A Lasting memory

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Every day I come to the beach. The crash of the waves, smell of the sea. There is something inside me which makes me to come here. I see people walking here, running or playing with their kids. Being close to nature always makes things feel more natural. I go back to my memory lane where I met her for the first time here at this beach. When I saw her playing beach volleyball, I fell for her. I gathered enough guts to invite her for a date and for a walk on this beach. She agreed and after dinner we had come for our midnight stroll.

We kissed each other in the moon light on the beach with the sand between the toes and the splash of water on the feet, it was very romantic. I popped up the question, for which her heart rate increased with the promise of warm sand beneath the soles of her feet. I wrapped my arms around her bare neck and embraced her like never before. Few weeks later we were standing in front of each other with a priest asking us if we agree for a wedding knot. Yes, we got married! We were so young, full of energy and passion. We loved each other a lot and had promised to each other that we will go to the beach every weekend and relive our initial moments.

Years passed by, we continued coming to the beach. She would sit near the waves, moved her fingers through the water, and her hair floated like sea-weed. I guess its hard to forget that amazing view from my mind. Soon we had a child and we used to come here more often. The warm breeze and the appealing splashes of water made us to come here. My son learnt his first surfing lesson and learnt to balance on the crusading waves. That very moment we made up our mind and thought our son will become a navy officer. His love for ocean and water become very strong. Soon after few years he joined the navy and went for his first war. We all prayed for his well being and also wished that if required he won't hesistate to sacrifice his life for the country. My wife Sharon and I waited for his ship for months but there was no news of him!

The grief and sorrow had surrounded us from all sides. Now we had a different reason to go to the beach. When I stood on the wet sand, I felt sinking in. The water touching my feet, trying to pull me inside. I lay on my back afraid of what I couldn't see around me. Then suddenly a big wave came and carried my Sharon in it. She died and left me alone.

Now, I come to the beach everyday to feel her presence. Whenever I close my eyes, I can feel the same soft sand between my toes, cool breeze brushing against my skin. I can picture myself, letting the waves carry me, wherever I end up, I float above the water, feeling the rise and fall of the wave. I just stand here and stare at this endless infinite swimming pool, whether there is a sunrise or sunset shining down on the sea, causing it to shimmer. Suddenly, I realize the wet drops of water rolling down on my cheeks but the beach leaves a lasting memory. I come here and revisit my life.

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  1. Beautiful and touching

    ATB for BAT

  2. i read in one of the BAT entries
    'problems change but people don't'

    here it is
    'purposes change but habits don't'

    best wishes for BAT

  3. aww.. :( why Ranii whyy?? I still remember the little missus... why did our Ranii bring a sad character??? *smiles*

    Cheers! Stop by the Butterfly Brooch - Kappu

  4. Well. Interesting attempt. But kind of moved too fast over a vast stretch of time hardly giving time for reader to feel the intensity of emotion.

  5. Oh so depressing, but well conveyed. If you are writing a sad post and the reader feels sad about reading it, then you've nailed it! ATB for BAT!

  6. Double loss.. sad. You'd think one has lost enough, when the next loss just hits harder.

    Leo - My Blog-a-Ton Story

  7. i still and here to revisit my life... Touching!

  8. Beautifully written, but a heartrending piece...:((

  9. Revisit my life - wow! That takes the peach. It was an emotional one :)

  10. Thanks everyone. I was in a sad mood, so wrote a sad story.

    @ The fool - Yeah, I had only 30 last mins to finish this story. I totally forgot about the deadline, thanks to SiS who pinged me to remind about this at the last moment. I could have elaborated the feelings other wise :(

  11. Touching story. But would have loved it more if there were more details - I mean a 'slower' story would have been better to my taste!!

  12. Like I said before.. I had very few mins left to submit the post.. so tried to capture the mood to the level time permitted :D

  13. Hmm.. Once again sad post from you.. Keep writing.. All the best..

    Someone is Special


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