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A black Ford sedan arrived on Jani market street, mumbai. Another car was already parked there waiting in the dark. In the ford car, there was a beautiful cute 8yr girl with long hair, fair skin and cute smile, who sat with other girls and carefully listened to the instructions from Romeo. "Okay, Munni all you need to do is get into the car in front of us. You will see a man who's gonna give u some money. You charge him whatever you want to charge him, but in return you are gonna do whatever he wants you to. Its quite simple. Alright?" He sent the girl out. The man inside the other car drove her to an abandoned parking lot near railway tracks, paid her Rs.10,000. He later dropped that girl to Romeo's car. He took her money and started counting.

"Can I have some money?" said Munni.
"Munni, you are making this money for me. So that I can take care of you, give you shelter, food and clothes. I will buy you whatever you want." said Romeo.

I am Munni and I am 13yr old girl who was made to work in a brothel in Mumbai. I was 5yrs when I was taken away by child rescue group during Mumbai blasts as my parents died. I was 10yrs when my grandmother took me to her home in a nearby village. I was molested by my maternal uncle, I went to stay with one of my aunt who had not seen me since I was a baby. But unfortunately her husband started touching me, and when I told him to stop, he said I better don't say this to my aunt or else he would do more. I kept the abuse to myself and lost my virginity in this house. When the frequent molestation increased I had to leave that house and ended up living on streets and public garden. One day I got arrested at night by police when they saw me roaming after 12am. At that time Romeo saw me and appeared in front of police and told them that I am related to him. They left me with Romeo. I thought he is such a great person as he helped me with this. But I didn't know that I need to pay a life time tax to him for his favor. He took gave me shelter at this brothel and named me "Munni". My actual name is Minakshi.

Initially, i was taught how to dress up seductively... I had to even forcibly be in the room where one of the prostitute spent her night with her client. My job was to observe what she is doing and learn ! I hated everybody in this place. I tried to run away from this place but every time I got caught and my punishments were severe. They used to hit me with a hot metal that left scars on my back body. I cried each and every day for god and for freedom. But seems god doesn't listen to people like us.

I was taught swimming and also some western dance moves to attract sometimes at our place policeman or MLAs used to come and watch cricket match. We small girls were supposed to go n sit on their lap while they try to touch our organs. I started hating myself for getting this miserable life and decided to cut my hand and end my life. But for my badluck I cudn't do that either. I grew up and became 13yrs now. I was finally eligible to handle customers who were sick and who want to molest young girls. Even though I earned money I had to give it away to Romeo and our madam who still used to treat us worse than a street dog.

Slowly, I started drinking alcohol when i crossed 16 yrs and liked the idea of getting tipsy and living in a dreamworld. I was always told by my romeo that i would become a "world class escort", which meant prostitute for a high society. I had become suicidal and weak emotionally. I don't have an aim in my life. Girls of my age go to school, learn to be something in their life but for me life was worthless. I was not being taken to bachelor parties, clubs where I can drink to that extent where there is no looking back and people can do whatever they want to with me. But there was something in that drink that made me to vomit and to my surprise I found blood. I was taken to a doctor by Romeo where they found that someone mixed poison in few drinks to kill someone. Romeo and madam were trying to search doctors who could treat me. I was becoming blue and pale and I was clearly able to see death closely to me. They were crying, not because they loved me but they were going to loose a fortune of cash. But I was cool and enjoying my last days of this terrible life. I knew I was going to die but the fear vanished as soon as I understood that now i will be freed from this brothel and this terrible life of mine where nobody cared for me. So, before they could arrange a doctor I took a knife lying on the nurse's table and stabbed myself to death even faster. My last wish before I reach my final destination is "nobody gets a life like me"...

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  1. Hi RaNiiii,

    Welcome to Blog-a-Ton, I have read many of Munni type stories.. Glad she is free now.. People should consider girls as Gods and not as Pros.. At the age of 13, that's sad.. Touching Post.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

    Someone is Special

  2. Harsh realities of life... don't know how many such Munni(s) are around.. There should be other way of freedom than death for young ones.

  3. your post has described a harsh and painful reality.
    Though it is quite close to what the real experience for a person like munni, i only wish she could have fought the battle instead of giving up.

    well written!

    you can read my entry for BAT-23 here...

  4. Really poignant one. A sad reality for many young girls ! Well written. Best of luck for Blog-a-ton. You can find my entry here
    In search of freedom

  5. dats a really sad tale.
    vying fr freedom n nevr really gettin it :(
    wud wanna think it al ended fr d best bt in a terribly tragic way.

  6. hi thanks everyone.. this post is a tribute to all such girls who have been forced into this dark world.. i cud have ended it in a filmy way.. but i thought of doing what is the actual reality.. i am glad you guys liked it!

  7. I loved the dark ending... one of the many munni stories that I did... Though I wish she didnt have to die but better death than such a life!

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

  8. Appropriate ending, I'd say. Sad and poignant story.
    All the best for BAT.

  9. A sad story indeed... unfortunately it is the reality of many.

  10. i found this really sad..and i feel even bad when i realize that its a reality...i wish she could be really free and not by dying..
    nicely written
    my entry.. FREE

  11. You have portrayed a very dark but unfortunately real side of human existence.
    Leaves me wondering though if she finally did get freedom or merely ended up paying the ultimate price for the mistake of thinking that it would free her.
    Either way,a very powerful piece of writing.

  12. this is really sad...hope she is really least after her death....

    here is mine

    The search for eternal freedom – A Dragonfly’s curse

  13. yess.. that's true. i wud say she really freed herself from this world and entered eternity.. since she was forced into this profession and she can't come out of it now..

  14. Often the girl become victims of staunch reality and suffer till death, always wanting to be free sometime in life. Very apt portrayal of such people who suffer each day and most of us are unaware of it. Thanks for depicting in words the feelings which really touch the heart.

  15. Well, the dark side of life. And when you have to deal with the darker side throughout your life, dying seems so pleasurable an option. Wish nobody has to live such a life. Good luck for BAT :)
    Here is my entry : What being Free meant for her

  16. I'm afraid to comment, can't say much more than that.

  17. A really sad story uncovering a dark side of life.

  18. Very nicely depicted.. I loved reading it! reality is sad though!


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