The real black tiger from RAW

After watching "Ek tha tiger" I am so much impressed by RAW and its functioning. I tried to find out about RAW and came up with information about the real black tiger of India Ravindra Kaushik. I had never knew anything about him even though he is the real hero of India. The flashback about him.. at the age of 21 he joined RAW and was sent to Pakistan as a spy. He studied LLB and later joined Pakistani army as Nabi Ahmed. He then fell in love with a Pakistani girl and married her. He got promoted to the rank of Major, he helped India by disclosing the important war strategies to Indian army. He passed on valuable information to RAW which was of great help to the Indian defence forces.

He was given the name of black tiger by then India's home minister. He spent most of his life staying away from his country, family and sacrificed his life to the service of the nation. But in 1983, Indian intelligence had sent an agent to find out about black tiger but he was caught by Pakistani intelligence agency and revealed Ravindra's actual identity. Kaushik requested help from Indian government to give shelter to him in this tough time but he was denied of any help from the Indian government. He was caught in Sialkot, where he was given death sentence. But it was converted to life term. He died in 2001 due to Asthama and TB.

When Ek tha Tiger was releasing his family sent a legal notice to the producers, claiming that the movie has striking resemblance to Kaushik's life. While director of the movie denies of any resemblance in movie's script with his life.

But I believe that this man deserves a respect and salute from all of us !!

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  1. salute to the national hero Ravindra Kaushik........................

    we really must feel shame 2 b an Indian........................


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