Talking Tom - wonder cat

Gaming and fun apps are today's best sellers. Nowadays, everyone is techno savvy.. be it a 2yr old baby or 70yr old parents. Everyone loves Ipads and tablets. Main thing that attracts people on Ipads or tablets are games and applications that are available on the online market. Today I want to talk about my favorite app that is "Talking Tom".In this digital age where you can grow crops on your virtual firm, why not have a pet in your pocket !

Apple store had this application in the beginning before it entered Android market. Everyone enjoyed this free app developed by Outfit7 company. Many millions customers downloaded this application and enjoyed playing with Tom Cat. Resisting against TomCat would be futile. Today's digital toddlers are spending more time in swiping a screen than turning pages of a book. Toddlers, teenagers to old age people every body liked this application in a short time.
Tom is a pet cat that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say in a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him in his head or belly, pull his tail or feed him milk. You can pretty much do whatever you would for a domestic cat. Except TomCat is more fun since he talks to us! If you ignore him he will constantly yawn at you to pull the attention. The cool part of this application is when you say something the way TomCat puts his hand around his ear as if you are whispering. But the very next moment he repeats whatever you have told him. This application can be downloaded on iPhone, iPads, PCs, android phones and tablets.

This app is a great way to get a laugh out of people and its fun to use. If a baby is crying or not listening to you then give this application and see what fun they will have. This application has attracted people from all age groups and all kinds. There is no restriction to what language you are using to talk to this TomCat. Being an engineer I wanted to test the application. So I tried chanting difficult phrases from the Vedas and to my shock TomCat is seriously repeating them as if he is an expert. There are many videos on youtube where TomCat has successfully sung indian songs! There are many versions apart from tom cat. There is Talking ben, talking larry, talking bacteria and so on. However, after the success of Talking tom only 'Talking Ben' has been successful in drawing people's attention.

This application is one of my favorites and in my spare time I usually sing a song to the cat or if I am angry i open this application and start venting out my thoughts and the way TomCat responds is so funny. It makes me forget my anger and within 10mins my mood is fresh. Whenever I want to demand something from my boss, I record it in TomCat and let TomCat convey things that are difficult for me to say. The application has been carefully designed to meet the standards of an actual cat. The way Tom Cat responds to your poke or love is amazing. If you hit on his toes then it screams "Aiyooo". If you poke in his stomach he makes a wierd noise equivalent to what a cat would make.

Few days back Talking Tom version 2 was released and there were instantly 1.8 million downloads. TomCat has million fans around the world who want to see how his character and story will evolve.

Talking Tom is definitely one of the best fun filled and entertaining talking animal application !

Video of Talking Tom singing Breathless, by Shankar Mahadevan (Courtesy - Youtube)

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