upcoming bloggers who have fantastic stories in their mind. I joined Blogeshwar recently and this might be my 3rd participation in the contest. I joined the blogging world way back in 2007, but I just used the blog to throw my feelings now and then. That really didn't count because a song is not a song until there is a melody in it! So, in 2010 I decided to write aggressively but I needed some support. I needed few friends who are in the same boat and who can cheer me up for my good stories and suggest me with new ideas. I found Blogeshwar's link and joined the group. Members of this group are super cool and I like the way they encourage each other..

Writing a scary story is something I thought I won't be able to do it. But slowly ideas popped into my head and I started jotting down the sequence of my story. But this came to me as a surprise that I won Blogeshwar 6.0. I am really honored by this and thought of writing a post on Blogeshwar and all my Blogeshwar friends. So, here I am cutting it short now and cheers to my first Milestone!
I am really excited for winning this contest and it will boost my spirits to write more stories for the upcoming challenges.. Once again thanks everyone and specially my Blogeshwar friends for reading this...

For those who want to join Blogeshwar, they have the hyperlink in this post and this is the 'Scary' post which won the title.


  1. Wishing you loads of wishes and success Varsha!!
    Its a great blog and i hope you keep blogging for a long long time!!!

    Keep writing!!
    God Bless!!! :)

  2. all the best for all ur future endeavors :)
    keep blogging , keep sharing and keep winning!
    and congratulations once again :D


  3. congrtass and waiting for more from u :)


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