Switch to Diesel -- Life's so easier !

Buying a car could be very painful process. All sorts of ideas run through your mind like reliability, performance, price and reviews. The secret for choosing the right car is to find a balance between these requirements. But most people should consider one more choice - Petrol or Diesel ??

We all know that in few decades petrol reserves would be extinct. Every year we see a hike in petrol prices in every country. We all heard about rabbit and tortoise story. Petrol reserves are like rabbit, who ran faster in the race but at one point they will be resting forever i.e. they will be extinct. However, diesel is like a tortoise who is walking slow and steadily in the race. But people notice tortoise only after rabbit fells asleep. Similarly, today people are actually considering switching to diesel instead of petrol when its reserves are diminishing. Its never too late !

Lets see some technical aspects that makes diesel cars to stand out in this race. Diesel and petrol are both products from oil. Gasoline (or Petrol) is a volatile liquid, extremely flammable and can be lit by a spark. However, diesel is a heavier liquid. Because of this there is drastic difference in the way they ignite the fuel. In petrol engine fuel vapor is ignited at the precise moment by a spark. While in diesel engine, fuel is ignited by combination of pressure and temperature, hence spark is not needed. So, diesel engines are simple and there is no need for complex electronics needed for the ignition system. Diesel engines tend to be heavier since they have to withstand greater forces. Apart from these technical aspects if we see the longevity of these engines then petrol engines are considered worn out after they cross 100,000 miles but diesel engines on the other hand are considered warmed up after 100k miles.

But if we see other aspects then petrol is not safe for the environment. There is lot of pollution nowadays because of this. But when clean diesel fuel is combined with modern diesel engines, it almost has no emissions. There is much better fuel economy, longer life and diesel engines are better deal for the environment than the petrol engines. Diesel engine cars would be expensive to buy but definitely its not that bad deal after knowing all this.

These engines are extensible as well. We all know that when Rudolph diesel invented diesel engine, he actually used peanut oil. First diesel engines ran on vegetable oil. Converting diesel cars into vehicles that can be fueled with vegetable oil can be an intriguing idea for the coming decades. In few countries the conversion kits are also available using which we can actually use vegetable oil to power the engine. The current fuel crisis have made people to search for other alternatives and shifting towards recycled vegetable oil goes beyond today's economic realities. There is a growing movement towards the use of renewable and recyclable sources of fuel.
Hence, I would say shift to diesel and make your present and future life easier ! There are many upcoming models of modern diesel cars in India and other countries. In India, Fiat has launched "Fiat Punto 90 HP" which has fiat multijet diesel technology at the price of a petrol car ! It has a superior fuel efficiency of 20km/l ! The cool Italian design and dynamics of the car is excellent. Fiat is delivering cars with both personality and real-world practicality and combining these attributes with engines that put our economy and environment at the forefront of our thinking !

P.S. This post is published as a part of "Indiblogger - switch to diesel" contest. For more information about Fiat Punto and Linea visit the link Fiat India.


  1. thoughtful post Varsha.. Wishing you good luck for the contest ~ Happy Frendship Day ~

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  2. Wow. That was real technical. Are you a mechanical engineer by any chance?Thanks for educating me about diesel engines. Before this contest, I always thought diesel vehicles were just exploiting the artificial government controls on diesel prices. Best of luck for the contest. My entry can be found here. Beat Fuel Hikes

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